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Pomeranian Teddy Bear Cut (are teddy bear cuts good for Pomeranians + Pictures)

July 30, 2022

Teddy bear cuts are regarded as one of the best haircuts you can give your Pomeranian. A teddy bear cut aims to enhance your Pomeranian’s cuteness and make its hair shorter and even.

With Pomeranians being toy breeds that are fun and cuddly, the teddy bear cut is the perfect haircut for them.

The teddy bear cut is relatively new, having appeared a few years ago but has since spread rapidly. This haircut gets its name due to the teddy bear-like appearance that comes with it.

More dog owners are opting for the teddy bear cut mostly due to how pleasing it looks on dogs. Toy breeds are most commonly associated with teddy bear cuts, especially show dogs.

Fun fact: Not every Pomeranian can pull off the teddy bear cut. Factors like hair length can determine whether or not your Pomeranian is an ideal candidate for the teddy bear cut. Consult your groomer and heed their advice before opting for the teddy bear cut.

What happens if you cut a Pomeranian’s hair too short?

If your dog’s hair is too short, you cannot give it the teddy bear cut. The teddy bear cut depends on a dog with long hair trimmed to a lower size. You cannot reduce the Pomeranians’ hair any further with short hair, especially around the face.

The best advice for Pomeranians with short hair is to grow it out before considering the teddy bear cut.

Pomeranians are hairy dogs, so it shouldn’t be long before your dog is sporting a full mane. To avoid hazards that come with too much hair, you can keep it in check by trimming slightly and keeping it even.

Fun fact: If your Pomeranians’ hair is too short, you can consider a similar haircut that works with shorter hair.

Haircuts like the lions cut or shave your Pomeranian all over. Be sure to prepare for the side effects of shaving off all or most of your Pomeranians’ Hair.

What Is The Difference Between A Puppy Cut And A Teddy Bear Cut?

Puppy cuts are a general hairstyle for gigs, while a teddy bear cut is specific to curly-haired dogs. The puppy cut is one of the dogs’ most common hairstyles because almost anyone can get one.

Contrary to what the name suggests, a puppy cut is suited to all ages of dogs, not puppies alone.

The teddy bear and puppy cuts are similar, lowering the dog’s hair.

Depending on the groomer handling your Pomeranian, the haircuts are easy to mix up. The teddy bear and puppy cuts are surprisingly low maintenance, possibly why they are popular.

You will need to trim the hair frequently to keep it both even and neat with both cuts.

Fun fact: While they are both largely popular, there is no official standard for the puppy and teddy bear cuts. The cut varies from one groomer to the next, so long as the end product is achieved.

It is best to go to your groomer with a picture of what you want to ensure the results are acceptable.

At What Age Can My Pomeranian Start Grooming?

You can start grooming your Pomeranian once it is three months old. Your puppy being old enough for grooming doesn’t mean you should book an appointment. Most puppies are usually terrified the first time they have to get a haircut.

The equipment is usually sharp and pointy, which only serves to terrify the Pomeranian further.

You need to prepare your Pomeranian before it is ready to be groomed, or you’ll spend the session frustrated.

When your puppy is ready, you should book a first grooming session. Subsequently, you can groom as frequently as you like, according to how your dog’s hair grows.

Getting Your Pomeranian To Sit Still During A Haircut

Pomeranians are notably affectionate and won’t sit still for a haircut.

The teddy bear cut requires precision; thus, the Pomeranian will need to be still throughout the cut. Most owners tend to struggle to get their pomeranian a haircut without incident.

Luckily, Pomeranians are highly intelligent and are easy to train. Y

ou can get your dog to sit still while grooming and even respond to specific commands with a few exercises.

You can use three common methods to get your Pomeranian to be still during a haircut.

As all Pomeranians are different, you can try each method till you find one best suited to yours. The main methods used are the distraction method, the lift method, and the association method.

The Distraction Method

Distraction is a popular method because it is very effective. It involves occupying your Pomeranian with something else while it is groomed. You can use a toy for this method or a treat if that is more effective. Once your dog is focused on the distraction, grooming can begin.

Grooming should be done in sections, with breaks in between for the Pomeranian to get comfortable. Be sure to bring enough treats for an entire session, or the dog will get fussy. You can offer a treat when the grooming is complete to keep the Pomeranian in high spirits. With each success, your Pomeranian will become more attached to the distraction, making it more effective.

The Lift Method

The lift method involves holding your dog in place and using vocal commands to direct its movements. Each time the dog completes a command, give it a treat until it is familiar with the commands. Once it can act on command, you can proceed to groom the Pomeranian.

You command the dog to take its grooming position, and it will obey. The point of this method is to get your dog comfortable in the lifted position, and it won’t respond to external factors. Only your command can bring it about and end the grooming position.

The Association Method

Pomeranians are affectionate and love physical contact, but grooming tools may cause panic. The association method gets your dog used to the contact from grooming, allowing it to remain calm.

The process involves introducing the dog to each grooming till it is comfortable. From the sound to contact with its fur, the Pomeranian has no reason to fear to groom. You are easing your dog into the grooming process, and this method is usually very effective.

Pros And Cons Of A Pomeranian Teddy Bear Cut

The teddy bear cut is popular amongst Pomeranians mostly because of the trend. In addition to being popular, the teddy bear cut offers several benefits, making it appealing to dog owners globally.

Unfortunately, the teddy bear cut also comes with a few cons, which may cause you to reconsider giving it to your Pomeranian.

You can weigh the pros and cons before deciding if your Pomeranian should have the teddy bear cut.

The common pros and cons associated with the teddy bear cut are discussed below:


A Cute Pomeranian

You can give your Pomeranian many trims, but none are as cute as the teddy bear cut. The teddy bear cut will have your Pomeranian looking more like a toy, living up to the name, ‘toy breed’.

If your goal is to make your Pomeranian presentable, then you can’t go wrong with the teddy bear cut.

Generally, Pomeranians are companionship dogs that make good looks necessary. A teddy bear cut is a recipe for an adorable Pomeranian that will make other dog owners gush when you’re walking yours.

Easy Grooming

Pomeranians need to be regularly groomed, which isn’t always easy. They are hairy dogs, so their hair usually ties up in knots, making brushing difficult.

A teddy bear cut lowers the hair to a level where clumps can’t form. Grooming is easier when you can crush the dog easily to achieve the desired look.

The teddy bear cut makes it easier and more difficult for a dog’s fur to retain dirt. Any Pomeranian sporting the haircut will likely remain clean for a while after a bath.

Bathing your dog is easier with shorter hair. With Pomeranians being companionship dogs that love to cuddle, it is prudent to have them neat.  

Fewer Hazards

Long fur poses several hazards to a dog, with ticks and other parasites having a convenient hiding place. A teddy bear cut exposes the Pomeranian as much as possible, leaving little or no room for parasites to hide.

Any parasites that find a place on the Pomeranian will easily be detected and promptly eliminated.

Long hair poses a danger to newborn pomeranian puppies when nursing. Puppies can easily choke on long hair, especially when the hair is close to nipple teats.

The teddy bear cut emphasizes lowering hair all over the body except on the head and legs. Puppies have less chance of choking from a mother sporting a teddy bear cut.


A Common Cut

With the teddy bear cut offering numerous benefits, it has become common amongst Pomeranians.

While variations of the cut, your Pomeranian won’t look any different from the average one. If you have a Pomeranian as a show dog, the teddy bear cut won’t cut it.

You may need something different to make your dog stand out.

Highly technical

The teddy bear cut seems simple enough but requires skill and precision.

If you must give your Pomeranian this cut, be sure to have a professional dog groomer administer it. Each grooming session may be expensive.

The more grooming sessions your Pomeranian needs, the more money you spend.

An amateur is prone to errors and can injure the dog while administering the cut.

You will need dog trimming training if you intend to administer the teddy bear cut yourself.

Less Protection

Fur protects animals, especially from extreme weather and, in some cases, diseases. Without its long fur, a Pomeranian will be exposed, shivering at the slightest chill.

The shorter the trim, the more exposed the pomeranian is. A Pomeranian with the teddy bear cut is exposed to temperate diseases and will need delicate care.


Teddy bear cuts are ideal for Pomeranians as they make them appear more appealing for cuddling. You may find other hair cuts to your taste, but none will deliver the cuteness that comes with the teddy bear cut.

Be sure your Pomeranian’s hair is long before opting for this cut.

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