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Do Pomeranians Like To Cuddle? (All You Should Know)

Pomeranians like to cuddle, get belly rubs, and generally love it when you pet them. Whenever a pomeranian sees its owner, it will generally wag its tail and jump around excitedly, all to cuddle. The more a pomeranian loves its owner, the more it will like to cuddle with them.

Expect to see your pomeranian climb beside you on the couch or bed and snuggle in your arms.

Pomeranians are small and tend to be fierce and independent, but they also love human contact. Some Pomeranians don’t wait for their owners before seeking human contact and don’t mind getting a cuddle from a stranger.

Once your Pomeranian is used to cuddling, it will always seem to want more.

Fun fact: While most Pomeranians love to cuddle and do anything to get one, some are different. A pomeranian can prefer other forms of affection instead of cuddling.

Such a pomeranian may squirm its way out of your grasp rather than remain in a cuddle. Some Pomeranians prefer to be left alone, depending on individual personalities.

Are Pomeranians Clingy?

Generally, Pomeranians are very clingy and will follow you around the house. Pomeranians will seek attention, bark when denied, and can keep it up until they get your attention. Pomeranians are clingy; leaving them alone in the house can be a pain.

If you have neighbors, expect to hear complaints about your barking dog, especially when the dog is still new.

Pomeranians generally suffer from separation anxiety, leading to messy exchanges when they are younger.

You don’t need to leave the house to see them whining, as leaving the room may be sufficient.

A Pomeranian generally wants to be near you once it is bonded to you, which sometimes translates as being clingy. It doesn’t matter whether the Pomeranian has everything it needs; your attention will still be paramount.

Fun fact: A Pomeranian being clingy isn’t always for fun, as it may be trying to communicate a genuine need. You should be able to identify if its cry for attention is genuine or needs to be held.

How Pomeranians Show Their Love

Pomeranians are full of love, and most times, they cannot hide it.

They display certain visible traits; the more they love the person, the more pronounced they are.

Each Pomeranian is different, and their love language may differ, but the common traits are similar.

Here are some of the most common ways a Pomeranian shows its love:

Following You Around

Once a Pomeranian loves its owner and is comfortable around you, it will always want to be in your presence.

It will follow you whenever you leave a room and only stop when you stop. This extends to your outings, attempting to go along with you.

If you leave the dog alone, it will wail and bark until you return.

When a family owns the Pomeranian, it will follow one person around the most, showing its love for them.

Acting Protective

Pomeranians are weirdly protective, especially when you consider how small they are.

Their size is deceptive in this instance, as they can make excellent protectors.

They won’t be able to handle tough challenges, but you won’t see a Pomeranian back down from one.

Whenever there is some form of danger around, the dog will jump in front of you. Seeing as they aren’t the strongest dog breed, you can take the hint and take action.

Once the danger has passed, your Pomeranian will return to its normal self.


Cuddling is one of the most common ways a Pomeranian shows its love.

Once it sees you lying somewhere, your Pomeranian will affix itself to you for a cuddle. There are other reasons a Pomeranian may want to cuddle, so it isn’t always a love language.

It is, however, common for a Pomeranian to show its love for its owner through cuddling. You can train your Pomeranian to be independent of you and only cuddle when you request it.


Another way a Pomeranian shows love is through its excitement for the person it loves.

It will be unable to stay still, jumping all over the place. Once the person comes closer, it will rush over to them and try to get a hug or be played with.

This behavior is most common when they haven’t seen the person in question for a while. When you return from work, you can expect this behavior from your Pomeranian.

Wagging Their Tail

Tail wagging is common in all dogs, and they use it as a sign of love. Wagging a tail can also get rid of insects or signal other dogs, but it still serves as a love language.

You will notice your Pomeranian’s tail wagging when it is happy to see someone or something.

This is an indication of not only love but excitement.

The more love the Pomeranian has toward the person in question, the more intensely it will wag its tail. They tend to exhibit some of these signs together, a good way to tell how much your Pomeranian loves you.

Reasons For Pomeranian Cuddling

Pomeranians love to cuddle, but they do have several reasons. You may have noticed some differences when your Pomeranian wants to cuddle. It is usually indicative of their reasons for cuddling.

Here are some of the main reasons why a Pomeranian loves to cuddle:


When the weather is too cold, your Pomeranian will seek warmth wherever it can find it.

If you have a pen for the dog in a warm area, it will usually head there first.

Body heat is also very appealing, so you can expect to see your Pomeranian looking for a way to cuddle up with you.

The reverse can also apply, especially when your Pomeranian loves you. If it sees you shivering or struggling with the cold, it will try to warm you up by cuddling.

Show Affection

The most common reason a Pomeranian likes to cuddle is out of affection for the owner.

When it has a favorite owner in a family, it will prefer to cuddle with that person over others. It helps detect how much your Pomeranian loves you, especially when you just got the dog.

They tend to cuddle more in their early days than when they are older. When they are more independent, they will show their love in other ways.


Old habits die hard, and that is precisely the case for many Pomeranians.

The Pomeranian might be so used to cuddling that it has become a part of them. Once they see you in a familiar position, they make their way over to cuddle.

This will only be the case when you cuddle your Pomeranian frequently. It will settle into its normal routine if it isn’t used to cuddling without cause.

Are Pomeranians Attached To Their Owners?

Pomeranians are generally attached to their owners, and separation comes with many complaints. Younger Pomeranians are more attached to their owners, having just been separated from their mothers.

As the Pomeranian ages or adjusts to you, its attachment will wane gradually. Their love for you will still be there; they will be wiser and act accordingly.

Pomeranians have different personalities, so some aren’t attached to their owners.

The lack of attachment isn’t the absence of love but a personality trait. Such a Pomeranian won’t exhibit any of the typical signs of affection associated with dogs.

Fun fact: Pomeranians tend to have favourites when owned by a family.

A Pomeranian will love everyone in the family if possible but will love one person more.

Once a Pomeranian has a favorite owner in the family, it will show it by being overly attached to them. It doesn’t have to be the one who takes care of them or spends the most time with the Pomeranian.

How Long Can A Pomeranian Go Without Attention?

You shouldn’t leave your Pomeranian unattended for more than 8 hours daily. Pomeranians are attention seekers who may cause you to refuse attention-seeking antics.

You will still need to give the dog some attention as they are companionship dogs.

Starving them of attention for too long may be as bad as starving them of food.

Pomeranians happen to make good guard dogs, especially when trained.

You can leave them at home, especially when you are at work, and they will watch your property effectively. Leaving the Pomeranian for too long on its own can cause it to act erratically, even when there is enough food and water for it.

Once you return, you will physically be able to see its excitement.

A typical work day lasts eight hours, so it is best not to leave a Pomeranian alone for longer.

If you stay longer, you can get a sitter or a walker to keep it company and exercise the Pomeranian. Alternatively, you can have more than one Pomeranian and have them keep each other company.

Final Words: Do Pomeranians Like To Cuddle?

Pomeranians generally love to cuddle and mostly do so as a sign of affection to their owners.

The decision to let your dog cuddle with you is personal, although many people sometimes choose to refuse it. Pomeranians are very affectionate dogs, so showing some affection in return is always a great idea.

You can mix your discipline method with a little affection without worrying about encouraging bad habits in your dog.

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