Are Pomeranians Protective?

Are Pomeranians Protective? (Explained)

Yes. They are. Pomeranians are a particularly protective breed, despite their size, and lack of a fear factor.

Mainly used as companion dogs, Pomeranians form strong bonds with their owners, making them fiercely protective. When faced with danger, you can expect a Pomeranian to jump to the rescue and display some unfamiliar characteristics.

Once the danger has seemingly passed, the Pomeranian will return to its usual self.

Pomeranians are highly sensitive and can detect slight movements prompting them to go into protective mode.

If you notice your Pomeranian being aggressive or acting funny, there may be danger around. A Pomeranian’s protectiveness continues even in your absence.

If the Pomeranian spots an intruder or suspects anything, it will bark loudly, intending to draw attention or scare off the threat.

Fun fact: Pomeranians are as friendly as they are protective. Your Pomeranian may bark to alert you of a stranger one minute, and then in the next, proceed to seek attention from the person.

Be sure to show your Pomeranian the difference between a friend and an intruder.

Do Pomeranians Make Good Guard Dogs?

Yes, Pomeranians can be very effective guard dogs despite their small stature. Thanks to their protective nature and hidden aggression, a Pomeranian can guard a human effectively. As they are attentive, they can often spot danger before you do and try to protect you.

When used to guard your house, a Pomeranian will likely bark whenever someone other than you approaches the door.

When faced with danger, a Pomeranian will attempt to protect you by meeting the threat. They are alert and can be menacing when barking, but that is the extent of their guarding abilities.

While they can be menacing when barking, they aren’t terrifying and can’t protect you from much. They do, however, serve as an early warning system, notifying you of any potential danger.

Fun fact: With the proper training, your pomeranian can be the guard dog you need. An untrained pomeranian can still be a good guard dog, but not as effective as one that is trained.

Seeing as training a Pomeranian isn’t too difficult, you can opt to do it yourself.

Reasons Why Pomeranians Are Good Protectors

They may not fit into the typical stature of a regular protector dog, but Pomeranians can serve as protectors. There are a few key traits Pomeranians possess that make them effective protectors and these include:


Originally intended as companion dogs, Pomeranians are famously loyal to their owners. They tend to follow their owners around as much as possible.

You will notice the dog will follow you into any room you enter, and try to spend time with you always. This loyalty translates to dedication and an overwhelming desire to see you safe.

As long as you care for a Pomeranian, you can be sure it will protect you if needed.

Consistent Barking:

Their barking is more annoying than anything else, but this comes in handy in the face of a threat.

Pomeranians don’t bark a lot, but usually only in the face of a threat. Once the barking starts, it will surely draw some attention to the threat.

A pomeranian’s bark isn’t the most terrifying thing, but it is strong enough to deter certain threats. Just make sure you don’t have any neighbors who will be bothered by the barking.

Easy To Train

The most important threat when looking for a protector dog is how easy they are to train. Pomeranians are amongst the easiest dogs to train especially when using a rewards system.

Once trained, a pomeranian becomes a more formidable form of protection. You can even train your pomeranian to know the difference between a friendly visit and a hostile one.

You can choose to train your Pomeranian personally or hire a professional if you prefer.


They may be small, but they are fierce, fiercer than you would expect from a small dog. When there is danger in the vicinity, not only will your pomeranian protect you, but it won’t back down either.

In the face of a bigger threat, they will resort to biting as opposed to running away. Only when the danger has passed will the Pomeranian finally back down.

How To Make A Pomeranian More Protective

While Pomeranians are protective, some of them may be different or not protective enough. A Pomeranian’s protective nature is built up over time and as such, it can be taught.

Here are a few steps to making your Pomeranian more protective:

Obedience Training

You can train a dog to do almost anything and being protective falls into this category. Once you can teach your Pomeranian obedience, it can be instructed to protect you. Obedience training is best started when the dog is still a puppy, and by the time it is grown, you can order it.

This training will come in handy for those who leave their Pomeranian at home all day. You can instruct the dog to guard the house and only bark when there is trouble.

Build A Solid Relationship

The better the relationship you have with your Pomeranian, the more protective it will be. Pomeranians are companion dogs and cannot do without you. A Pomeranian will hate to see anything bad happen to its owner, especially when they are very close.

Just as a dog is very protective of its newborns, so will its owner. If it happens to have a family to protect at the same time, then it will be very protective.

Once you and the dog have a strong relationship, your Pomeranian will be willing to do anything for you.

Build Its Confidence

The more confident your Pomeranian is, the more protective it will be. Once you are introducing your Pomeranian to protective duties, be sure to start small. Don’t rush into the task, instead ease it in gently. Introduce smaller threats where your dog is the bigger party. Once the dog is confident enough, then you can put it on stranger duties.

Confidence will help ensure that your Pomeranian doesn’t back down from danger easily. You can also try rewarding the Pomeranian each time it does something positive. It will continue to do so in anticipation of treats, a method also used in training dogs.

Mark Its Territory

Animals, in general, are fiercely protective of their territory and dogs are no different. Show the dog the boundary of your property and ensure it knows the limits. The dog won’t be bothered until someone or something is encroaching on your property. It helps if the dog can see the property as their own, as opposed to just yours.

Place toys and other dog items all around the property, ensuring the dog moves around frequently.

Can a Pomeranian guard your house effectively?

Yes, a Pomeranian can guard your house effectively, even in your absence. Pomeranians are very sensitive to little sounds like movement in the vicinity making them adept at guarding a house.

The Pomeranian will bark at any sudden movements or sounds that can potentially scare off intruders unless it’s a friendly face.

You should ensure your Pomeranian isn’t suffering from separation anxiety before using it to guard your house.

A Pomeranian suffering from separation anxiety will bark in your absence whether there is a threat or not. This can prove frustrating especially if you have neighbors who happen to be home.

Beyond barking at a potential intruder, a Pomeranian may not be able to do much against a large threat. So, you should use a Pomeranian as an indoor guard dog. Should you choose to use a Pomeranian to guard your house, be sure to train them, making them more effective.

How brave are Pomeranians?

Pomeranians are known to be brave despite their small stature. Pomeranians can stand up to bigger dogs and humans when they need to.

While most matchups don’t favor them, they rarely back down from a challenge, especially when protecting their owner. Their bravery can sometimes lead them to get hurt, so, keep an eye on your Pomeranian.

Relative to their size, Pomeranians may be the bravest dogs out there. Their bravery doesn’t however equal an absence of fear.

Your Pomeranian may still be scared of certain things but will likely face them to protect you. Be sure to lock the doors or risk your Pomeranian going outside to challenge any potential threats.

Every Pomeranian varies, so yours may show something a bit different from what you expect. If your Pomeranian isn’t brave or seemingly backs down from challenges, then it may lack confidence.

A little confidence boost and you will have a Pomeranian that is as brave as any other dog. It is important to remember that while they are brave, they are still small dogs. You, therefore, shouldn’t place unreal expectations of bravery on your Pomeranian.

Conclusion: Are Pomeranians Protective?

Pomeranians are very protective of their owners and will go to great lengths for them. Thanks to their bravery and loyalty, a lot of people now use Pomeranians as guard dogs in homes.

Before choosing to use a Pomeranian for protection, remember that their bravery sometimes gets them in trouble.

Your pet Pomeranian can be both your best friend and your loyal sentry.

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