Dogo Argentino Vs Pitbull: Who Will Win?

There isn’t a definite winner in a bout between a Dogo Argentino and a Pitbull, as the match is relatively even. In most cases, any clash between a Dogo Argentino and a Pitbull usually ends in the Dogos’ favor.

This doesn’t mean the Pitbull is an easy opponent to overcome and it will likely be the toughest opponent your Dogo can face.

Modern breeding and current uses of both breeds have seemingly handed the advantage over to the Dogo Argentino. However, early practices saw the Pitbull deployed as fighter dogs, with traces of this instinct still in their genes.

While it may no longer be a common practice, a fighting Pitbull is a dangerous opponent, one that will likely overcome a Dogo Argentino.

Regardless of which breed comes out on top in this bout, the battle is sure to be tough for both parties. Both breeds are considered to be dangerous dog breeds and have a good record against most other dog breeds.

The outcome of any battle between a Dogo Argentino and a Pitbull often comes down to several factors. When some of these factors align in the favor of either dog, they often emerge victorious. 

Why A Dogo Argentino will win

The factors which contribute to a Dogo Argentino victory over a Pitbull include:

Fighting Style

Dogo Argentinos are generally built for big game hunting and tend to fare well against bigger opponents. While the Dogo is the larger of the two, Pitbulls act like the larger party. Most times, the Dogo Argentino will be skilled enough to use the Pitbull’s size and weight against it, shifting the advantage in the Dogo’s favor.

While it is far from certain, all the available evidence points to a Dogo’s fighting style and skills being superior. With experience fighting tougher and larger animals like Pumas and Wild Boars, the smaller Pitbull poses little challenge to the Dogo Argentino.

Additionally, the larger the Pitbull, the easier it is for the Dogo Argentino to overcome. Bigger isn’t always better especially where Pitbulls are concerned, as the smaller ones tend to be more aggressive, and quicker.

Bite Force

The bite force will only come into play if the Dogo Argentino manages to get a grip on the Pitbull, but it can do serious damage once it does. The Dogo Argentino has one of the most powerful bite forces amongst dogs with 500 PSI compared to the Pitbull 235.

The Pitbulls bite is by no means tame, but the Dogos is more powerful and likely more deadly than the Pitbulls. Furthermore, the Dogo Argentino has a powerful jaw and can hold on for a long time, forcing the Pitbull into submission. The Pitbull has a similar effect, but with their bite force under half that of a Dogo Argentino, it isn’t as persuasive.

Current Practices

Pitbulls today are domesticated, more suited to guard dog duties, unlike their ancestors. The Former Pitbulls were fighters and were even involved in illegal dog fighting, proving to be formidable opponents. The biggest asset a Pitbull will have against a dog will be its fighting prowess, which most of them don’t possess these days.

Dogo Argentinos on the other hand is guard dogs that also serve as big game hunters, giving them some fighting prowess. While it may not prove to be the same as battling other dog breeds, it still gives them the edge here. The modern-day Pitbull will still put up a decent fight, but it will likely be in a losing effort.

Why A Pitbull Will Win

The factors which contribute to a Pitbull victory over a Dogo Argentino include:


Pitbulls are the more athletic breed, making them a tough opponent to get a hold of. While the Dogo Argentino is bigger and probably more deadly, the Pitbull will give it a run for its money. They are fast, agile, and remarkably strong for their size, and they happen to be crafty enough to evade the Dogo’s bite.

Dogo Argentinos are athletic and agile but aren’t a match for Pitbulls in this regard. They can keep up with the Pitbull for a long time but will ultimately tire out. The longer the bout lasts, the greater the chances of it going the Pitbulls way.

If the Dogo Argentino will come out on top, they tend to dispatch the Pitbull quickly with too much stress. However, there will be a physical strain on both dogs in the end.

Fighting Skills

Both breeds have a bit of fighting in their genes, but the Pitbull is more suited to it. They were bred for this purpose and even though they have evolved, they still retain the affinity for fighting. Dogo Argentinos on the other hand, have a little bit of fight in them, but not as much as the Pitbull.

Unfortunately, there are very few fighting Pitbulls left as they tend to be trained for guard duty instead.

With the right training, you can reactivate the fighting side of a Pitbull and turn the tide in its favor. There is still no guarantee that they will defeat the Dogo Argentino, but they have a better chance once they are bred for fighting.


As earlier stated, the longer a bout goes on between both dogs, the greater the chances of the Pitbull emerging victorious. Pitbulls are resilient and even when hurt, they are still aggressive enough to pose a threat.

Dogo Argentinos can do a lot of damage, especially with their bite force, but unless the Pitbull is dead, then it still has a chance.

Is A Dogo Argentino Stronger Than A Pitbull?

In terms of pure strength alone, the Dogo Argentino is more powerful than the Pitbull. Other areas like force and big game hunting also provide further evidence that Dogo Argentinos are the stronger breed.

Both Dogo Argentinos and Pitbulls have muscular build but the Pitbull appears more toned, thanks to its smaller size. The Dogo Argentinos’ larger size is probably another reason why they are stronger than Pitbulls.

Luckily, strength isn’t the only factor that determines the outcome of a battle between a Dogo Argentino and a Pitbull. The Dogo Argentino may win, and its strength may play a key role, but so will other factors.

Most Dogo Argentinos don’t rely on their strength when it comes to a fight, as they are used to hunting larger and stronger animals. However, they do possess the strength to haul off the carcass of a dead animal, which weighs more than a live one.

Is A Dogo Argentino A Fighting Dog?

Dogo Argentinos aren’t fighting dogs per se but can put up a decent fight thanks to their job as hunters. They are bred to cooperate with other dogs, especially when they are part of the same hunting party. However, they are loyal and protective of their owners hence they can fight if the need ever arises.

Dogo Argentinos have a pack mentality and tend to work well in groups, but their gentle nature doesn’t exceed the pack. Only dogs or people they recognize as pack members are privy to the friendly hunter. Other dogs like Pitbulls are believed to be invading the territory, which could lead to a fight.

Fun fact: Dogo Argentinos may not be fighters today, but they were bred from one. Cordobas were fighting dogs and the Dogo Argentino was bred from them. If they are ever backed into a corner, the fighting part of them resurfaces.

Is A Pitbull A Fighting Dog?

Pitbulls were bred for fighting and bull baiting originally, though they have come a long way since then. With dog fighting now illegal in most countries, they have been repurposed as guard dogs, or even as companions. However, they still retain their fighting gene and it doesn’t take too much to get them fighting.

Considered one of the most violent dogs in the world, Pitbulls have a history of aggression and attacks. People and animals tend to be on the receiving end, as they don’t usually care once they’re on the attack. They possess the physical gifts, aggression, and desire to fight, all of which combine to make them fighters.

Interestingly, most Pitbulls need to be trained as fighters before they can serve in that capacity. With breeding and training practices seemingly abandoning the need for fighters, there are few of them left.

Dogo Argentino Vs Pitbull: Which Is More Dangerous?

Pitbull are the more dangerous breed, especially with their history of aggression. Dogo Argentinos are dangerous but they tend to focus on other animals, whereas Pitbulls don’t make any distinction. Ironically, Pitbulls happen to be easier to deal with, despite their aggression and violent streaks.

If you’re looking for a dog that is more dangerous to intruders, then the Dogo Argentino is the better choice. They are loyal and big and they are athletic enough to chase after any intruders. Simply having one in your home will make it a dangerous place.

In the end, training affects how dangerous your dog is. With the right command and scenarios, you can make a Dogo Argentino more dangerous than a Pitbull. As Dogos also happen to be better at receiving instructions, you can call them off easily.

Conclusion: Dogo Argentino Vs Pitbull: Who Will Win?

While it’s tough to make a final decision, Dogo Argentinos have too much in their arsenal for the Pitbull to resist. Dogo Argentinos are one of the few dog breeds that can prevail over a Pitbull consistently.

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