Are Dogo Argentinos Good Guard Dogs? All You Need to Know

Though they were bred to hunt big game, Dogo Argentinos are very territorial. They can fight to the death just to protect their territory and pack. A Dogo Argentino can make a very good guard dog. In fact, they rank among the best guard dogs in the world. 

The fierce looks and athletic physiques of Dogo Argentinos are part of what makes them one of the best guard dog breeds out there. They’re also very intelligent and have a very sharp protective instinct. This makes it easy for them to read the room and know when their pack or owners are under attack.

This article discusses Dogo Argentinos, a very large, white, muscular breed of dog raised in Argentina for hunting big game. Read on to know what makes them one of the best guard dogs in the world and how you can train your Dogo to be loyal and watch over your family. 

Are Dogo Argentinos good watchdogs?

Dogo Argentinos are smart, instinctive, and territorial, making them excellent watchdogs. Upon sighting a stranger or someone they perceive to be a threat, they bark very loudly to alert their owners.

However, once they see their owners smiling at the stranger, they instinctively figure out that the person means no harm. Instantly, you’ll see the once aggressive, fierce-looking dog become very friendly and social.

What makes a Dogo Argentino a guard dog?

With their fierce looks, athletic bodies, aggression, intelligence, and territorial instincts, Dogo Argentino’s tick all the boxes of an excellent guard dog.  

They were bred in Argentina by Antonio Martinez, who was looking to raise a brave dog that has the ability to hunt big game while protecting its human companion.

Dogos were bred to look out for their families. There’s no further explanation as to why they never stay away from a stranger who visits their owner. They have this natural instinct and intelligence to monitor the stranger’s every move until he’s left the house.

What physical attributes qualify Dogo Argentino as a guard dog?

Dogo Argentinos are large and muscular, with very fierce looks. They have an average height of 24 to 27 inches and an average weight of 35 to 45 kg. 

These attributes, coupled with their fearless and courageous nature, make them excellent guard dogs. Dog Argentinos are very fast and energetic; they can run tens of miles in a day without gasping for breath. 

Their teeth are structured to capture and bite down at the skin of a big animal in just one attempt. 

What is the bite force of a Dogo Argentino?

An adult Dogo Argentino has a bite force of 500 pounds per square inch (PSI). That means a Dogo Argentino’s bite is almost as hard as that of a lion, which has a bite force of 650 PSI.

This bite force makes it suitable for the purpose for which it was created—to hunt big game. Very few dogs have a stronger bite force than a Dogo Argentino.

Are Dogo Argentinos easy to train?

The high intelligence of Dogo Argentinos makes them very easy to train. They can pick up commands very fast and learn new tricks in a very short period of time.

However, like every smart and intellectual dog, they have a mind of their own. So, their natural prey drive can have them aggressive to anyone or animal they are not familiar with.

But, with the proper training, Dogos are the best dogs you can have. Beneath their fierce, intimidating looks, Dogos are loving, caring, and possess strong guardian instincts. They love to be petted too.

That’s why you’d see them jumping on the couch with you and resting their heads on your thighs while you watch a movie. They just want to be close to you and have you pet them, rub their heads, and talk lovingly to them.

Without proper training, Dogos can get bored and become very difficult to manage. This is very bad as dogs of that size, with such athletic abilities, can be dangerous when they’re not properly trained.

But how exactly do you train a Dogo Argentino to be loyal yet fierce and protective? Let’s find out.

How do you train a Dogo Argentino to be a guard dog?

Your Dogo Argentino needs lots of physical exercises and mental stimulation to be the most well-behaved guard dog you can have.

To teach your Dogo to be an excellent guard dog, follow these instructions:

Teach your Dogo to act on Command

If you want your Dogo Argentino to be a good guard dog, you need to make it listen to you and obey you. It has to know you’re in control and that it needs to obey every instruction of yours. From its puppy days, you have to teach it to obey simple commands like “Sit! Watch! Stop! Attack!” etc.

Your dog should understand these commands and not just that, it should obey you every time you say them.

Not teaching your Dogo Argentino these obedience commands and more when it’s still a puppy means you’re raising a menace. It’s not going to know when you tell it to back down from attacking a friend or visitor.

And you know what that means? You could pay heavy fines or, worse still, your dog could be taken away from you.

Socialize your Dogo

Socialization is very important training for guard dogs. If you want your Dogo Argentino to be a guard dog, you have to teach it to differentiate between friends and enemies. Socialization also helps it to be brave and not fear anyone or any situation.

Socialization means exposing your dog to different sights, situations, sounds and even smells. How do you socialize with your dog? Take it out on a walk, introduce it to other dogs or animals, and make it familiar to humans, especially children.

Taking your dog to dog parks or to play with a friend’s dog helps it to learn how to behave around other dogs.

Dogo Argentinos, being bigger and fiercer, can be aggressive towards other animals or dogs, especially ones they didn’t grow up with. That’s why socialization is important, as it teaches tolerance and friendliness.

The best time to socialize your Dogo Argentino is during its sensitive socialization period. That is when it is between five and sixteen weeks old.   

Exercise it regularly

Dogo Argentinos were originally bred to accompany hunters on hunts for big games. They have the capacity to run up to 20 miles in a day while still having enough energy to attack prey.

Dogo Argentinos need a considerable amount of exercise to keep them healthy and alert. Lack of exercise can make them really bored, which could result in them destroying properties, barking recklessly, or even being aggressive toward people.

So how do you exercise your Dogo Argentino? Running, hiking, swimming, or urban mushing are effective exercise ideas for your Dogo. At least two hours of exercise every day will keep your Dogo mentally and physically active.

Are Dogo Argentinos good for first-time dog owners?

It is not advisable for a first-time dog owner to get a Dogo Argentino. This is because Dogos are very smart, energetic, and instinctive. They love dominance, and only an experienced, dominant owner can control them.

Dogo Argentinos have a powerful mind of their own, and they require lots of training (both physical and mental). A first-time dog owner, on the other hand, doesn’t have the experience to teach them obedience and mentally stimulate them to work. 

However, that doesn’t mean a first-time dog owner who has attended obedience classes can’t train a Dogo. With the right amount of guidance and information, a strong-willed first-time dog owner can raise a well-behaved and loyal Dogo Argentino.  


Can Dogo Argentinos protect homes from strangers?

Dogo Argentinos can definitely protect homes from strangers; they’re natural guardians with the instinct to attack at the right time. And because they’re large, well-muscled, and very loyal to their owners, they have all it takes to guard a home.

However, you must properly train your Dogo Argentino as they can be aggressive and harm innocent animals or humans. Though Dogos have protective instincts, they need proper training to tame them.  

Are Dogo Argentinos good for keeping around children?

Though Dogo Argentinos can be loving and loyal, they are not good to be kept around children. This is because Dogos are big and powerful; they can hurt a child even when they don’t mean to.

Furthermore, some children do not know how to treat dogs (you can’t blame them), and as such, might end up abusing them. Though Dogos love kids and are playful around them, their natural protective instinct will kick in once they are abused.

However, it’s not bad having your Dogo around your children, but you must train both parties to respect each other. You need to teach your kids to respect your Dogos and also teach your Dogo to do the same.

Teaching the Dogo means socializing it well enough during its sensitive socialization period.

Are Dogo Argentinos aggressive?

Yes, Dogo Argentinos are very aggressive. In fact, they rank among the most aggressive dogs in the world. But with the right training, you can control the temperament of your Dogo Argentino.

Dogo Argentinos are courageous, smart, and headstrong, and they also have a very strong prey drive. However, they’re also very sensitive, kind, and loyal. With the right socialization training, you can have your Dogo being super friendly and playful.

You should also know that Dogos were bred to be aggressive.

They need it to carry out their jobs effectively. Dogos have been used by hunters, policemen, and even the military for hunting tasks, and it’s a natural mentality for them to be aggressive toward their prey.

Training your Dogo Argentino to be a guard dog – conclusion

Your Dogo Argentino can be your best buddy and bodyguard at the same time. It all boils down to how much effort, time, and resources you dedicate to teaching it.

Having these large Argentine Mastiffs (Dogo Argentino) in your home is something you’ll always cherish.

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