Are Pomeranians expensive? (How Much Do Pomeranians Cost)?

July 21, 2022

Pomeranians are generally expensive, especially compared to the average dog’s cost. On average, a Pomeranian will cost about $1,000 depending on any one of the many external factors. You can get a pomeranian starting from $500 and can spend as much as $2,000. 

Some cases have seen Pomeranians cost as much as $6,000, although it is uncommon.

Pomeranians aren’t just expensive at the point of sale. Once you have bought a Pomeranian and brought it home, other expenses will begin to arise. Same as with the cost of buying a Pomeranian, it is more expensive to cater to a Pomeranian than the average cost of caring for a dog.

Fun fact: The cost of buying a Pomeranian covers other benefits including vaccination and support from the breeder. The more perks you receive when you buy a Pomeranian, the more expensive it will be. 

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the costs of getting and maintaining a Pomeranian. 

Why Are Pomeranians So Expensive?

Pomeranians are generally so expensive because of their pedigree. Most Pomeranians are purebred, with long histories and ancestries which bode well for the dog. The higher the pedigree of the dog, the more expensive it will be. 

The most expensive Pomeranian dogs tend to be children of notable show breeds.

Pomeranians are toy breeds, often considered unique for their social interaction and cuddly nature, which also adds to their value. In a puppy litter, the most social puppy may be considered more valuable than others, making it more expensive. 

Seeing as Pomeranians are among the most sociable dogs, it is understandable that they are expensive.

Despite being expensive, you can still get good deals on Pomeranian, paying an appropriate fee by combining the right factors. In the end, Pomeranians are good value for the money, even the most expensive ones.

Factors That Determine The Cost Of A Pomeranian

Pomeranians are generally expensive but not all Pomeranians cost the same. There are a lot of factors that contribute to the cost of a Pomeranian with each factor adding something extra to the total cost. 

Here are some of the main factors that can determine the price of a Pomeranian:

Fur Color

Pomeranians are generally only as expensive as their fur color. Fur color is one of the main factors that cause a Pomeranian to be expensive especially when the color in question is rare, or in high demand. 

The rarer the color, the more expensive the Pomeranian will be. 


Another factor that can influence the cost of a Pomeranian is gender. Females are generally more sought after and thus, are usually more expensive than males. 

The price difference isn’t much as they both sell in the same price range, but the female edges it. It also helps that females tend to be more alert and less playful than males.

Puppy Health

The vaccination and medical care a dog has received can also influence the price. A Pomeranian that is up to date on vaccinations will be more expensive than one that is lacking behind. It may be more prudent to get the more expensive dog in this case, as it will cost you extra to vaccinate at a later date. 

Some Pomeranian breeds are naturally immune to certain diseases, which also makes them more expensive.

The Seller

The reputation of a breeder comes with certain guarantees which automatically increase the price of a Pomeranian. In the same light, rescue shelters and agencies will typically cost less, even when the Pomeranian is very young. 

Age Of The Pomeranian

The puppies sell more than adults, and the younger they are, the more expensive they will be. Buying a young puppy means the Pomeranian will grow in your care and spend the bulk of its life with you. You can train it and determine how it behaves and interacts with others. It will also be more loyal especially when it has been with you for a long time.

You will have full access to medical and vaccination records, so there will be little room for surprises. An adult dog on the other hand will likely have some form of training, which you may not like.

Time Of The Year

Not quite as important as other factors, but the season you are making the purchase matters as well. Pomeranians are seemingly in demand in the summer, which tends to drive the price up. 

Pomeranian Care Expenses

The cost of a Pomeranian doesn’t end with buying the pomeranian. It is significantly more expensive to rear a pomeranian. The more you care for the pomeranian, the more expensive it will be. 

Seeing as Pomeranians require a lot of care, which means you are making an expensive commitment. Some of the costs you can expect to encounter when rearing a pomeranian include:


You may think feeding accounts for more than half of the expenses throughout a dog’s life as it is a daily occurrence, but you’d be wrong. You will need a well-balanced nutritional regimen for a Pomeranian, as they are fragile.

Dog food of this caliber tends to be more expensive, thankfully, Pomeranians don’t usually eat much. On average, the yearly expenses on food for a Pomeranian, adult, or puppy is less than $100 yearly. Throughout a 12-year life span (average Pomeranian life span), you may not spend up to $1000 on feeding.


Ordinarily, you can train your Pomeranian yourself, eliminating the need for cost, but this isn’t always possible. Those who work long hours won’t have the time, effort, and patience required to train a dog. A professional trainer is an ideal solution, and they do not come cheap. If you don’t mind group training, it is the cheapest option and can cost less than $20 per session.

Individual sessions are more expensive, costing as much as $150 a session. The earlier you start the training, the better before the Pomeranian picks up a few bad habits. 


Grooming is considered essential by most people, but they’re wrong. Grooming is very important and should be done frequently for the Pomeranian’s sake. Without proper grooming, they are at risk of injuries or mishaps.

Grooming is too difficult, so you can handle it yourself, costing you nothing except the equipment cost. If you will be using a professional service, you will need to groom at least once in 6 weeks at about $40 a session. This brings grooming costs to over $300 a year, which is more than the cost of feeding. 

Doctor Fees

Pomeranians are very fragile and sometimes need a doctor’s visit. With the right maintenance, you may not have to deal with this, but it is sometimes inevitable. Pomeranians can break their legs or contract an infection easily.

A veterinarian isn’t cheap, especially with something as serious as a broken leg. Fees can be as high as $2000 or as low as $200 for a routine checkup. 

What Pomeranian Breed is Most Expensive?

Either the White Pomeranians or Black Pomeranians are usually the most expensive. White Pomeranians are the most sought-after, making them more expensive than most other Pomeranians. A white Pomeranian can cost more than $4,000 while a black pomeranian costs over $2,000.

The black pomeranian is the most expensive because it is generally rare. 

Despite being the most expensive Pomeranians, the other factors that affect price still affect them. Under special conditions, you can get a white pomeranian for less, and a black one for more than the normal amount. Luckily, the maintenance costs of both the white and black Pomeranians are the same as with other Pomeranians. 

Fun fact: Some regular breeds of Pomeranians can sometimes sell at higher prices than the most expensive Pomeranians. In certain conditions, the price of a pomeranian rises more than the average. You can pay the price of a white pomeranian for a chocolate one, or others. 

What If I don’t want to buy a Pomeranian?

You can always adopt a pomeranian if buying a new one is too expensive for you. Adopting a pomeranian has its fees, but they are significantly less than the cost of buying a new one. On average, the cost of adopting a Pomeranian is less than $300.

Depending on other factors like the age and health of the Pomeranian, the fees can be as low as $50. 

Adopting a Pomeranian only affects the initial cost, with maintenance costs still applying. Seeing as adopted Pomeranians are usually older, they tend to live shorter lives in your care, than a new puppy. The overall maintenance costs are therefore lower than that of buying a Pomeranian puppy. 

Fun fact: Older dogs usually don’t require training costs, seeing as they possess some basic training most times. The only major downside to adopting an older dog is that their history isn’t complete. There isn’t a complete record of all they have been through or done over their lives. 

Are Pomeranians expensive Conclusion

Pomeranians are expensive, significantly more expensive than average dogs costs in some cases. The more impressive the Pomeranian in question is, the higher the price will be and the expenses don’t stop there.

If you are looking to get a Pomeranian puppy, be sure to account for the expenses that come after, which can be up to $400 in the first year.

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