How Fatal Is A Pitbull Bite Force? Read this first!

The Pitbull’s bite force is the most fatal of all dog bites in the world. Raw power alone isn’t what makes Pitbull’s bite force lethal, but they don’t seem to let go once they have held on.

The longer a pitbull holds on to its target, the more damage it does, especially when applying pressure. When they eventually let go, the target may already be dead.

Pitbulls are generally aggressive and are considered to be one of the most vicious dog breeds. Most of the fatal cases of dog bites in the world are from Pitbulls, accounting for more than 60% of such attacks. Where their bites aren’t fatal, they may leave behind nasty injuries and severe scarring.

Interestingly, a third of the fatal cases of Pitbull bites are associated with children. As violent and aggressive as they are, Pitbulls can be avoided and their bites prevented. Whether you own one or not, you should never leave a child alone in the vicinity of a Pitbull. It doesn’t take much to set one off, especially when they aren’t properly trained.

Can A Pitbull Rip an Arm Off?

A Pitbull can rip an arm off, though it takes more than one bite and will usually involve a lot of tugging. They don’t have the greatest bite force, but they are relentless and will continue to attack.

It doesn’t mean Pitbulls go around biting people’s arms off and would likely only do so if they feel threatened. One such case says a mother protecting her son from an attacking pitbull, and lost both arms to it.

The chances of a pitbull ripping off an arm is slim, but with children, the possibility exists. O its own, a Pitbull is nowhere powerful enough to rip off an individual’s arm.

Several other factors like the size of the Pitbull, and its jaw strength all add to the possibility of it ripping off an arm. Funny enough, even the dogs with the most powerful bite force cant bite an arm off in one go.

Reasons Why Pitbulls Bite:

Despite their reputation for being aggressive dogs, a Pitbull will never bite someone without a reason. Understanding some of the possible triggers for one to bite can help you avoid being in such a situation. There are several possible reasons why a Pitbull can bite or attack someone, some of which include:

They Are Threatened

No animal that feels threatened won’t look to defend itself and while not all of them can, Pitbulls are amongst the lucky few that can. Once they feel backed into a corner, the only way out is to fight, and teeth and claws will be used.

In such a scenario, once the threat passes then the dog will return to normal. They aren’t easily threatened, but once they feel it, they will attack. Socialization can help reduce the number of things your dog will feel threatened by and in its absence, a simple head tap can seem threatening.

They Notice Aggression

Dogs tend to mirror emotions, probably why they make such great companions. Unfortunately, they can also mirror other traits that include aggression and violence. Once they observe any aggression in their direction, they will return it to the aggressor.

This is why you are advised to never be violent with your dog. Once they detect aggression and spring into action, they won’t stop until the aggressor is neutralized. As dogs don’t always realize how much damage they are inflicting, fatal damage may be done before they stop.

Invasion Of Territory

All dogs are territorial and with their aggression levels, Pitbulls are seemingly more territorial than others. Any incursion into its territory accidental or not could see the Pitbull look to defend its home.

The best way to solve this problem is to draw boundaries early and let the Pitbull have a space of its own. A dog crate or something a bit larger gives the dog its personal space without taking up too much space in the house. You may also want to give foreigners a bit of a heads-up to avoid any confusion.

They Are In Pain

When other dogs are sick or in pain, they tend to wince and retreat in silence. Such occurrences are usually characterized by weakness and a refusal to associate with others.

Pitbulls on the other hand are just as likely to bite you as they are to retreat to a corner. Once they behave oddly, you are better suited to contact a vet than attempt to diagnose the problem. They won’t bite just by looking at them, but when you touch them, and they feel pain, a bite is their default reaction.

How Strong Is A Pitbull’s Bite Force?

A Pitbull’s bite force ranges between 240-340 PSI, depending on the individual qualities of the dog in question. This is nowhere near the strongest bite force for a dog with mastiffs, bulldogs, and even German shepherds having higher bite force.

Fun fact: Some dogs even have bite forces twice that of a Pitbull.

While they may not have the greatest bite force, their aggression level is something else entirely. A Pitbull can be ruthless when taking down its prey and has the ability to lock its jaw.

Once locked, it becomes very difficult to get whatever it has a hold of free. With skin tissue and bones, the longer the Pitbull holds on, the greater the damage it does.

There are several dog breeds that fall under the classification of Pitbull hence the difference in bite force. Overall, they have a strong bite force that does some damage.

Don’t attempt to fight back if one has your arm or it will see this as aggression.

Can A Pitbull Bite Break Bones?

A Pitbull’s bite is capable of doing a lot of damage to a human but it can’t break a bone in one go. Children have softer bones so such a scenario is possible if a large Pitbull bites a small child.

However, a Pitbull’s bite can be severe to a human’s bone including fractures and eventually breakage.

The biggest danger is that a Pitbull can lock its jaw once it has grabbed a body part, and continue exerting pressure. The subsequent force can break a bone or cause tissue damage the longer the Pitbull holds on.

The biggest danger related to breaking a bone comes when you struggle with a Pitbull. Its aggression will only increase when yours does, causing it to exert more force.

Shaking its head is another way a Pitbull can escalate its bite force and possibly break a bone. It’s not the bite alone that’s acting on the bone at this point but the momentum from the motion and the weakening integrity of the arm.

Getting A Pitbull To Release Its Bite:

Avoiding a Pitbull’s bite isn’t always feasible and once they have a grip, it may be difficult to escape. Too much effort and you risk injuring yourself, and any attacks on the dog may worsen the situation.

The same applies when dealing with two dogs or when your Pitbull has grabbed onto something it shouldn’t. You need to calmly get the Pitbull to release its bite and quickly pull away. Some of the most common methods used to get Pitbulls to release their bite include:

Pull The Dog Backwards

Maybe the easiest method, pulling the dog backwards, will get it to free its grip. This method is common but may require more than one party to be properly executed. Grab the dog by its tail and pull it away from its target, and it should release its grip.

The grip on its tail will startle the dog, forcing it to let go of whatever body part it is biting. While the maneuver is best when someone else is helping, one person can execute it perfectly. Simply reach across, grab its tail and pull it away from the target.

Use A Break Stick

Break sticks are designed specifically for this purpose, and every dog owner should have a few of them around the house. No point in having a break stick if it isn’t readily available when you need it.

They are legal, unlike most other devices that may be used to force a dog out of a bite grip. Place the break stick in the dog’s mouth, in between the captured body part and the rest of the dog’s mouth, and pry it open.

Done correctly, the dog will give up whatever body part it has in its mouth easily. The break stick is tough and durable, so don’t worry about it breaking.

Twist It’s Collar

Probably the easiest thing to do, especially when it’s just one person, is to grab the dog’s collar and twist it. The only downside here is that not all dog owners think to place collars on their dogs, but where they do, this method is usually effective.

The biggest limitation here is that your strength will play a key part. You’ll need to be strong enough to draw the dog away and since it’s by the neck, it will have to let go of whatever it’s biting.

Push Forward

The idea of pushing forward is to engage the Pitbull’s gag reflex, though it may be difficult if the dog has a tight grip on you. Whether it’s an arm or foot stuck in the bite, push it further into the dog’s mouth.

It may not be pleasant, but it will force the dog to let go of what’s in its mouth. Once freed, move away from its vicinity quickly lest it re-engages even harder.

How Fatal Is A Pitbull Bite Force Conclusion

Pitbulls have one of the highest fatality rates for people coming off their bites. The fatalities aren’t always caused by their bites alone but they can do a lot of damage 9nce they have a hold on a victim.

The resulting trauma may just be too much for the person to bear, hence you shouldn’t attempt to fight one. It goes without saying that you should never attempt to fight large dogs, Pitbull most of all.

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