Pomeranians with cats

Are Pomeranians good with cats? (Explained)

July 21, 2022

Contrary to the common enmity theme, Pomeranians are generally good with cats and can coexist peacefully. Pomeranians are small and are usually closer to cats in size than most other dogs.  Their similar sizes make room for an unlikely relationship that shouldn’t exist. 

The Pomeranian is still a dog with canine instincts, but that doesn’t always present itself.

Pomeranians are generally playful and friendly, something they have in common with cats. 

The more playful your cat and Pomeranian are, the better the chances of them being good together. To be safe, you can provide supervision whenever your cat and Pomeranian are together. They may be good together, but play can quickly turn into a fight with one wrong move.

Fun fact: A Pomeranian can defend a cat once they get along, from a fellow dog if necessary. Pomeranians are brave despite their small size and do not back down from a fight against larger opposition. The bout isn’t favourable, but the Pomeranian doesn’t care and can be hurt defending a cat.

Can I get a cat along with a Pomeranian?

Are Pomeranians jealous of cats?

A Pomeranian can be jealous of a cat, but only when the cat is seemingly more loved than it. Pomeranians are naturally jealous of any animal getting attention ahead of them, which applies to cats. Pomeranians are attention seekers and consider it a show of love, one they cannot do without. 

The Pomeranians will get jealous if they see their owner petting or cuddling a cat.

It doesn’t take much to make a dog jealous, much less a Pomeranian. A cat or any other animal doesn’t need to be involved before your Pomeranian gets jealous. Simply ignoring its call for attention is enough to cause your dog jealousy.

 Giving attention to another pet while ignoring them will only worsen your dog’s jealousy and gives it a target.

Fun fact: Pomeranians may be jealous of your cat, but it doesn’t mean they will attack it. Your Pomeranian’s jealousy will only lead it to bark and whine in a bid to get your attention. It won’t necessarily affect the relationship between the cat and dog.

Can Pomeranians and cats be best friends?

Yes, a Pomeranian and a cat can be best friends regardless of their genetic predispositions. The individual animals, not biology, determine the relationship between a cat and a Pomeranian. 

Once they have spent enough time around each other and play well together, the dog will surely see the cat as a friend. 

A Pomeranian can also transfer emotions from its owner to other pets, even a cat. When the owner owns a cat and loves it, the Pomeranian can start to feel the same way.

 Just as a dog will come to love the child of its owner, it can do the same for a pet. The closer the owner is to the cat, the stronger the friendship between the dog and the cat. 

Note that the love an owner has for a cat isn’t enough reason for a dog to get along with it. Many other factors will determine whether the Pomeranian will get along with your cat or be friends. 

Steps for introducing a Pomeranian to a cat

If you already have a Pomeranian and are planning to get a cat, then the challenge becomes how to introduce them to each other. One wrong move and you are facing a trip to the vet or worse. 

To help make the transition smoother, follow the following steps:

First Impressions

The first step in any introduction is to get both parties in the same room to meet officially. First meetings will be tricky when dealing with a cat and a dog as they naturally dislike each other.

 The first introductions will allow them to get all unpleasantness out the way. Be sure to restrain both parties, or they will start to hurt each other, with the cat likely coming out worse. 

First impressions allow you to gauge their initial reactions and plan the next steps appropriately. 

Ease The Transition

The next step is to ease their transition, allowing them to get familiar with one another gradually. You can’t simply keep them together and expect them to work it out, as it will surely end in violence. 

Limit their interactions, probably introducing them only during feeding times. Feed both animals in separate bowls away from each other. They will both be focused on their meals and suspend all hostilities. 

Gradually increase their interaction times and watch for diminished hostilities. As hostilities diminish, you can increase their interactions until there is no longer any hostility. 

Supervise All Interactions

Above all, never leave the Pomeranian and cat alone during their interactions in the early days. Early days interactions are especially crucial and will result in violence when unsupervised. 

Be sure to maintain a safe distance between them and restrain them if necessary. 

The longer these interactions get, the more hostility will diminish, and the divide can begin to lessen. Your presence will still be required when they seem comfortable around each other until they can interact and play without harm.

Reward Positive Interactions

Dogs and cats value one thing above all, rewards. Be sure to reward the animals’ positive interactions, prompting them to seek more. Rewarding animals is a popular method used in training them and can be applied to introducing them. 

Don’t use negative feedback if the animals step out of line; simply separate them. 

With continuous rewards, both the cat and the Pomeranian will start to see the benefit of positive interactions. Soon enough, all interactions between both animals will be positive. 

How to make your Pomeranian and cat friends

Ordinarily, you can’t force a dog and cat to be friends. Any relationship between them will need to develop naturally. You can, however, take a few steps to help create a positive outcome, resulting in a friendship. 

Some of the steps you can take to ensure your pomeranian and cat are good friends include:

Raise them together

Getting the cat and dog around the same time will help ensure they grow to care for each other. Both animals welcome new relationships when they are young and impressionable. 

Having separated from their respective litters, they are looking for a new family. Just as they willingly bond with an owner, they will form one with each other. 

When raising a dog and cat, you may not need to keep them separately. You can allow them a closer interaction while still supervising. Once both animals are behaving appropriately, then your supervision can diminish. 

The animals will grow to see each other as family and will be friends.

Treat them equally

Another way to get your pomeranian and cat to be friends is to treat them equally. Nothing creates a divide between animals than competition. Whether competing for your attention or resources, it is sure to cast a divide between them. 

Separating both animals can help reduce the possibilities of competition, especially concerning attention.

Be sure to cuddle both of them together or in turns, so neither one feels left out. When feeding them, you may want to do so separately, away from the sight of the other. As dogs tend to eat more than cats, your cat can start to feel unfairly treated or unloved. 

Keep them together

The oldest method for resolving conflict is to put them both in one room and let them sort their differences out. 

To be clear, it isn’t an invitation to just abandon them in one room, as that won’t end well.   Instead, keep them in close proximity, visible to each other.

The more time they spend around each other, the less hostile they will be. 

Continue exposure will help both animals realize the other isn’t a threat and see each other as friends. You will still need to supervise or restrain them initially in your absence. 

Another possible option is that both animals will begin to sympathize with the same condition. As Pomeranians and cats are social animals, they are bound to interact and become friends. 

Can A Pomeranian And Cat Be Left Alone?

Yes, you can leave a pomeranian and a cat alone at home without worry once they are friendly. Before you take such a step, be sure that both animals can coexist peacefully in your absence.  You can monitor their interactions when you leave a room or keep them in close proximity. 

Once all hostilities have passed, you can leave them alone and head out. 

They may be able to stay home alone, but that in no way should they. If you can afford a sitter, hire one to watch them in your absence. Their conflicts may be what you are most worried about, but friendship can still pose a problem. 

When your Pomeranian and cat are friends, they can damage items while playing or ingest something dangerous. If you must leave them alone, make the environment safe. 

Fun Fact: Leaving your cat and Pomeranian home alone can make your house safer in your absence. A Pomeranian can be a fierce guard, especially when trained for this purpose. 

The Pomeranian is sure to be more vicious; with a cat friend in the house, it will be more ferocious. Ensure they aren’t left alone for too long as they tend to suffer separation anxiety. 

Last Words: Are Pomeranians good with cats?

A Pomeranian and a cat can get along and coexist peacefully under the right conditions.

You can improve their relationship where necessary until it matches something you want. Sometimes, a pomeranian won’t get along regardless of her actions. In such scenarios, don’t force the relationship or risk catastrophic consequences. 

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