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Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing the best dog-care-related information on the internet. 

There is no shortage of dog care articles on the internet. It’s our personal touch that sets us apart. Each piece is written from an area of personal experience, with first-hand application and proven results. 

I have personally read several dog articles, animal care journals, and thousands of dog care materials. Additionally, I’ve been rearing dogs for over two decades. I have encountered all kinds of scenarios. With the help of several other experts and dog lovers, we aim to provide real-world solutions to all your dog questions.

To make sure all our readers are satisfied, all our information is fact-checked against scientific data and expert opinion. The procedures and techniques laid out across the website will never lead you astray.

Why Dogs?

Man’s best friend is unlike any other companion. Once you’re bonded to one, the bond transcends all others. A trained dog can be the greatest friend a person can ever have. 

I’m dedicated to helping every dog owner get the best experience possible. Every dog has the potential to be the best companion ever. You simply need to provide the right care and training.

From healthcare to feeding, everything is connected. Dog care isn’t always easy, but the results are always worth it. With time, you’ll get better and start to enjoy it. I’ve been at it with more than 5 dogs, and still love doing it. 

For every dog lover finding an answer on my website is the ultimate dream. Suggestions and other dog knowledge are always welcome and could help someone else. 

Each new reader is welcome to our family, and we hope we can answer every possible query.