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Why Pomeranians Are The Worst Dogs (7 Reasons Not to Keep Pomeranians)

Pomeranians are a popular breed; everyone usually wants to have them because of their attractiveness. While they may seem the perfect companions on paper, Pomeranians aren’t always the ideal companion.

Pomeranians may end up being the worst dogs in the world to some.

Not everyone is cut out for a Pomeranian, and you may fall, victim, when you don’t know what you’re signing up for. There may be a lot of positives associated with Pomeranian, but there are some negatives mixed in there as well.

These negatives are enough to convince anyone not to get a Pomeranian. Here are some of the most popular reasons why people refuse to keep Pomeranians:

They Are Clingy

Arguably the biggest criticism of Pomeranians is that they are very clingy.

Pomeranians are social dogs and prefer to be in the company of others all the time. This translates to clinginess when they always want to be around or follow you from one room to the next.

While clinginess levels vary from one Pomeranian to the next, they are generally clingy.

In most Pomeranians, clinginess is accompanied by separation anxiety which comes with problems. Younger Pomeranians tend to be more clingy than older ones, especially when you first get them.

While their clinginess reduces with age, it never completely disappears.

No Amount Of Attention Seems Enough

Pomeranians are attention seekers, as is evident from their clingy nature and constant need to be around you.

While Pomeranians are usually a delight to be around, it isn’t possible to be around them all the time, and that is what they want. When you leave for work, the pomeranian will be home alone, with no attention from anyone.

Most Pomeranians tend to voice their displeasure at being left home alone, without attention, by barking, whining, or crying. The longer you are away from them, the more they bark and whine, causing a noisy disturbance.

It doesn’t matter if you spend every possible moment with them; the minute you aren’t there, they are displeased.

Heavy Shedding

Pomeranians are hairy dogs, and that leads to shedding.

Their hair adds to the appeal and is a big part of why they are considered cute. One negative that comes with that amount of hair is constant shedding. You may find clumps of hair everywhere your Pomeranian goes, even on your bed.

With how Pomeranians like to cling, nowhere is safe, and the cleanup isn’t easy afterward.

You can’t shave off the Pomeranian’s hair as you risk it never growing back. You can trim it, but that doesn’t solve the shedding problem; it only gives them a characteristic appearance.

The more hair your Pomeranian has, the more it will shed.

Constant Grooming

Grooming comes with every dog, but it is heightened when dealing with Pomeranians. You will have to do this regularly, from trimming nails to cleaning the teeth and combing the fur.

Pomeranians are more fragile than most other dogs and thus require grooming more frequently than others.

A Pomeranian’s nails can injure them or others when left to grow out. With the way they love to cling and climb over people, you are at risk of injury, which can be devastating when the eyes are involved.

The same goes for Pomeranian teeth, which can house food particles or pathogens which can be harmful. Pomeranians are also more susceptible to certain diseases, making frequent grooming essential.

High Maintenance

Pomeranians can best be described as high maintenance, both for the constant care they require and the nature of the care.

A Pomeranian should never be left alone for too long as they may hurt themselves. From grooming to attention needs, Pomeranians require more than regular dogs earning them the tag, ‘high maintenance.

It is worth noting that Pomeranians aren’t the most high-maintenance dogs out there, but they can still be a handful.

Pomeranians may not be the best choice if looking for the ideal first dog. You may be able to reduce some of its high maintenance requirements with training, but some will remain throughout.

Potty Training Struggles

Pomeranians are considered intelligent dogs that are easy to train but have one crucial flaw, potty training.

Potty training is the one exercise that expert dog trainers struggle with when dealing with Pomeranians. While they will eventually get the hang of it, potty training is slow and takes a lot of patience.

Pomeranians generally have small bladders which get full easily, prompting them to release themselves frequently. It also makes it difficult for the trainer to predict an irregular bathroom schedule.

In the early training days, the Pomeranian will have many accidental releases, enough to frustrate anyone.


Pomeranians are generally calm and lovable, but there are many temperamental ones, and it seems to be hereditary.

Most reputable breeders know how to breed traits like this, but not all are reputable. With the high demand for Pomeranians, anyone can start breeding them without considering such traits.

More Pomeranians are appearing with violent temperaments. While their basic demeanor is a calm loving dog, they can easily switch. Such Pomeranians are not suitable to be left around children.

Why Pomeranians Are Great Dogs

While there are many reasons not to keep Pomeranians, numerous positives exist. Pomeranians wouldn’t be as popular as they are without bringing many people joy and pleasure.

There are so many positives that come with owning a Pomeranian and some of them include:


Pomeranians are considered highly intelligent and can pick up on cues.

Their intelligence makes them relatively easy to train at home or by a professional. You can train a pomeranian to deal with any scenario or serve as a guard dog with relative ease.

Every Pomeranian is different, so their intelligence levels tend to vary, but on average, they are very intelligent.

The more intelligent Pomeranians tend to be obedient as well. They adhere to instructions while still retaining the capacity to act off intuition. The most evident aspect of a Pomeranian’s intelligence is how quickly they pick up new commands.

In keeping with how intelligent Pomeranians are, they make great companions.

Emotional Capacity

Pomeranians possess a high emotional intelligence which allows them to detect and mimic the emotions of others.

They can also ascertain the best action that can help cheer a person up. Other environmental factors can influence a Pomeranian’s emotions but don’t diminish its natural capacity.

The more intelligent a Pomeranian is, the more emotionally aware it will be.

With Pomeranians being easy to train, they are also used as emotional support animals. Therapists have recommended Pomeranians for people dealing with emotional trauma.

They make great companions and can help anyone overcome an emotional problem.

Long-Life Span

One big plus for Pomeranians is that they have a long life span, lasting an average of 15 years. Some Pomeranians have loved up to 20 years, but you can at least expect to have yours for ten years, provided you get a newborn.

Long life is ideal when dealing with an emotional support dog or one to handle special needs. Once Pomeranian can confidently get you through a decade before, you have to worry about getting another.

You also won’t have to deal with the pain of losing a dog often, so long as the Pomeranian is well cared for.


Pomeranians are generally brave and can serve in that capacity while they aren’t known for protection. A trait that can sometimes get them in trouble,

Pomeranians are fiercely protective of their owners, coming to their defense in the face of danger.

They may not be able to back up their bravery physically, but they will surely stand up to larger dogs where necessary. Pomeranians don’t know their limits, often requiring the owner’s intervention.

At the very least, they can serve as an early warning system or deter attackers with their bark.


One allure most people find in owning Pomeranians is that they are fun-sized. Your Pomeranian is a companion you can take, fitting them in your bag when headed to the beach.

With their need for social interaction and portable size, Pomeranians are the perfect dog to take on a stroll. They may not always be the most pleasant companion, often getting in trouble, but it’s nothing you can’t handle.

Coincidentally, Pomeranians love to play and will be down with an outing, earning them the tag ‘toy breeds.

Cute and Cuddly

The ultimate attraction for a Pomeranian is how cute and cuddly they are. Most Pomeranian owners buy them for this quality alone, regardless of any negatives.

Pomeranians are hairy and can be groomed to achieve different looks. The lion and teddy bear cuts are some of the most popular looks, but their natural fur is just as attractive.

Are Pomeranians Worth The Trouble?

Yes, Pomeranians are worth any trouble associated with keeping one. While there are negatives to keeping a Pomeranian, there are a lot of benefits that balance it out.

Once you have decided to get a dog, there isn’t much that can deter you. The longer you have the Pomeranian, the less you have to worry about some of the negatives.

Take Note: Many problems associated with owning a Pomeranian can be avoided if they are addressed early.

The negatives associated with owning a Pomeranian are mostly behavioral, which can be influenced. The earlier you start training your Pomeranian, the better the results.

Are Pomeranians Good For First-Time Dog Owners?

Pomeranians are an excellent choice for first-time dog owners. Pomeranians may be scary and require a lot of care, posing a challenge to a first-time dog owner, but they are still a great choice.

A first-time owner will only encounter problems when raising a Pomeranian if they are unprepared. With the right knowledge and information, anyone can successfully raise and cater to a Pomeranian.

Take Note: Lifestyle and activities will affect how well a first-time dog owner can cater for a Pomeranian. Pomeranians will require constant care, especially when new to an environment.

Conclusion: Why Pomeranians Are The Worst Dogs

Pomeranians aren’t always the ideal pets you see on TV. In reality, owning a Pomeranian comes with a lot of responsibility and requires a lot of effort.

Anyone interested in keeping a Pomeranian should be ready for an emotional roller coaster.

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