Dogo Argentino Bite Force

How Dangerous Is A Dogo Argentino Bite Force? (Real Facts)

Dogo Argentino’s have one of the highest-rated bite forces amongst dogs, giving it one of the deadliest bites in the canine world. Officially, a Dogo Argentino has a bite force of about 500 PSI, more than twice that of the average dog.

After factoring in their jaw strength and raw power, they just might be the worst dogs to get bitten by.

While they don’t have the highest recorded bite force amongst dogs, they have enough power to cause serious damage to larger animals and people. Equipped with a hunter’s mind, they turn their strong bite force into one of the most lethal weapons, especially when it comes to big game hunting.

Despite having such a dangerous bite force, Dogo Argentinos are rather friendly. They often favour playing with their owners over chasing prey. In the end, they love having a task and will protect or assist you in hunting by whatever means necessary.

How Dangerous Is Dogo Argentino?

Dogo Argentinos are one of the most dangerous dog breeds available. They were originally needed to help with big game hunting, a function they retain today, and with such capabilities, people tend to fear them. The prejudice surrounding them is such that they are illegal in certain nations. Regardless of any predispositions towards them, it is impossible to deny how excellent they are at their jobs.

Dogo Argentinos are calm and reserved when dealing with humans but should never be left alone with children. They also possess a pack mentality so you will need to establish a hierarchy early to help keep the dog in line. They can be a little scary to approach but in the absence of any threats, they aren’t usually dangerous.

Training is the main difference between a dangerous Dogo Argentino and a friendly one. The earlier you train and socialize with a Dogo Argentino, the less dangerous it will seem. It will still retain its instincts but will behave better around people.

Factors That Make A Dogo Argentino Bite Force Dangerous

Most of the notions on the dangerous nature of Dogo Argentinos are wrong, but founded on legitimate concerns. While they may be friendly, they have features which can be seen as terrifying, causing people to see them as dangerous. Some of the reasons why people consider them to be dangerous include:


There are a lot of athletic dogs out there, but the Dogo Argentino is truly a master of its craft. A seasoned hunting dog, the Dogo Argentino doesn’t hide behind its weight and size, choosing instead to actively involve itself. They have the right amount of power to size ratio, and they know how to use it properly.

They have a muscular and well-toned physique, in the right balance, making them all the scarier. Their muscular nature is enough to scare most people and when coupled with the fact that they are fast and agile, it makes them all the more dangerous.

Dogo Argentino Bite Force

500 PSI may not sound terrifying, but with lions only having 600 PSI, it’s clear that the Dogo Argentino is dangerous. They are gentle creatures who don’t like to hurt humans, especially their owners, saving their bites for animals, especially prey. However, accidents do occur and even without meaning to, they can bite and injure a person.

To most animals, biting is a form of expressing love, something which a Dogo Argentino may attempt with its owner. Not only do they have no intention of hurting you, but most of them don’t realize the amount of power they pack. A little gesture on their part can end up costing you a trip to the emergency room.

Large Size

Large dogs tend to inspire a lot of fear, even when they are notably camp and peaceful. The bigger a dog, the more damage people believe it can do, and while they may be right, it is not always the case. However, in this regard, size equals more damage as Dogo Argentinos can cause a lot of damage.

The biggest danger relating to a Dogo Argentino and its large size is that it can get carried away. While playing with children, they may employ their full power, ignorant of the fact that a child can’t handle it. You can supervise interactions to be safe, but there isn’t much to fear.


When it comes to aggression, few dogs match Dogo Argentinos, a trait that comes in handy during hunting. They tend to save their aggression for other animals, especially when they feel their territory is threatened, or during a hunt, but that doesn’t sway many people.

Once people have seen how aggressive they can be, they tend to fear them, regardless of how they act around them. The fear that one could turn into aggression is a real possibility, but most of them usually aren’t like that. It all comes down to how the dog is raised and trained, with nurture playing a key role over nature here.

Love A Chase

One of the defining traits of Dogo Argentinos is that they love a good chase, hence why they make great hunting companions. Even when used to guard properties, they chase prey off, and sometimes maintain the chase and capture the prey.

The more exciting the chase, the more interested the Dogo Argentino will be.

The biggest danger here comes when a passerby is spooked by the dog and chooses to run off. Where other dogs will be satisfied by chasing an intruder from their territory, the Dogo Argentino will not. Instead, they will engage in the chase and likely apprehend, and possibly injure, the person.

What Dogs Have A Stronger Bite Than Dogo Argentinos?

500 PSI is too much bite force for a dog, but that isn’t the most recorded. There are a few dog breeds that break this barrier and are seemingly more dangerous than Dogo Argentinos. It doesn’t mean there is any reason to be scared, but people still assume and panic. The breeds with a stronger bite force than Dogo Argentinos include:

Turkish Kangal

Another instance where bite force can be a misleading factor, this breed is gentle, and a great protector. With the highest bite force of all dog breeds, the Turkish Kangal clocks in at 743 PSI. Their raw power and bite force make them a formidable opponents, even against bigger animals like bears.

Cane Corso

Only bested by the Turkish Kangal, Cane Corsos are the next best thing in terms of bite force. They clock in at 650 PSI, but with their other physical gifts, it sometimes seems like more. However, unlike Dogo Argentinos, Cane Corsos can be a bit of a worry, especially to strangers.


The only other dog breed with a more powerful bite force than a Dogo Argentino is the Mastiff with 556 PSI. Much like the other dogs on this list, the Mastiff is a great dog that comes in handy against larger animals.

Stopping A Dogo Argentino From Biting

Dogo Argentinos tend to bite people playfully, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less. With a bite force of 500 PSI, even a playful bite can cause serious injuries despite the absence of intent. The best way to avoid such scenarios is to prevent your Dogo Argentino from biting, unless when it needs to. Some popular methods you can employ to this end include:


Training can condition a dog to do just about anything, or in this case, not bite frequently. Due to their notably high bite force, Dogo Argentinos can hurt you, even when they are trying to be playful. As biting is a common expression amongst dogs, you may need to train yours to express itself in other ways.

One effective training method that many experts employ is getting the dogs to bite without using their teeth. They simply use their mouths to gnaw at a person, whale covering their teeth with skin. Alternatively, you can teach the dog to gain control of its bite force, and it can do so without hurting anyone.

Leave The Dog

Another method that has shown great success is to walk away from the dog when it bites you, depriving it of your attention. The dog will come to associate biting with losing your attention and ultimately give it up.

Never yell or hit the dog, as this can risk causing them trauma, or prompting them to react violently, and hurting you in the process.

Family dogs generally crave the attention of their owners, and Dogo Argentinos are no exception. The idea behind this method is similar to that of taking a child’s toy away when they’ve been bad.

To prevent it from happening again, they will strive to be better, no longer biting you.

Chew Toys

Chew toys are effective as they give the dog something else to bite on, but they have one crucial flaw, they seem to encourage the behaviour. The dog may come to see biting as a way to get its favorite toys, as opposed to an instruction to stop.

The chew toy gives becomes the focus of the dog when it wants to bite something

In the long run, you don’t want to employ this method, as the toy is serving as a reward. When the dog can’t find its chew toy, or it wants you to provide the chew toy.

This method can come in handy when the dog is still a puppy and learning things before training begins.

Conclusion: How Dangerious is a Dogo Argentino Bite Force?

Dogo Argentinos have one of the most dangerous and powerful bite forces of any dog breed. While they may not be notably violent towards people, they can do severe damage with their bites. Luckily, they are trainable, reducing the risk of them biting Innocents.

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