Dogo Argentino Vs Puma:

Dogo Argentinos are expected to come across several noteworthy animals like Pumas as big game hunters. They tend to be brave and aren’t deterred, even when facing wilder prey.

Dogo Argentinos also make excellent shepherd dogs, fighting off prey and protecting the flock. Pumas are a common opposition for Dogo Argentinos and their battles are often discussion worthy.

We take a look at all the intricacies of the matchup to help establish who will emerge victorious. All estimations are mostly theoretical but are based on extensive research and previous encounters between Dogo Argentinos and Pumas.

Deciding Factors In Dogo Argentino Vs Puma Battle

Once it comes to a battle between a puma and a Dogo Argentino, certain factors often determine the outcome. On paper, the fight is evenly matched and tends to follow a set pattern, but is often decided by the following characteristics:

Offense Capabilities


The Puma is often the aggressor when both parties meet especially when the Dogo Argentino is guarding a flock. The greatest asset the puma has in terms of attack is its size, as they are usually bigger than the Dogo Argentino.

Fortunately, Dogo Argentinos are bred for big game hunting and are perfectly suited to facing larger predators.

Speed is another factor that the puma greatly relies upon and is significantly faster than the Dogo Argentino. The Dogo Argentino is by no means slow and can reach speeds up to 40Km/hr.

Pumas on the other hand are significantly faster and are capable of reaching speeds up to 80km/hr. At twice the speed of a Dogo Argentino, the Puma would ordinarily be the overwhelming favorite in a battle, but they only reach such speeds when chasing prey.

They tend to use their speed to evade the Dogo Argentino as opposed to speedily attacking it.

Another asset that is unique to the Puma on the attack is its claws. Like all bigger cats, Pumas are equipped with sharp claws (2.5 inches in this case). Dogs on the other hand have paws that are better suited to long-distance chases, but not good for tearing.

A Puma’s claws can grip prey, and tear into their flesh, causing great pain and often proving fatal. In addition to their claws, they also have 2-inch canines, making their bites equally dangerous.

All wild cats tend to have a killer instinct, something domesticated pets like Dogo Argentino’s lack. The Dogo may have many other advantages like training, but there is no substitute for animal instinct.

A hungry Puma can prove to be more dangerous than anything the Dogo can handle, and ultimately prove to be its undoing.

Dogo Argentino

The Dogo Argentinos greatest asset in terms of attack is their superior bite force. The Dogo Argentino has one of the strongest bite forces for a dog with 500 PSI compared to the Pumas 400 PSI. Both animals have powerful jaws to go with their bite but the Dogo Argentino is more deadly in this regard.

Another great offensive asset that the Dogo Argentino possess is stamina, and the ability to drag out fights. Pumas don’t like long fights, hence the reason for attacking weaker prey only.

They prefer easier targets and tend to back off once they meet a bit of resistance. Dogo Argentinos on the other hand is built to last in a fight and do a bit of damage in the process.

The Dogo Argentinos is remarkably strong for its size, hence the reason for punching above its weight. At first glance, it’s obvious that the Dogo Argentino is athletic, but that doesn’t reveal how strong they are.

Not only are they capable of tackling larger prey, but they also have the strength to drag them off after the fight. The Puma is strong, but it isn’t quite as energetic as the Dogo Argentino.  

Defense Capabilities

Formidable attacks are usually enough to win any battle, but an attack is only as good as its defense. Both Pumas and Dogo Argentinos have formidable defenses and they usually play a role in determining the outcome of the bout.


A Puma’s speed is a double-edged sword, serving in both attack and defense, helping them evade a chase. Coupled with their amazing speed is the ability to climb trees quickly, a trait that Dogo Argentinos don’t share. Once the Puma has decided to withdraw, it can disappear just as quickly as it appears.

Camouflage is another trait that Pumas have, blending into the environment to remain invisible to their enemies. Pumas can hide in dry grass and tend to move against the wind to keep their scent hidden from a Dogo Argentino. Regardless of how strong a Dogo Argentino is, it is no match for the element of surprise.

Dogo Argentino

A Dogo Argentino’s greatest defense is their ability to work together as a pack. When you have trained several Dogo Argentinos, they tend to serve together and keep watch over your flock.

Even a fast Puma doesn’t stand much of a chance when many Dogo Argentinos are after it, especially if they surround it.

Another defense that Dogo Argentino’s displays against Pumas is their loud barks or growls. It isn’t worth much in a fight, but it can prevent one. As Pumas don’t like to attack a formidable opponent, they can sometimes be put off by the Dogo Argentino’s bark.

Dogo Argentinos are usually alert and can respond to the slightest movements. Once the Puma is detected, it may choose to seek easier prey as opposed to facing the barking Dogo Argentino.

The louder the bark, the greater the chances of the Puma being scared off. When multiple Dogos are barking in unison, the effect is greater and in most cases, the Puma will avoid the confrontation.

Dogo Argentino Fights Puma

Dogo Argentinos are known to fight Pumas and regularly come out on top. While it is hard to fathom, as the Puma is larger and faster than the Dogo Argentino, it tends to happen a lot. Dogo Argentinos are perfectly built for the confrontation and in most cases, will survive the encounter.

The Average Dogo Argentino has the strength, speed, and wits to fight a Puma and come out on top. Add training to the mix and you have a lethal prospect, especially if you train them for the kill.

A trained Dogo Argentino will offer you great protection against a Puma, especially when used as a shepherd dog. They also have an intimidating presence, enough to frighten some Pumas off without a fight.

If it comes down to a fight, you can count on a Dogo Argentino to overpower a Puma for one simple reason: Durability. A Dogo Argentino isn’t a weak animal that the Puma can take down with minimal effort instead, they will put up a good fight and tire the Puma out.

The longer the fight lasts, the greater the chances of the Dogo Argentino emerging victorious. 

Can a Dogo Argentino Take Down A Puma?

Dogo Argentino is genetically engineered for big game hunting, with Pumas falling into the category. Today, Dogo Argentinos serve as guard dogs effectively, but they are still the ideal hunting companion. Thanks to their loyalty and intelligence, they also make the perfect watchdog to protect your flock from predators like Pumas.

Most times, there isn’t a need for a fight as Pumas don’t like the extra work of fighting off a guard to get to the prey. Instead, the Dogo Argentino will bark or growl to scare off the Puma, effectively saving you or the flock.

If the Puma decides to attack regardless, there is a good chance that they will lose, and possibly be killed in the process.

Dogo Argentino’s arent born killers, and are gentle around humans. On the other hand, they are aggressive and possibly violent with other animals, especially when not socialized early.

When coupled with their territorial nature, and training, a Dogo Argentino can kill a Puma. One such incident saw a Dogo Argentino emerge with a few injuries, but the puma was killed.

How Many Dogo Argentinos Are Needed To Chase Off A Puma?

One Dogo Argentino is sufficient to protect your flock from a Puma and even fight them off successfully. However, Dogo Argentinos are pack animals and are stronger when they are together. Placing more than one to guard you or your flock, especially in Puma territory increases their chances of success.

Once the Puma determines that there are several Dogos present, they are less inclined to attack.

The Puma will easily outrun the Dogo Argentino, but the flock will be safe. Despite strength and speed being in the Puma’s favor, they will likely be intimidated by the Dogo’s physique.

When the Puma presses on to fight the Dogo Argentino, they will likely lose out, escaping with injuries. Other instances will see them intimidated by the Dogo Argentino’s growl and flee.

Despite the expectation for the Dogo Argentino to come out on top, they still lack a killer instinct, which may cost them. Killing a wild cat like a Puma may be the only way to put down the threat for good.

Conclusion: Dogo Argentino Vs Puma

Trained to hunt large game like Pumas, Dogo Argentinos are the perfect hunting companion. You can choose to hunt the Puma or hunt other prey knowing you have a fierce and loyal companion by your side.

It’s always a good idea to have more than one Dogo Argentino with you as they work well in a pack.

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