Are Great Danes A Good Family Pet? (Explained)

Great Danes are a great family pet and would make an excellent addition to any dog-friendly home. Great Danes command every room thanks to their large size and can be intimidating when needed.

However, what makes them truly special is their calm and friendly demeanor.

Great Danes is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a family dog.

Most people tend to be scared of great Danes, expecting them to be ruthless and violent, but this isn’t the case. Great Danes are excellent companions for children and tend to be protective while they may need supervision.

They also are playful, ensuring they get along well with children. Unfortunately, they also happen to be jealous, especially when there is another dog in the house getting more attention than them.

Interestingly, despite being active, great Danes don’t always participate in household activities. They instead prefer to watch and soak up the fun, especially when everyone else is enjoying themselves.

What Makes A Good Family Pet?

Dogs are generally considered good family pets, but some are more suited to the role than others. Each breed has unique traits that may make them ideally suited to family roles or not. To help you make the right decision, there are certain traits you should look for when selecting a family dog. Some traits that make Great Danes family-friendly pets include:


Intelligence is the most important trait to look for in a family dog. Intelligence determines how well a dog will pick up cues and respond in certain situations.

While it may not be a part of their job description, dogs can provide emotional support, which comes with intelligence.

Intelligence also determines how easy it is to train a dog. The most intelligent dogs are easily trained to carry out tasks and behave in a certain way. You can also train a dog to serve and protect the family, something a great Dane is equipped to handle.

The most obvious benefit of training a dog is to avoid peeing and pooping all over the house.

Easy Grooming

Grooming is the most frustrating part of owning a dog, with some requiring greater care than others. Some dog breeds are so hairy that they need to be trimmed every couple of weeks, while others can go months before they need a trim.

Great Danes fall into the latter category, with grooming coming less frequently.

The main grooming concern for a Great Dane usually involves trimming its nails to prevent them from getting too long. They are particularly susceptible to certain health problems, so grooming is necessary.

Luckily, grooming is easy with Great Danes, and they tend to sit calmly while you work, especially when trained. 


Man’s best friend should be friendly to its owners and guests who will be visiting their home.

Great Danes are generally considered a friendly breed, notably friendly to strangers and their owners. They aren’t threatening, despite their massive size, and tend to be approachable.

Their friendly nature makes them ideally suited to relating with children, making them ideal for a family.

Great Danes can also be aggressive, serving as protectors when needed. Despite being approachable, they will spring to their owner’s defense at the sign of danger, especially when children are involved.

Luckily, there isn’t much that can startle a Great Dane and turn them aggressive.


A playful dog is a happy one and more fun to have around. Great Danes are so playful that they sometimes forget their size and behave like pups. You’ll find that a great Dane is just as likely to throw itself into your arms as it is to protect you from an attack.

While lying on a cozy night, your Great Dane will likely do the same on top of you.

As playful as they are, they tend to keep it at a distance, especially when more than one party is involved. They are a rather jealous breed, but rather than get violent, they just pout until they are the center of attraction again.

High Energy

Energetic dogs are fun to have around, especially when playing with them. Your Great Dane will be right there with you from one activity to the next.

Of course, energy levels vary from one great Dane to the next, but all adults are generally energetic.

Unfortunately, great Danes tend to age quickly, and their adulthood lasts less than five years before they are considered seniors.

A quiet, Great Dane isn’t a common sighsight,t as they usually want to be involved in some sort of activity. Their energy levels make Great Danes ideally suited as guard dogs, though they prefer to be treated as toy breeds.

They love exercise, and walking will always provide ample bonding time.

Factors To Consider Before Getting A Great Dane

With Great Danes being such excellent family dogs, they are sure to be sought after by many. Before you buy a great Dane, there are certain things you need to consider.

It is better to be prepared to raise a great Dane than to be caught off guard. Some of the things you need to consider before buying a Great Dane include:

Health Issues

Unfortunately, Great Danes are prone to certain health issues, many of which are usually fatal. In most cases, common diseases that other dogs can fight off easily tend to linger around for a long time in Great Danes. The larger the Great Dane, the more prone it is to these health issues.

Among the notable health conditions that great Danes suffer are several heart diseases. The Great Dane heart is considered fragile, largely due to its large size and the amount of work their hearts have to do.

Many of their health problems may sometimes prove expensive, which you may need to worry about. However, with the right care and practices, you can give a Great Dane the best chance at a healthy life.

Frequent Care

As part of the need to prevent health problems, a Great Dane will need frequent care. While they don’t require as much as many other dog breeds, they still need to be cared for. You will be busy with a Great Dane, from maintenance practices to routine checkups.

Luckily, none of the practices required for caring for a Great Dane is time-consuming or requires great effort.

You can incorporate some of your Great Dane’s care routines into your daily life and see it as less than a chore. The better the care you provide for your Great Dane, the better its quality of life, whether long or short.

Their Size

Great Danes are the largest dogs out there and are sure to take up a lot of room. Not just in their pen, but every room they step into will need to be big enough to accommodate them.

If your Great Dane lies at your feet and stretches its feet, it wouldn’t be ideal if there were some obstruction in the way.

Great Danes have particularly fragile bones that need to be stretched and exercised, so you will need space. Having a Great Dane may not be for you if you live in a small apartment. If you have a yard, somewhere for the Great Dane, to feel free and take a stroll, then your home is ideally suited for one.

Life Span

Great Danes have notably short life spans. The average lifespan of a Great Dane is around eight years, half the average lifespan of other dog breeds. Therefore, you can’t expect to have one for too long, even though there have been cases where one lived for much longer.

While a good family dog is expected to be around for at least a decade, a great Dane will likely fall a few years short.

The Larger the Great Dane, the shorter the lifespan. Most health issues that kill Great Danes often attack the larger ones hardest. The three largest recorded Great Danes all lived between five and seven years.

Can Great Danes Be Left Alone With Kids?

No, Great Danes should never be left alone with kids, especially when no adult is in the immediate vicinity. Any interaction between children and a Great Dane should be supervised.

Trained Great Danes are better equipped to interact with children than untrained ones. While you can give a trained one a little room with your children, an untrained one should always be monitored.

Great Danes are affectionate and tend to want contact with humans. They also tend to forget their size and strength and can sometimes harm someone without intending to. While an adult may be able to escape a Great Dane’s affections, a child may not be so fortunate.

It is, therefore, best not to leave your children and Great Dane alone at home.

You can always improve the conditions for an interaction between a child and a Great Dane with a few practices. Like childproofing, you can remove anything that may harm the child or the dog. Regardless, you should never leave a child and a Great Dane alone for too long.

Is A Great Dane A Good First Dog?

Great Danes are an excellent first Dog choice and a good way to get to love man’s best friend. Unlike most other dog breeds that will prove frustrating to a newcomer, a Great Dane will surely be an exciting choice.

From their massive size to their general playfulness, there is hardly a dog better suited to the job.

Great Danes are largely intelligent dogs, making them easy to train; they pick up cues quickly and are emotionally smart. While they may be notably prone to some health problems, they are relatively easy to cater to.

A trained Great Dane is a great first dog, better when socializing with others early. However, they tend to get out of control without the proper care and practices.

Fun fact: Great Danes especially need exercise and physical stimulation. They may not be ideal for you if you happen to be out of the house for long hours. Alternatively, you can get a sitter when you are out of the house.

Take Away: Are Great Danes A Good Family Pet? (Explained)

Great Danes are excellent family pets and will make an excellent addition to any home. Of course, there are a few factors that determine whether a Great Dane is right for your family. It is a great option for your home if everything lines up perfectly.

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