Will Fate Smile on This Pregnant Dog? A Shelter Story You Won’t Forget…

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Many dogs face a harsh reality – forced breeding in puppy mills, then abandoned by their owners when their usefulness fades. This often leaves them with lasting psychological trauma, which includes anxiety and depression. 

But some, amidst the despair, find a chance for a better life. This is the story of Bella’s journey from the darkness of neglect and pain in a shelter to the possibility of a brighter future.

As we delve deep into Bella’s story, where the only certainty is the uncertainty itself. Will fate smile upon this expecting mother, or will the shelter walls become her final home? 

Source: GeoBeats Animals

Bella was dumped in a shelter when she was in labor and she was about to be euthanized. Roadogs found her and she went in for an emergency C-section of which four of her puppies died and only two survived.

Bella Gets Help

Bella was extremely exhausted after the C-section and Dani was worried because she had to be separated from her puppies. Due to the operation, she had a big scar and they didn’t want to mess it up.

Dani said, “I’ve been fostering for Roadogs for a few years now, I couldn’t say no. So, they’re here with me now.” 

Source: GeoBeats Animals

Bella was brave and was willing to accept help for the care of her little doggos.

“She accepted that I was feeding her puppies and was just watching me and helping me clean them a little bit.” Said Dani.

Dani told Roadogs that she thinks Bella was very grateful to get some help with her puppies. They stayed up at night together to watch over her puppies.

Getting dumped by her owner and placed in a loud shelter while giving birth, being helped by Dani wasn’t a problem.

Dani told Roadogs that she talks to Bella almost all the time, reassuring her of how loved and cherished she is and how her kids are amazing. And it seems Bella understands her at least on an emotional level.

A Remarkable Recovery

Dani has other animals staying with her, some dogs and a cat. At first, Bella was reluctant to be around them but now she even lets the cat stay close when they’re nursing the puppies.

Source: GeoBeats Animals

“The puppies will probably get adopted when they’re 8-10 weeks old and Bella will stay with me until then.” Says Dani.

Bella will also be put out for adoption and whoever is going to adopt her will be very lucky!

She is healing very beautifully and is relating well with the others now. Her personality is slowly coming to light and it has been an amazing healing journey.

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