Dogo Argentino Vs Wolf: Who is Stronger and more fierce?

Dogo Argentinos are a loyal dog breed that can protect you from other wild animals on a hunting trip. Not only do they make a great hunting companion, but they are also excellent guard dogs.

Depending on where you hunt, a wolf may be a common occurrence. Wolves are dogs, and with them being territorial, some conflict may ensue. So, what happens if your Dogo Argentino has to fight a wolf?

We’ll look at the attributes of both animals and determine what happens if they ever come across each other.


The biggest and most obvious distinction between both animals is their size. The Dogo Argentino is large for a dog, but it is small when compared to a wolf. Dogo Argentinos can get as tall as 68 cm, and weigh up to 45 kg.

On the other hand, a wolf can grow up to 85 cm in height and weigh up to 80 kg. With the Wolf weighing almost twice as much as a Dogo Argentino, it’s clear enough as to who would come out on top.

The size difference also comes with strength disparity, which further adds to the wolf’s advantage. Despite their size, they are also quicker, and more decisive in a fight, all of which make the wolf more deadly.

A young wolf cub will match up with an adult Dogo Argentino, and they may still come out on top. 

Bite Force

Bite Force is another factor that could be decisive in a fight between a wolf and a Dogo Argentino. The Dogo Argentino takes this round, with a bite force of 500 PSI compared to the wolf which has about 400 PSI.

The Wolf has the weaker bite force, but they know how to use it in bringing down an opponent. Their bite size is also affected by the size of the wolf in question. Whether it is jaw strength or the power of the wolf, the larger ones tend to bite above this limit. They may not stray too far, but some people estimate their bite force to be up to 1000PSI.

1000 PSI isn’t a feasible bite force for a wolf, but it is understandable seeing as they are very dangerous. Likewise, the Dogo Argentino and its 500 PSI bite force are a threat to anyone or animal. Unfortunately, despite their bite force, they aren’t killers making it more difficult for them to protect you against certain wildlife.


Another factor that contributes to the outcome of a fight between a wolf and a Dogo Argentino is their aggression levels. Both animals have high aggression levels especially when it is directed at other animals. They aren’t necessarily aggressive to other humans unless there is aggression from the human.

The main difference between both animals here is that a Dogo Argentinos aggression is conditional. With proper socialization and exposure to other animals, your Dogo Argentinos won’t be aggressive.

Since they will likely be around other humans frequently, such socialization is necessary, greatly reducing their aggression.

A wolf on the other hand isn’t domesticated and will retain its natural aggression. Their aggression makes them more deadly, shifting the balance of power in the wolf’s favor. They are also fiercely protective of their family, and any threat to a member will see their aggression levels rise.

Killer Instinct

Arguably the most decisive factor in a battle is a killer instinct which is something the wolf has and most Dogo Argentinos don’t. The Dogo Argentino may be strong, and a great hunter, but doesn’t have the ability or desire to finish off an opponent.

That isn’t to say that they can’t harm their opponents, as a mistake could see them fatally injure or kill one. Unfortunately, it isn’t something they plan to do, putting them at a disadvantage against certain wildlife.

Wolves on the other hand are natural killers who hunt for a living.

The Dogo Argentino will seem like another stubborn prey to them, one they need to eliminate. Equipped with the physical gifts to make it happen, there is little that can be done to stop them.

Dogo Argentino Vs Wolf: Who Wins In A Fight?

In most cases, a wolf will come out on top in any battle between both animals. While the Dog Argentino is no pushover, it doesn’t have the tools to overcome a wolf. Physically, there isn’t too much difference in the match, but the main difference is in their characteristics.

The biggest difference is in their killer instinct, where the wolf greatly outmatches a Dogo Argentino. The Dogo Argentino can be a killer but is nowhere near the level of a wolf. In most fights, the wolf sets out for the kill, while the Dogo Argentino does so accidentally.

Both Animals are great hunters and fighters, but the wolf knows how to end the Dogo Argentino before the fight gets tiring.

Additionally, the wolf will likely outlast the Dogo Argentino in any bout between the two. The Dogo Argentino doesn’t have the endurance or durability of the wolf and the longer the bout goes on, the better the wolf’s chances.

Bottom line: In a straight short fight, a wolf wins and in a long bout, the outcome is the same. There is little or no chance that the Dogo Argentino will win, especially when the fight is fair and free of external factors. The Wolf simply possesses a predatory instinct that you can’t teach.

Can A Dogo Argentino Protect You From A Wolf?

Dogo Argentinos are loyal and will face overwhelming odds to protect their owners. They will fight a wolf, or some other terrifying predators if it means their human will be safe.

Unfortunately, they will be outmatched and will always come out second best in such an encounter. While they will lose such an encounter, they can at least buy you some time to get away from the wolf.

Additionally, with a little help, there is a slight chance that the Dogo Argentino will come out on top. When the fight is fair and free of interruptions, the wolf will win, but your presence is a wild card. Y

our best bet is to run away, but you’ll be leaving your Dogo Argentino to face certain death. Your joint effort gives the Dogo Argentino a better chance of winning, but only when you have a gun.

While they can help you fight a wolf, they aren’t ideally suited to protect against one. If you’re looking for help fighting one off successfully, there are other breeds better suited to the task.

Is Dogo Argentino The Best Fighting Dog?

Dogo Argentinos are excellent fighting dogs and have the tools to face many predators, but they aren’t the best fighting dogs. They rank in the top ten, but if a fighting dog is what you’re looking for, there are better options available.

If you’re looking for a dog to fight off predators, especially a shepherd, then your options include the:

The Kangal

When it comes to fighting, there is arguably no better dog than the Kangal. With the strongest bite force of all dogs and large size, they are great at fighting several animals. Of course, they may not overpower a wolf, but they are probably the best defense you can hope for.

The Kangal serves as a shepherd and is an excellent fighter known for standing up to predators, including wolves.


Pitbulls are another popular dog breed known for their fighting prowess. They are one of the most aggressive dogs and have no reservations about facing off against larger threats.

They may not have the physical gifts to overpower a wolf, but they are loyal and protective and would stand up to one if needed.

The Rottweiler

Rottweilers get a bad rep for billing as overly aggressive and violent, but that is what makes them great fighting dogs. With the right training and socialization, they are gentle and loyal, making them fiercely protective.

If you or your flock is ever attacked by wolves, they will do their best to protect you.

Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is a domesticated dog breed with the power and agility of a wild animal. Once they are given guard duty, they take it seriously and would face up to any predator that comes around. They have the size to match, making them excellent fighting dogs should the need ever arise.

What Dog Breeds Can Kill A Wolf?

There is only one dog breed that has the physical gifts required to kill a wolf. Many dogs are brave enough to take them on, but the odds are that they will lose, and likely be killed by the wolf.

The Kangal shepherd, on the other hand, is large enough, strong enough, and has the bite force and aggression necessary to emerge victorious. There is no guarantee that the Kangal will win, but they have a better chance than any other dog.

Unfortunately, this will only be possible if the fight is fair and there are no external factors. With wolves usually hunting in packs, they can overpower the Kangal shepherd. At the very least, they can serve as a deterrent, keeping you or your flock safe from wolves.

Conclusion: Dogo Argentino Vs Wolf: Who is Stronger?

Dogo Argentinos and wolves is a popular comparison but it is rarely fair to the former. If there is ever a meeting between both animals, the wolf will almost always emerge victorious. Wolves are just natural killers, something that the Dogo Argentino lacks.

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