How Dangerous Is a Doberman Bite Force?

A Doberman has one of the deadliest bite forces of all dog breeds, though it isn’t the most dangerous. Though they aren’t particularly aggressive or viscous, they still retain the possibility of causing serious damage with a bite.

They are strong dogs that can apply pressure to their bites, but they are intelligent enough to control themselves.

The biggest threat from a Doberman’s bite comes from its scissors bite. The scissor bite is unique to the breed and can cause serious injury and possibly trauma. The top teeth slide over the lower teeth when they bite, tearing into the flesh.

They rarely bite their target once, choosing instead to repeat the process, which is what makes them all the more dangerous. While they have enough bite power to cause serious injuries, their repetition makes it all the more deadly.

Interestingly, while Dobermans have a high bite force, it tends to vary from one to the next. Factors like age, exercise and physical attributes all combine to determine their final bite force.

Their bite force usually ranges between 240-205 PSI, a force that isn’t strong enough to land them a spot on the top ten dog breeds with the strongest bites.

Is A Doberman Bite Stronger Than A Rottweiler?

No, Dobermans don’t have bite forces to match that of a Rottweiler. Rottweilers have one of the strongest bites amongst dog breeds, and while they are some that are more powerful, they are still deadly.

A Doberman has a maximum bite force of 305PSI while a rottweiler has one of 340PSI. Other factors like physical strength still play a key role, but both dogs have relatively strong bite forces.

Not that you ever would pit them against one another, but if they fought, it is expected that the Rottweiler will triumph. However, in terms of aggression, the Doberman has the upper hand.

While the Rottweiler may come out on top, such a match is sure to be a difficult one. One certain thing is that neither of these breeds will be an easy counterpart for a human to go up against.

Fun fact: With the right training, either breed is capable of besting the other, and is significantly more dangerous. Training also helps them focus their bite attacks better, and gain greater control.

Factors That Affect How Dangerous A Doberman Is

Dobermans are normally considered a dangerous dog breed, but that isn’t the way they are. Their natural predispositions aren’t enough to make them dangerous, bringing to mind the old nature vs nurture debate.

Ultimately, how dangerous a Doberman is depends on more than just their natural tendencies. Some of the factors that ultimately determine how dangerous a Doberman includes:


Consider a trained soldier and an ordinary citizen, the difference is training, hence why one is a possible killer and the other harmless. The same logic applies to Dobermans, as a trained one is significantly more dangerous than one that is untrained.

Training also comes with restraint and self-control, prompting the dog to behave better, especially around strangers.

Fortunately, training gives them the necessary information to improve not just their bite force, but precision. A trained Doberman doesn’t need too much force or aggression to successfully disable an opponent. As they are relatively easy to train, it’s easy to turn your Doberman into a formidable guard.

Physical Strength

Dobermans are generally considered to be a very strong breed and tend to throw this strength into any attack. The strength of Dobermans varies from one to the next and is usually proportional to their age.

Adults in their physical prime are often the strongest and can exert the most damage with their bites.

Strength alone isn’t enough to make a Doberman as dangerous as some other dog breeds, but it plays a key role. When coupled with the right training and the dog’s instincts, it makes them a very fearsome breed.

Dobermans sometimes don’t know their strength but once they can master it, they are possibly one of the most dangerous dog breeds.


Exercise is necessary for every dog and the bigger they are, the more they need. Dobermans are a large dog breed meaning they need more exercise than the average dog.

The more exercise one gets, the stronger and more agile one will be, making them all the more dangerous. Each Doberman has a different affinity for exercise, the same as humans, and those with greater affinity will be more agile.

Consistency on the owner’s part will also play a key role in this regard. Daily exercise will yield greater results than weekly ones. The dog will be able to exert itself physically without feeling too much of an effect.

Dogs With The Highest Bite Force

When a dog is considered dangerous, it is usually due to its bite force. Dogs with greater bite force can do more damage in a single bite than others may do in several attempts.

While Dobermans may not have the strongest bite force, they are still considered dangerous, but not as those on this list. Some of the dogs with the highest bite force include:

Turkish Kangal

There is no other dog in the world that can match the Turkish Kangal when it comes to bite force. With an incredible bite force of 743 PSI, it sits in a class of its own. With the kind of bite force you’d expect to find on a lion, the Turkish Kangal is equally Herculean in its endeavors.

Thanks to their size and strength, they make effective guardians, mainly against animals that are much larger than them. Whether it’s a wolf or a bear, this dog can protect you, or livestock effectively and even take on larger predators successfully.

Cane Corso

The Cane Corso has the second-strongest bite force of all dogs, coming in with a bite force of 650PSI. Their bite force, large size, strength, and agility all combine to make them one of the fiercest hunting companions out there.

They can keep up with, and take down, animals that are much larger than them. In addition to those roles as hunters, they can also serve as guard dogs to great effect. The important thing is to assign them a task, as they love nothing more than having something to do.


Mastiffs are generally considered to be one of the most dangerous dogs in existence, and with good reason. They have a bite force of 556 PSI making them suited to taking on other larger animals. Mastiffs have a long and rich history of breeding in the attempts to find perfect dog breeds.

They are amongst the breeds used in creating modern Dobermans. Their size and aggression all combine to make them excellent guard dogs.


The list wouldn’t be complete without mention of Pitbulls which many consider to be the most dangerous dogs.

Pitbulls don’t have the greatest bite force, but they are relentless and tend to hold on tight, inflicting greater damage. They have a bite force of 240-330 PSI and can do more damage than some other dogs with a greater bite force.

Unlike other dogs on this list, Pitbulls have a habit of aggression and tend to leave casualties in their wake. It is best to train them properly before employing them as guard dogs, a job which they would serve impressively.

Can Dobermans Lock Their Jaws?

Dobermans cannot lock their jaw after biting something or someone, but they can bite consistently. Lock-jaw as it’s popularly called is a trait mostly associated with Pitbulls, not Dobermans. There is no scientific explanation or evidence to support this phenomenon but some dogs have a solid grip, and it is difficult to get them to let go.

While they may not have lock-jaw, they still have a powerful grip when they bite down. When added to the famous scissor bite they possess, a Doberman’s bite is highly dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

The stronger a Doberman is, the greater the force of its bite, which could make it hold on to its target with greater force.

Fortunately, while they may have a powerful bite, Dobermans are relatively gentle, giving us a reason to relax. They still have a little bit of aggression, but they usually save it for strangers and in case of danger. Quite possibly, Dobermans understand how powerful they are and want to be responsible.

Are Dobermans Vicious?

No, Dobermans are both gentle and kind, but never vicious even when they attack an intruder. Training and instructions can determine how they act, but they are naturally calm and relaxed unless prompted.

Thanks to their mild-mannered nature and all-around intelligence, Dobermans are a great choice as service animals.

The main reason why most people assume that Dobermans are vicious is that they are sometimes used as police dogs. Their physical stature makes them naturally intimidating and coupled with how easy they are to train, they make great police dogs.

Unfortunately, this makes people scared of them, creating the prejudice that they are vicious.

Dobermans can be vicious if they are trained to be, and the need arises. Created to be guard dogs, they share a bit of ancestry with Rottweilers, so they may still have some aggression in their genes. They will do anything to protect their owners and that includes displays of aggression.

How Dangerous Is a Doberman Bite Force Summary

Dobermans have a dangerous bite in terms of raw power, but they tend to be gentle and calm. They have a higher bite force than the dog average but they don’t do so much damage with it. While they make effective guard dogs and serve in the military, they also have the emotional capacity to serve as service animals.

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