Dogo Argentino And Pitbull Mix

Dogo Argentino And Pitbull Mix: All you need to know

Dogo Argentinos and Pitbulls are two of the world’s most desirable guard dog breeds. People love them as they are, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few things we’d like to iron out. Cross-breeding has always been the best way to promote favorable traits and breed an improved generation of Dogs.

Not all Dogs can be mixed especially when they are very similar, genetically. We’ll take a look at whether or not mixing a Dogo Argentino and Pitbull is possible, and what to expect from the resulting breed.

Can You Mix A Dogo Argentino With A Pitbull?

The Dogo Argentino is one of the most desirable dogs you can mix with a Pitbull. Pitbull mixes are generally appealing and many dog lovers like having them around. The Resultant breed has traits from both parents, making them all the more desirable. With the physical traits and appearance of a Pitbull and the temperament of a Dogo Argentino, this breed is a must-have.

The American Pitbull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier are the two Pitbull breeds most commonly mixed with Dogo Argentinos. The results tend to differ according to which pitbull breed you use, but they tend to be more like the Pitbull used. Seeing as they aren’t purebred dogs, it isn’t always easy to anticipate how the result will turn out.

Interestingly, the main attraction of the Dogo Argentino and Pitbull mix is the resultant protective nature. As both parents are protective dogs, the resultant mixture is equally or more protective, without the aggression of the Pitbull. It also helps that they are one of the most attractive dog breeds out there.

What Is A Dogo Argentino And Pitbull Mix Called?

The mixture of a Dogo Argentino and a Pitbull is called the Dogo Pit. They get their name from both their parents, just as is common with most animal crossbreeds. Names aren’t the only thing Dogo Pits get from their parents, as most of their characteristics are passed down.

The principle of genetics comes into play in the Dogo Pit, with most undesirable traits from the parents eliminated. The Pitbulls aggression is the most obvious elimination, despite the Dogo Pit looking just as intimidating as its parent.

Where many dog lovers are reluctant to get a pitbull because of its volatile nature, the Dogo Pit is a welcome alternative. They are generally gentle, and fun-loving, qualities you want in a pet.

Fun Fact: The Dogo Pits’ characteristics tend to vary according to the percentage purity of the parents. Cross-breeding isn’t always done with purebred parents, hence the resulting Dogo Pit is rarely 50% to 50% of each.

Characteristics Of Dogo Argentino And Pitbull Mix

Since Dogo Argentinos tend to inherit characteristics directly from their parents, they don’t all have the same traits. Some traits tend to be more pronounced than others, regardless of how pure the parents are. Some of the most generic traits of Dogo Pits are:


The most notable thing about a Dogo Pit is that it looks remarkably like a Pitbull. A first glance, you’ll be convinced you’re looking at a Pitbull until a closer examination will reveal the differences. The Dogo Pit is mostly all-white, though they also occur in white and fawn, or white and black.

As Dogo Argentinos only appear in white, it’s fair to assume the Dogo Pit’s coloration comes from there. The Dogo Pit is similar in size to the Dogo Argentino, slightly bigger than the Pitbull, but retains the muscular physique. A Dogo Pit can reach up to 68 cm in height, and weigh up to 45Kg. They get their physical appearance from the Pitbull but are built like a Dogo Argentino.


The Dogo Pit takes after the Dogo Argentino in terms of temperament and is gentle-natured. They are considered ideal pets since they are evenly mannered and relate well with others. Like the Dogo Argentino, Dogo Pits are gentle even with children, though further caution may be required.

Dogo Pits are also affectionate which makes them great emotional companions. They may not be considered companion dogs, but they are highly intelligent and emotional. Above all, the Dogo Pit is a great protector, just like both its parents.

They are fiercely loyal and when coupled with their physical gifts, they make the ideal pet.

Life Span and Health Issues

Just like both parent breeds, you can expect to have a Dogo Pit for a while.  Most Dogo Pits tend to live between 8 and 15 years, given that there are no external factors in play. Ideally, a mix of two dog breeds will eliminate the potential for certain diseases, but some of them persist.

Hip Dysplasia is common to both Dogo Argentinos and Pitbull, no surprise that it is common to Dogo Pits as well. Hip Dysplasia is common in larger dogs, hence Dogo Pit is seemingly the perfect target.

Another condition that is commonly associated with Dogo Pits is loss of hearing. Hearing loss in Dogo Pits isn’t always genetic and can be brought on by ear trauma. If your Dogo Pit starts barking loudly or gets easily confused, then you should check for hearing loss.

How Much Does A Dogo Argentina And Pitbull Mix Cost?

A Dogo Pit puppy can be as expensive as $4,000, though some of them can be as low as $2,000. The final cost may vary due to several factors including parents’ heritage. As Dogo Argentinos are generally expensive, indirectly contributing to how expensive the Dogo Pit is.

Prices also tend to vary from one dealer to the next, often based on reputation. It is worth noting that the prices involved in getting a Dogo Pit are roughly the same as with Dogo Argentinos, or Pitbulls.

If you prefer a cheaper Dogo Pit, rescue and adoption are viable options. However, there tend to be other costs associated with such Dogo Pits. Since you don’t know much about their upbringing, you’ll need to worry about vaccination, vet checkups, and deworming. By the time you’re done, it may end up costing you more than getting a puppy.

Rescue Dogo Pits are a welcome idea, as you’ll be giving a dog a much-needed home. Unfortunately, rescue dogs are typically harder to train, as they usually have already established habits. The younger the rescue, the better your chances of training them, and getting them better acclimated to you and the family.

Dogo Argentino And Pitbull Mix: Pros And Cons


A Unique Dog

If you’re tired of seeing the same conventional dogs you observe every day, the Dogo Pit is a welcome development. Bear in mind that Dogo Pits are better suited to dog veterans as they can be demanding.

The odds that such a person has seen or had Dogo Argentinos or Pitbulls is somewhat high. The Dogo Pit on the other hand is a recent development and isn’t common. Odds are that it will be the only one of its kind in the park. They still have features from both parents, but they combine them to create a new and improved look.

Better Temperament

Probably the biggest reason why most people look for a Dogo Argentino and Pitbull mix is for better temperament. The Pitbull is deemed too aggressive, with some people considering the Dogo Argentino, too timid. The Dogo Pit takes the best of both worlds, to produce a dog lover’s dream.

The Dogo Pit has the potential to be as aggressive as the Pitbull but is still friendly to people. When aggression is needed, they are able to channel the inner Pitbull, especially when protecting their owner. They have the Physical size of a Dogo Argentino, and the potential to be as aggressive as a Pitbull.

Reduced Inherited Diseases

Another reason why most dog lovers want mixed breeds is that the possibility of certain genetic diseases is reduced. Through careful selection, traits and diseases that are deemed undesirable are eliminated.

Parents without diseases being avoided are the ones used in the breeding process. The process may limit evolution in the long term, but it brings about more desirable traits.



The Dogo Pit is an expensive dog, as expected from a mixture of two impressive species. When coupled with the fact that they are rare, and must be ordered from special breeders most times, the price gets higher.

The fact that the Dogo Argentino, one of its parents is an expensive breed further serves to hike the price. All the factors combine to make Dogo Pits a very expensive dog, though it isn’t the most expensive one out there.

High-Risk Delivery

In some cases, the delivery process can be high risk with the delivery being unsafe. In a high-risk delivery scenario, a C-section will be needed. If you choose to proceed with a natural birth, there is a high chance of losing the mother and child. High-risk deliveries are common in situations involving dam Pitbulls. 

Conclusion: Dogo Argentino And Pitbull Mix

A Dogo Argentino and Pitbull mix yields one of the most desirable dog breeds out there.

Ordinarily, the Dogo Argentino and Pitbull are amongst the most sought-after dogs, and combining them only improves the appeal. The Dogo Pit brings together some of the best traits from both breeds and produces a special dog.

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