How Often Should a Pomeranian Shower? (And Why)

July 3, 2022

If you want your Pomeranian to remain healthy for a long time, then you should consider bathing them regularly. You should take your Pomeranian to a professional for a real bath at least once a month, and no less than once every six months.

More so, how and when a Pomeranian shower will affect how they look, how healthy their skin and coat are, if they smell clean, and more. Let’s go over everything you need to know about baths to get the most out of them.

Another tip as a Pomeranian owner that you must consider is giving them a vet check-up every two to three months. This will keep you from second-guessing about their health and healthy grooming routine.

Quick Fact: Did you know that bathing your Pomeranian is an important part of taking care of it?

Note: If you bathe your Pomeranian several times a month, this could make them develop skin irritation that will begin to itch. Their coat can also lose its shine as a result of over grooming. This is because dogs’ skin and fur have oil on them. This is how their coat is naturally protected.

If you’ve never bath a Pomeranian before, it might be hard to do so as a first-timer. There are some easy things you can do to make sure you and your Pomeranian have a good time in the bath. Read on…

How Often Should a Pomeranian Get a Shower?

Your Pomeranian should get regular baths, say twice every three to four weeks, nonetheless, how often your Pomeranian needs a bath depends on the amount of oil their body accumulates and the dirt and dust he is likely to get on his skin and fur. When giving your Pomeranian a bath, be sure to keep a schedule.

Due to the possible side effects of over-grooming, as a Pomeranian owner, you should bathe your Pomeranian every three weeks. Although, on special occasions, you should give your Pomeranian a full bath whenever they are very dirty that a regular bath won’t help much (for example, if they got stained while playing in a muddy puddle).

As recommended by your vet, if a special shampoo is needed for a short time, baths can also be given more often.

When can I bathe my Pomeranian Puppy?

The best time to bathe my Pomeranian Puppy would be the hour before midday, this allows their body to remain cool and warmed up throughout the day. Here’s a rule of thumb to keep in mind, Pomeranian cuties under eight weeks old shouldn’t be bathed.

The reason is they are unable to control their body temperature and this would result in a cold. Well, on average, you only have to bathe your Pomeranian once a month after they are eight weeks old.

Now pay attention to this; although your Pomeranian pup might love to play in water it’s not always the best idea to let them play in the water for a prolonged time. Like we said earlier, bathing your dog too often will result in them losing some of their furs.

Important! Experts say that if your Pomeranian doesn’t require bathing every day, then you should cut them some slack (well not exactly in those words, you should click the link to learn more).

Should you brush a Pomeranian wet or dry?

Brushing your Pomeranian wet or dry is a personal preference, however, the most common way to care for a Pom is to brush its coat. Pomeranians have a double-layered coat that gives them their classic fluffy look.

Moreover, their coat needs to be brushed regularly to keep them from getting too oily on the skin, and collecting dirt.

A Pomeranian hack you should be aware of; do not brush their coats when they are dry. Always use a spray-on their coat with a gentle leave-in conditioner so you won’t hurt their hair. After spraying the top layer lightly, then begin combing their hair with a comb with medium to wide teeth, be careful not to use a brush.

More so, after combing through their coat, brush their fur using a regular pin brush. After that, you should double-check over your Pomeranian’s fur one more time to ensure it has the styling you want.

Keep in mind that whether dry or wet, this process of combing and brushing will help keep your Pomeranian coat from getting tangled, get rid of harmful burrs, and distribute its natural oil from their skin evenly. You can repeat this activity at least every other day, if not every day.

8 Benefits of regularly bathing your Pomeranian

Let’s quickly go over some of the benefits of regularly bathing your Pomeranian cutie;

1. Regular bathing is good for coat health; Good shampoos will have ingredients that keep the Pomeranian’s fur soft and hydrated. On the other hand, bad bath products can damage fur by removing the cuticles from the hair, which can make the fur frizzy, dry, and have a bad texture.

2. Regular bathing takes care of their skin; Shampoos that are good will have moisturizing ingredients in them that keep the skin hydrated and strong. On the other hand, harsh ingredients in cheap bath products can damage the skin by making it dry and/or irritated (more ahead).

3. Regular bathing keeps your Pomeranian looking good; once sweat, body oil, urine splashes, bits of feces, traces of scent gland oil, dirt, and other debris have been washed off a Pomeranian, and the fur has been properly hydrated and conditioned, the coat will look healthy and full, with a soft texture and a nice shine.

4. Regular bathing gets rid of dead furs; Adult Pomeranians shed a lot, and it can be hard to pull hairs out of their thick coats. Baths can help with this because scrubbing loosens dead hairs that are just barely hanging on, making it easier to get rid of them the next time you brush.

5. Regular bathing gets rid of built-up skin oil; Body oil is made by Pomeranian skin and comes out through its hair follicles. It acts as a natural lubricant and skin barrier. It doesn’t evaporate but instead coats the skin and hair roots. This can start to smell bad when it builds up and when it mixes with water, like rainwater. A body oil that builds up on the coat can also make it look greasy.

6. Regular bathing gets rid of offensive odor; it’s typically for dogs to sweat mostly through their paws and through panting. They also sweat a little bit through their hair follicles. This smells a bit like chemicals. Even though sweat will dry up, the smell will stay on the coat and it will need to be washed.

7. Regular bathing gets rid of other smells; Perspiration and body oil can get stinky, but a Pomeranian also needs to be washed regularly to get rid of smells like urine splashes, small bits of feces, and traces of scent gland oil.

8. Regular bathing gets rid of dirt; Of course, giving your Pom a good bath is the best way to get rid of all those tiny dirt and debris that can stick to its body and fur. This includes pollen and other things that can cause allergies.

Do Pomeranians like Showering that much?

Not quite, and this is due to the side effects of overgrooming, however, bathing times are fun for most Pomeranians. As long as you handle them gently and don’t squeeze their bodies too much, they’ll stay right where they are until you’re done bathing them.

Moreover, in order for them to remain very comfortable and safe in your hands, use the right water temperature, just like they do when they’re around you. You just have to bathe your Pomeranian on a regular basis you really do not have a choice on that. You’ll need to take care of their coat if you want to keep their great looks.

Now it might seem like this point has been over-flogged, truth is, we know that the majority of people on this blog post are probably newbies. Hence it bears repeating; Even though your Pom might like taking baths a lot, you shouldn’t do it too often. If you do, giving your Pom a bath could be bad for their health.

Bathing tips for your Pomeranian

Ensure their bath time counts for something; Your Pomeranian should get a bath at least twice every three to four weeks. If their skin oils are washed away more often, the body may be unable to keep up with replacing them, which can lead to dry skin problems that last for a long time. So, it’s important to make the most of every bath.

1. Pay close attention to their coat (brush often if you have to); when it comes to Pomeranians, brushing it often is a big part of keeping it clean and neat. Here’s why: Pomeranians shed somewhere between a little and a lot. A lot of the hairs that fall out will go back into the coat and get stuck there.

Over time, these hairs will get covered in body oils, which will make them smell funny and get worse until they are cut out. If their coat is full of dead hair, it will block the flow of air and block the pores of the skin. Both of these things can cause bad smells.

2. When brushing their furs use a leave-in spritz; Pomeranians need to be brushed a lot, but you shouldn’t brush a dry coat because it can cause static and even split ends. This can be avoided by misting on a leave-in conditioner while you brush. This has other benefits that help your Pomeranian stay clean, like keeping the texture nice, adding shine, preventing tangles, and making the dog smell good.

3. Grooming wipes to keep their skin clean; Most people who have a hard time with their Pom getting dirty quickly don’t know how great grooming wipes are. This is a great way to get rid of dirt, urine, feces, and other things that make you wonder if your Pomeranian is really ok.

How Often Should a Pomeranian Shower Conclusion

The overall health and well-being of your Pomeranian significantly depend on how often your Pomeranian gets a bath. Although most Pomeranian owners take their dogs to a professional groomer once a month, it is way cheaper to bathe your Pomeranian yourself. More so, Pomeranians are reputed for being playful and curious and having smooth, silky coats.

Nonetheless, to keep their fur in good shape, it is a good routine to bathe them.

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