Pomeranians good with kids

Are Pomeranians good with kids? (Everything You Need to Know)

Pomeranians are generally good with kids and they tend to get along really well. Pomeranians are normally friendly and social, as are kids, so it seems like a perfect match.

You may need to supervise any interactions between a pomeranian and children, as both parties will likely need oversight.

Pomeranians are usually protective, a trait that will likely transfer to your kids.

Pomeranians are a bit like humans, and their relationships with kids can be different. A pomeranian may be good with one child and uneasy with another. Just as with humans, the relationship between a Pomeranian and kids is dependent on both parties.

It is best to study the relationship between the Pomeranian and kids before you allow any unsupervised interactions.

Fun fact: A trained Pomeranian will likely be better with kids than an untrained one. Pomeranians are very emotional dogs which can sometimes result in temperament. A trained pomeranian can hide emotions and generally act as instructed.

This guide will take a deeper look at the relationship between Pomeranians and kids, helping you make a better-informed decision.

Are Pomeranians Good With Babies?

No, Pomeranians are generally not good with babies. Pomeranians and babies together are a recipe for disaster, one that could result in the dog hurting the child.

On paper, it seems ideal, both Pomeranians and babies are playful and full of love, but this doesn’t work. You can introduce your Pomeranian to your baby and generally let them get acquainted, but, never leave them alone together.

Pomeranians are generally threatened by sudden movements and tend to react aggressively. In most cases, they will scratch or bite the baby. A baby can also strike the dog or pull its hair, which is sure to get a negative reaction. 

The dog doesn’t necessarily have any ill intentions toward the baby, and the reaction is purely instinctive. The result, however, is one that you would like to avoid.

Fun fact: Pomeranians are excellent watchers and would diligently keep your baby safe. Pomeranians actually love babies, especially their owners, but just can’t relate to them. Be sure to keep a close eye on your baby and pomeranian, and maintain a good distance between them.

Can A Pomeranian Hurt A Kid?

Yes, a pomeranian can hurt a kid, especially when they are left together unsupervised.

Pomeranians and children will usually get along well, but any number of things can sour the situation. There is also the possibility of an accident occurring, which can escalate, especially when there is no one to stop it.

A Pomeranian’s teeth and claws are weapons that can be turned against a child. Children tend to play aggressively, something a dog will only interpret as violence, and react accordingly.

If you happen to be present and supervising, you can easily make sure their interaction doesn’t turn aggressive. Be sure to instruct both the kid and the Pomeranian on the proper behavior when they play.

Fun fact: A kid can also hurt a pomeranian, especially when the dog is still only a puppy. While it is prudent to limit the interaction between a kid and a Pomeranian, you should do the same with a puppy. Pomeranian Puppies are especially fragile and require delicate handling, something not often associated with kids.

Are Pomeranians Aggressive toward kids?

Factors that Affect A Pomeranian’s relation with Kids

Every Pomeranian is different and thus, will have a different way of relating to kids. There are a lot of factors that can determine how a pomeranian relates to kids. Some of these factors include:


A trained Pomeranian is less likely to hurt a kid than an untrained one. A trained dog isn’t really startled by sudden movements or doesn’t lash out in response.

Once you have trained your pomeranian to assess threats or wait for instructions before attacking, your child can relate safely to it. In the same light, it is important to educate your kid on conduct when around a Pomeranian.

When the Pomeranian doesn’t feel threatened, it will likely remain jovial when relating with the kid.

Relationship With The Child

The Pomeranian and the child will have a uniquely personal dynamic that will govern all interactions. When a dog is familiar and close with a child, their interactions are sure to be peaceful and uneventful.

Where mistakes occur, neither party will overreact and everything will blow over. If the pomeranian and the child are unfamiliar, then there is sure to be anonymity between them.

There won’t necessarily be any hostility, but some actions can lead to an event.

Natural Temperament

Just as different humans have different temperament levels, so too do dogs. Some Pomeranians are just naturally predisposed to anger and violence as a response to any little skirmishes. Temperament in Pomeranians can be hereditary, so, it can be easy to identify a dog with temper issues.

Likewise, children have different temperament levels which can either foster or sour their relationship with a Pomeranian.

Social Skills

Pomeranians are very social dogs and cannot do without interacting with others. Social skills usually differ in dogs, with some opting for a more physical approach, while others are more conservative.

Any interaction between a child and a Pomeranian will largely be based on the social skills of both parties. Where both parties are similar, interaction will usually be positive.

Safety Precautions for Pomeranians And Children

If your Pomeranian and kids are going to be spending time together, you may need to take some safety precautions. These will help ensure that no one is hurt and the interaction remains positive. Some safety precautions you need to employ include:

Constant Supervision

Never leave a Pomeranian and child alone especially when they aren’t fully acquainted. Any interactions they have should have a dedicated adult chaperone. If you aren’t able to supervise them personally, you can hire someone that both the dog and child are comfortable with.


You can’t afford to leave them alone or it could result in injuries to the child. If you are leaving for work and unsure about your child being home alone with a Pomeranian, get a sitter or take one of them out.

Age Restrictions

You shouldn’t leave an infant with a Pomeranian, puppy or adult. A Pomeranian puppy may seem harmless but is capable of biting your child when threatened. An infant’s natural movements will appear threatening to a Pomeranian, prompting it to defend itself.

Ensure that both the Pomeranian and child are old enough to receive and adhere to instructions before allowing interactions. You can keep an eye on them in the early days to ensure everything goes smoothly.

A Safe Environment

Ensure that the area where the child and Pomeranian play or interact is free from potential hazards. Pomeranians are easily startled by loud noises or sudden movements, all of which cause them to react aggressively.

Where possible, limit the influence of external stimuli or potential hazards. The conditions of their interaction should also be safe for both the dog and the child.

You can create a special play area where you can control the conditions influencing the interaction.

Interaction Conditions

A child that isn’t mature enough should not be handling a Pomeranian while standing. Dogs don’t generally like to be lifted high and will likely struggle to get free. A child won’t be able to hold on when the puppy starts fussing, and will likely drop the dog violently.

All interactions should be at ground level, preferably, with both parties seated comfortably. Once your child is older, they will be stronger and more mature to lift the pomeranian or engage in other physical exercises.

What Is The Youngest Age For Children to Play With A Pomeranian?

Ideally, you shouldn’t let a child that is under 10 years old play with a pomeranian puppy. You will still need to consider other factors like the child’s ability to keep to instruction or physical maturity.

Children who are too young will likely handle the Pomeranian roughly, injuring it, or prompting a violent response. The reverse isn’t the case, as older children will likely be able to handle a young pomeranian comfortably.

The fact that you won’t let a young child handle a pomeranian, does not stop them from interacting. You can let them play so long as the child isn’t lifting the dog, or being physical with it. Being toy dogs, Pomeranians generally have an interest in toys, something they share with children.

Toys can serve as a buffer for a young child to play with a Pomeranian. Be sure to maintain a watchful eye however, as toys can be hazardous in the hands of a child.

Once your child is a teenager, then you can start to reduce adult supervision. By this point, not only will your child know how to relate with the dog, but they can take care of it as well.

Are Pomeranians good with kids conclusion

Pomeranians are generally good with kids, provided they do not feel threatened. Ensure you provide adult supervision whenever your child is with the dog. You will find that your pomeranian and kids will get along just fine, so long as conditions are perfect.

Pomeranians can be very protective of kids, especially when there is danger in the vicinity. This makes them excellent playmates for your child, under your watchful eye.

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