What is It Like Having A Dogo Argentino As A Security Dog?

Dogo Argentinos are one of the most popular security dogs in the world., with many considering them the best option. Originally bred as hunting dogs, they are also suited to security purposes, as service or guard dogs.

They are also suited to military purposes and can be trained to serve as rescue dogs. So what does it feel like to have one as a security dog?

We’ll be taking a look at how they act, caring for them, and what you can expect from a Dogo Argentino as a security dog.


The most important trait that Dogo Argentinos possesses is loyalty, which makes them perfectly suited to security. Once they are bonded to you, they get protective and will defend you from any threats.

They have a pack mentality, and see their owners as members of the pack, in need of protection. As they will protect members of their family, so they will protect their owners.

They aren’t necessarily aggressive to their owners or people they know, but they can be with strangers. In rare circumstances, they can be aggressive with their owners, but that is rare and usually indicative that something is wrong.

Beyond aggression, they are friendly, passionate, and loyal, making them as great pets to have around. With their physical gifts, you have a friend and protector all in one.


As they are instinctive hunters, Dogo Argentinos need to be trained to be better suited to house use. They are naturally protective, so they don’t require much training is required in that area, but they can be conditioned.

Training can help teach them how to act in certain situations, and how to behave with other pets. Potty training and bark training are important, but so is obedient training.

Another aspect of training is socialization, which needs to start early. Socialization helps reduce their aggression levels, improving Dogo Argentino’s relationship with other people.

Training should start when the dog is young enough, and you need to be firm with them. A firm tone helps establish who is in charge, making subsequent training easier.

Exercise Requirements

Daily exercise is mandatory for Dogo Argentinos to keep them happy. Without exercise, they start to feel cooped up in the house and can resort to aggression. While they aren’t known to attack familiar faces, it can happen when they get too cooped up indoors. As they are better suited to the outdoors, frequent exercising helps them feel less cooped up.

Exercise also helps them maintain their agility and improve muscle tone. Each dog has a different affinity for exercise, so be sure to plan your dog’s routine accordingly. Exercise also offers an opportunity for socialization with other animals, helping to improve your dog’s relationships with others.


Maintaining a Dogo Argentino isn’t too difficult, and won’t be demanding, but it will require some consistency. They don’t shed too much, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning up after them.

The only thing you need to worry too much about will be bathing them, with once every three months being appropriate. If the dog serves hunting functions, then it may need a bath more frequently. Only use specified skincare products when bathing your Dogo Argentino. Contact your vet for recommendations and never use human products or you risk causing skin irritation.

In addition to skincare, you’ll need to trim the Dogo Argentino’s nails and brush your Dogo Argentino. So long as they are in perfect health, they remain agile and alert to chase off any potential invaders.

Relationship With Other Pets

Unfortunately, Dogo Argentinos don’t get along well with other pets. They are territorial and view the presence of other dogs as an invasion, and react aggressively.

Socialization helps to reduce some of the anonymity they have towards other dogs, but they still have a low tolerance level. If you’re going to have a Dogo Argentino as a security dog, they should be the only ones in the house.

Alternatively, you can ease them into liking, the other pets, or at least tolerating them. Once the Dogo Argentino sees the other pet as a part of the family, they will relate better with them.

Dogo Argentinos Vs Intruders

The main reason why a Dogo Argentino is considered for security is to protect you, probably from intruders. You want a dog that will not only protect you from them but also deter any potential threats.


Intelligence is one of their greatest assets and what makes them an attractive prospect as a security dogs. Dogo Argentinos are smart enough to recognize intruders and alert you promptly. The bulk of their aggression is also directed at any intruders as opposed to the owner, or familiar faces.

Their intelligence also makes it easy to train, which comes in handy to avoid any incidences. Most dog owners tend to take advantage of their intelligence, especially with training. Teaching them new commands is relatively easy especially if you start when they are young.


The Dogo Argentino may not be the strongest dog breed in the world, but they are an impressive breed. Their physical appearance alone tells you to expect explosive power, and that is exactly what you get.

In addition to their physical strength, they also have a bite force of up to 500 PSI. On its own, their bite force is terrifying, but when added to their powerful jaws, it becomes an even more daunting prospect.

The physique is why most people would prefer not to be on the other end of a Dogo Argentino attack. If they ever do get a hold of an intruder, you can be sure they will do some serious damage.

Are Dogos Argentinos Good Guard Dogs?

When it comes to guard dogs, the Dogo Argentino is one of the best breeds available. They are fiercely loyal and will do anything to protect their loved ones, that includes their owners.

They also possess just enough aggression to make them a terrifying prospect for any potential intruders. Best of all, they are a low-maintenance breed and don’t need too much by way of grooming.

Hunting may be their primary purpose, but the Dogo Argentino has a knack for protection. They are great for protecting livestock from larger prey since they thrive at big game hunting. They will need some training before they are perfectly suited to guard duties, but their affinity for it is strong.

Dogo Argentinos are friendly and social, relating well with humans. Not only are they great protectors who would do anything for their owners, but they also like to be included in family activities. Unfortunately, they are prone to aggression when starved of socialization and physical activities.

Does Dogo Argentinos Turn On Their Owners?

Dogo Argentinos sometimes turn on their owners, but only under certain conditions. Cases of them turning on their owners aren’t too common, but they happen once in a while. If they are kept indoors too long, or they aren’t properly socialized, then they can turn on their owners.

Such attacks tend to result in serious injuries, but there is also the possibility of them being fatal. As Dogo Argentinos are powerful dogs, they can sometimes do so much damage that their owner will be unable to recover.

Aside from their negative reputation for possibly attacking their owners, they are a great family dog. They also have a positive relationship with children, though they should never be left unsupervised.

Children are more vulnerable to attacks from Dogo Argentinos, especially when they seemingly attack first. Most children don’t know how to interact with Dogo Argentinos and sometimes get a little aggressive.

You can reduce the chances of potential violence between a Dogo Argentino and a child by socializing. Introducing your Dogo Argentino to children early on can help them interact better.

Are Dogo Argentinos Aggressive?

Dogo Argentinos are considered one of the most aggressive breeds in the world. They aren’t always that way, but they can get so aggressive that it results in injuries. Their Aggression can be regulated with frequent exercise and early socialization. Once all the stereotypes are out of the way, you’ll find a loyal and loving dog for your protection.

Dogo Argentinos possess a little bit of fight in their genes, as they were bred to be fighting dogs. Proper training can also help reduce any possible chances of aggression or even help you curtail it.

Obedience training can provide you with keywords to dissuade them, making them easier to control. Training also makes them better suited to interacting with other dogs, and people, making them less aggressive.

All the cases of Dogo Argentinos harming people usually involved an untrained one. With the proper training, you don’t have anything to worry about. They happen to be banned in some countries due to their famed aggression, so you need to check if they are legal in your area.

Overall, they may be too much for a newbie and are better suited to seasoned dog owners.

Conclusion What is It Like Having A Dogo Argentino As A Security Dog?

Dogo Argentinos are one of the best security dogs in the world and make homes safer simply by being in them. They aren’t particularly high maintenance but aren’t for everyone. If you can handle them and don’t mind putting in the work to train them, then there may not be a better option.

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