Who Makes Frisco Dog Crates? Let’s Find Out!

Frisco is one of the best pet accessories brands developed by Miller. The product is solely associated with Chewy, an online pet accessory store known for its work in pet care. The Frisco puppy crate is made with a pet’s needs in view and is designed to give them the best possible experience.

Frisco products are constantly rising in popularity thanks to positive reviews from its users. Despite its success in the pet niche, Miller produces a wide range of products optimized for performance in the real world. Miller is also associated with other top pet brands like Freshpet with other great products.

How Good Are Frisco Dog Crates?

Frisco dog crates are some of the best pet care products available today. Based on sales alone, the product can already be considered one of the best before even considering the testimonials of existing customers.

Portability is one of the best features of Frisco dog crates that make them so popular. Frisco crates can be assembled and disassembled, allowing you to move with them, even the large ones.

Another reason why Frisco crates are considered good is the comfort it affords dogs. Most dogs don’t like crates and tend to be miserable, and the Frisco crate considers this.

Frisco crates are spacious and have enough openings to allow fresh air to help keep the dog comfortable. The dog will feel less caged with enough pores and see the crate as a personal space.

Frisco Dog crates are amongst the most durable in the market and are even resistant to chewers. They also come in different sizes, with different options perfectly suited to different dog breeds. Some crates even have special features to make them more appealing to prospective buyers.

How Much Does A Good Frisco Dog Crate Cost?

A good Frisco crate can cost as low as $60, but it can cost much more. Different factors can determine how much a Frisco crate costs but size is one of the most prominent.

The larger Frisco crates cost more than smaller ones, as they are designed with more materials. Fortunately, the larger crates tend to be a good value for money.

The design of the crate can also determine its final cost of it. Foldable crates are more expensive than others, and some contain special features that only serve to increase their price. Security is also associated with design, with some crates being more secure than others.

Some crates may buckle under pressure from a dog, regardless of their strength. Such crates need their joints fastened to avoid collapse. The crate may be more expensive if the manufacturer includes such brackets.

Most dog crates come with dividers allowing the owner to adjust the cage size as the dog grows. Dividers don’t add to the cost as they are a common feature, but they come in handy.

Do Vets Recommend Frisco Dog Crates?

Frisco crates are considered among the best product in the market, and most vets recommend them. Crates come in handy for training and serve as personal space for dogs, but not all dogs love them.

With the right training and familiarisation process, your dog will come to love spending time in its crate.  

The main reason why most vets don’t like dog crates is that they don’t afford the dog much freedom.

Dog crates can sometimes feel like a prison, especially when there isn’t enough ventilation. Frisco dog crates address this concern, creating a private space for your dog while still affording it freedom.

Frisco dog crates usually have double doors, allowing the front to open. This makes the crate seem more like a bedroom than a cage. Once the dog can identify the dog crate, they will spend a lot of their downtime there.

The vet will have many other recommendations, including cleaning the dog crate and providing enough water to keep your dog hydrated. Ensure the crate is in a room with enough windows to prevent it from stinking.

Should I cover My Dog’s Crate With A Blanket?

Never use a blanket to cover your dog’s crate, especially if you’ll cover it all the way. The openings in the cage are designed for airflow, and covering it up will limit it.

If you have to cover your dog’s crate for warmth, only cover a portion of it, leaving the rest exposed. Most people who observe this practice usually cover the crate at night.

Covering a dog’s crate is possible and recommended only when certain criteria are observed. The most important thing to consider is the blanket’s material. Always use a light blanket, as it still lets in traces of air and light.

The lighter the blanket’s material, the better suited it is to cover a dog’s crate. It would help if you always remembered only to cover the crate partially.

Another thing you need to worry about is exposing the blanket to heat sources. Blankets are flammable and prolonged exposure to heat sources can light them up. Not only will your puppy be in genuine danger from the flames, but the air will become unbreathable.

Blankets are natural insulators, and further heating may cause the crate to be uninhabitable. An insulated crate cover is better for those living in cold regions than a blanket.

How Long Is Too Long For A Dog To Be In A Crate?

Never leave a dog in a crate for more than 8 hours. Most dogs don’t like the confinement of a crate and will suffer from anxiety the longer they are in one. If you will be out for a long, leaving the cage door open is best so they can leave when they want.

With the right training, a dog can go in and out of a crate as instructed, especially when it is intended to serve as its home.

Age is the main determinant of how long a dog can spend in a crate. Adults are the only ones that can spend up to 8 hours. The amount of time a puppy can spend in a crate depends on age. The older ones can spend more than the younger ones, and you must watch them carefully lest they feel claustrophobic.

While vets advise crate training for dogs, its use is limited, especially with puppies. You will also need to potty train to ensure the dog doesn’t use their crate for this purpose. Ensure you complete potty training before you begin crate training.

How To Put A Frisco Dog Crate Together?

Frisco crates don’t come assembled, but the parts are easy to assemble once you know what to do. Basic assembly instructions come with the crate, but further guidance may be required to ensure you don’t face any problems.

Unbox The Crate With The Plastic Pan At The Base

You first need to remove the crate from the box and keep the plastic pan at the base. The plastic pan will be the base of the crate and is where the dog will spend most of its time.

After opening one end of the box, check to see that the end with the plastic pan is on the base if not, adjust it. The crate may not be assembled, but it is still arranged orderly, making assembling easier. There should be an inscription to identify the end with the plastic pan before opening the box.

Open The Latch

The dog crate panels help with patches, the same as those that hold the crate in place when assembled. After setting the crate with the plastic pan as the base, unlock the latches holding the panels together.

The latch is easy to detach and doesn’t require force or any special skills. We don’t want the entire crate disassembles, so only remove the panels’ latch in place.

Open The Panels

Once the panels’ latch is unlocked, the panels can fall apart. Pick the top panel and open it like you would turn the pages of a book. Pick the inner panel from the opened page and pull upwards. The cage will stand in place, allowing you to remove the divider and handles. Pull up the door and back panels and latch them with the provided hooks.

Insert Dividers

The divider allows you to control the space available in the crate, especially when your dog is still growing. You may not insert the divider or place it at the end of the crate for an adult dog. Insert the divider slanted into the crate and straiten where you intend to place it.

Like the hooks on the door and back panels, latch the dividers in place.

Remove the plastic pan

The plastic pan is held in place by a latch to keep it from moving out of place, but you can remove it by detaching the latch and sliding the pan out. Only remove the pan to clean and return it upon completion.

Who Makes Frisco Dog Crates Summary

Frisco dog crates are a great choice for your dog and the perfect personal space. Distributed by chewy, a top pet accessories distributor, the product is designed by Miller. A pet’s needs are the driving force behind this line of dog crates, resulting in a comfortable personal space for your dog.

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