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What to do with leftover dry dog food (5 Easy Tips)

July 8, 2022

When your dog has leftover dry food, the smartest option would be to store it in the original container it came with. More so, not only is it important to store the dog’s leftover dry food in its original container or bag but the bag is also made to keep the food fresh.

Since the bag is the best way to store leftover dry dog food from the elements that might make it go bad and also retain the oils and fats in the food, it’s best to store your leftover dry dog food in its original case and seal the top between uses.

Although if you want a convenient way to store your dog’s dry food, like food in an adjustable food container, just put the whole bag in the container instead of dumping your dog’s dry food directly into the plastic, metal, or other types of container.

Quick Fact: When your leftover dry dog food is stored directly in a plastic container, the oils and fats in the food may soak into the plastic and start to oxidize (degrade).

Moreover, if you need to store your leftover dry dog food in another container, ensure it is clean, and dry, and has a lid that keeps air out.

Tip: If your dog won’t eat its leftover dry food for more than one or two meals, it could mean that the food has gone bad or that your pet is sick and needs to go to the vet.

Most leftover dry dog food spoils because of three things:

·   Too much air is the first thing that spoils your leftover dog dry food. When you breathe in air, you also breathe in bacteria. Ensure to keep the lid on the food storage container and keep as much air out as you can.

·   Secondly, there is water. If there is too much moisture in the container, mold will grow.

·   Finally, you have the temperature of the environment. Don’t store your leftover dog dry food in a store or a space, where the temperatures can get above 100 degrees.

Most pet food manufacturers say that dog dry food and canned foods should be kept in a cool, dry place. Although it’s fine to use the kitchen pantry or a closet inside the house.

Consideration for dry dog food storage option and helpful tips

Even though it might be easier to open a bag of dry dog food and dump it in a metal or plastic can store it, it’s not a good idea to throw away the original bag.

The bags are made to keep food fresh for a long time without going bad. The original bags also prevents food’s fats from soaking through and going bad.

Peradventure there is a problem with the food later, you will need to use the preservative information on the bag. Once you open the bag, roll the top to close it and use a clip or clamp to keep it closed.

Five easy tips on what to do with your leftover dry dog food to get your eating them again

For a healthy diet that will last, it’s best to try to find healthy dry dog food. Dieting is often hard for dogs, just like it is for us. We do best when we find a diet that is good for us. This will make sure your dog gets all the nutrients it needs while still letting it enjoy a treat now and then.

1. Try mixing your leftover dry dog food with other additives.

Your dog may need a little push to start eating. Adding a Topper to their meal usually gives it more flavor and makes it seem more special. You can also use a topper in a number of ways to get a dog to eat. You could add fruits, vegetables, or yogurt to the topping to make it healthy and tasty at the same time.

2. Use chicken stock on your leftover dry dog food

Everything tastes better when it’s cooked in chicken broth. If your dog is picky about what he eats, you could add a little low-sodium chicken broth on top to give it more flavor. This should make your pet more likely to eat and help them get used to the new flavor in their bowl.

3. Keep giving your dog the leftover meal until he eats it.

There are times when the dog is too stubborn for his own good. No matter what you do, he won’t eat. The gentle starvation method is the only way to solve this problem in that case.

Put your dog’s food down for 30 minutes to start. If he doesn’t eat in that time, give it to him again. Wait until the next time he is supposed to eat and put it down again for 30 minutes.

4. Instead of buying diet foods, buy foods of better quality.

Your dog can gain a little or a lot of weight sometimes. It’s natural to think that you should buy them diet dog food at that point. If your dogs are like most dogs, they can smell and taste the difference. This makes them often refuse to eat until they are very hungry.

5. Cut down on the Leftovers entirely

Your dog might not want to eat because of something you did. If he’s used to eating scraps from the table, he probably likes food with a little more flavor than what you’ll find at the pet store. Stop feeding your pet from the table to stop them from being so spoiled about their food.

How long can you store your leftover dry dog food?

Your leftover dry dog food will last anywhere between one year and a year six months. Keep in mind that the date on the package is how long the food will last if it hasn’t been opened. 

Once your leftover dog dry food has been exposed to heat, air, and moisture, this preservative lifespan drops significantly. Some nutrition experts say that dry dog should be used within a few weeks of being opened, but this depends on the food.

How do you know if your leftover dry dog food has gone bad?

When you begin to see mold, it simply means that your leftover dry dog food has begun to spoil. Moreover, keep in mind that the early stages of mold formation are usually very difficult to spot.

Some signs of bad dog food are easy to spot, while others may be harder to spot. 

If you think there might be mold on an older batch of food, look closely for anything that looks like fluff. If the food has changed color and turned green or black, you know it has mold or has gone bad, so you shouldn’t give it to your dog. The food is probably bad if it smells musty or sour.

Another important sign is if your dog refuses to eat. Dogs have a much better sense of smell than people do, so if something is wrong, they will be the first to notice. If they usually gobble it up at dinner but now eat it more slowly or not at all, it’s time to find out what’s really going on.

Can dry dog food be made wet?

Yes, Dry dog food needs to be mixed with water to make it tasty and useful. It makes sense to mix dry dog food with water. Some dogs like dry dog food that is made of dry ingredients, but, Taste and smell are not the same.

When should your leftover dog dry food be disposed of?

After one year of storage, more so, the average shelf life for dry pet food is 12 months, and the average shelf life for canned pet food is two years. If you look at the bottom of the bag or can of food for your dog and see an expiration date, open it and use it as soon as you can before you run out.

Can your dog eat their leftover dry food?

Yes, they can except if their diet is well-balanced, however, you can give your dog some of the leftovers from dinner, but not too much. The sugar in baked goods and diet foods that are sweetened with Xylitol can lower a dog’s blood sugar and make liver problems worse.

How Not to Store your leftover dry dog food

As we said earlier, it is important not to let air get to your leftover dog’s dry food. After you feed your dog, ensure to put the lid back on their food. Exposing food to air and water can speed up how quickly it goes bad and make it more likely that bacteria like Salmonella will get into the food.

Keep your pet’s food out of the sun and away from it. As soon as the sun and humidity come out, the chances of it going bad and getting contaminated by bacteria go up.

Don’t mix your leftover dry dog food with food that is fresh and new. If you keep your dog’s food in a big container that doesn’t let air in and you still have a little bit left of the last batch, use it all up before opening a new package. This will make it more likely that the new dry dog food will go bad.

Can your leftover dry dog food go Bad in Heat?

Yes, heat could make your leftover dry dog food go bad. Nonetheless, as dry dog food goes bad when it comes into contact with oxygen, moisture, and light it begins to develop mold.

The best place to store your leftover dry dog food is in a pantry or cabinet that your dog can’t get to. These places will be great for storing the food to be safe and out of sight, so your dog won’t be able to sneak in a midnight snack.

What to do with leftover dry dog food Conclusion

When you store your leftover dry dog food, it’s important to store it in a very safe place and know if it gets worse than it will be harmful to your dog’s health.

Ensure your dog’s dry food stays dry and fresh no matter where you decide to store it.

One way to tell if your leftover dry dog food is bad is to smell it. If you suspect any foul smell that means the food is bad.

Finally, check your dry dog food for early signs of mold, and water. Pay close attention to how they act when they are eating.

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