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Are Pomeranians good for first-time owners? (Explained)

July 19, 2022

Pomeranians are perfect for first-time owners, especially seeing as they can be trained with ease. They don’t require as much food or treats as big dogs, but they must be fed at smaller intervals.

Pomeranians are not the easiest dogs to cater to, but thanks to their intelligence and willingness to learn, they are perfectly suited to first-time dog owners.

Pomeranians are very social dogs and love to be around their owners, a new take on the term “man’s best friend”. You may have to train the Pomeranian before it becomes the ideal pet, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

In the early days of owning a Pomeranian, first-time dog owners who live in apartment buildings may receive noise complaints.

Fun fact: Pomeranians require you to constantly watch them, as they are fragile due to their small size. They are also very protective and brave, which can sometimes get them into trouble.

If you can overlook the work involved, Pomeranians are perfect for a first-time dog owner.

Are Pomeranians High-maintenance?

Yes, Pomeranians are generally known to be high-maintenance, especially in terms of attention. Pomeranians are companion dogs, and no amount of attention is seemingly enough. If you are new to rearing dogs and a Pomeranian is a first, it may give you the wrong impression about them.

While dogs generally like attention, Pomeranians take it to a new extreme.

Pomeranians are also high-maintenance when it comes to caring. Seeing as they are small, they tend to be largely vulnerable to infections and bruising.

You will need to pay special attention to your Pomeranian and provide all its needs. It is worth noting that Pomeranians aren’t the most high-maintenance dogs out there.

Fun fact: Pomeranians can be bratty and demanding especially when you always answer every query. You need to meet all your Pomeranian’s basic needs, but cut out any extremes.

You can deny your Pomeranian attention especially when they bark or whine to get it. This will be useful in training your Pomeranian not to bark without a genuine reason.

How to care for a pomeranian

Pomeranians require special care like most dogs but seeing as they are fragile, they require even more. If you are new to rearing Pomeranians or dogs in general, you will need a little help.

Here are some of the ways you can care for a Pomeranian.


Pomeranians are hairy dogs and without the proper care, the hair can get out of hand. Your Pomeranian’s hair will form clumps and can pick up particles, depending on where the dog goes. After a while, the fur will start to stink without the proper care.

You will therefore need to groom your Pomeranian regularly. Grooming will include trimming the hair and bathing your Pomeranian. Seeing as Pomeranians are clingy and like contact, they won’t object strongly to baths.

On the plus side, you can detect any ticks or other pests when bathing the dog.


Pomeranians need a lot of food despite their small stature. Unlike bigger dogs with large stomachs, Pomeranians may need multiple feedings daily. Bigger dogs can retain food for long hours whereas Pomeranians can’t.

You will need to ensure that you feed the Pomeranian up to three times daily. If you will be absent, you can fill up the dog’s plate and allow it to eat when needed. Training will play a key role here, allowing your Pomeranian to eat only when necessary.


You will need to train your Pomeranian if you are to have a good relationship with it. The most important aspect of training, in this case, is to potty train it. Asides from potty training, you will also need to train your dog not to bark unnecessarily.

Pomeranians aren’t the loudest dog, but they bark incessantly when seeking attention. You will need to train your Pomeranian, especially if you plan to leave it at home in your absence. A trained Pomeranian is a lot more fun as a pet than an untrained one.


Just as with grooming, it is also important to consider your Pomeranian’s hygiene. Be sure to cater to your Pomeranian’s teeth and nails, cleaning them regularly.

Trimming nails will be more beneficial to you seeing as the Pomeranian will jump and climb all over you.

With sharp nails, you risk getting injuries, even though the dog has positive intentions.


Small as they are, Pomeranians still require a lot of exercise. While Pomeranians are perfectly content to stay indoors and cuddle with you, you should take them out regularly.

Social interaction is key for Pomeranians, so you can take them to the park to interact with other dogs. It doesn’t matter whether you have another dog at home, you should still take both of them out. Exercise is more for physical benefits as opposed to social ones.

Is it easy to train a Pomeranian?

Yes, Pomeranians are amongst the easiest dogs to train, and you can do it yourself. Pomeranians are regarded as highly intelligent and can pick up on cues and instructions.

Pomeranians also love attention and tears which can all be used as rewards when training your Pomeranian. As a first-time dog owner, a trained Pomeranian will be much easier to handle.

Despite being easy to train, Pomeranians can sometimes choose to be stubborn. You may notice behaviors like this when training them, which can be discouraging.

Refusal to act as required can be an indication of a pending need or a problem. Ensure your Pomeranian has no reasons to refuse its training, and you will face little or no resistance.

Fun fact: Pomeranians can be trained to serve in several capacities including serving as therapy dogs. You can train your Pomeranian to serve as a guard dog, or simply train it to be a better companion.

How Long Does it Take to Potty Train a Pomeranian?

Potty training for a Pomeranian can take as long as four months. Every Pomeranian is different and will have a different potty training time, but they tend to take a long time.

While they are highly intelligent, potty training is the one activity that Pomeranians usually struggle with. It can also prove a bit frustrating to potty train a Pomeranian.

With small bladders, and a frequent pee schedule, potty training a Pomeranian isn’t an easy task. When it comes to potty training a Pomeranian, you had the best start the training early before it develops a habit of its own.

Once the puppy is old enough to start taking cues, pottery training should commence. If you buy a new Pomeranian puppy, start potty training along with housebreaking the Pomeranian immediately.

The Pomeranian can make a mistake and use unauthorized areas, especially when it is pressed. In such a situation, it is important to be patient with the dog and correct it gently. Even a successfully potty-trained Pomeranian can still make such mistakes.

What first dog owners should know about Pomeranians

As a first-time owner, odds are, you know nothing or very little about dogs, especially Pomeranians. It is better to be prepared for what you will face or risk being easily frustrated.

To help you transition to owning a Pomeranian, here are some things you should know about them:

They don’t like being left alone

Pomeranians are companion dogs and love to spend as much time as possible with their owners. When you get a new Pomeranian, especially an untrained one, it will bark whenever you leave the room. If you have neighbors, it can get annoying, and you will likely get a few complaints.

It is important to know that you can’t acknowledge or reward this behavior, or your Pomeranian will never stop.

They shed

Pomeranians are naturally hairy dogs and will shed a lot, especially when left untrimmed. Even when trimmed regularly, you can expect to see hair in the places your Pomeranian visits.

If you don’t like seeing hair on the couch or in your bedroom, then be sure to keep your Pomeranian out of these areas.

They are fragile

While their small size is often deceptive about bravery and feeding, it is spot on about their fragility. Pomeranians are easily bruised and can be quite vocal about it.

You should ensure there aren’t small items that can injure the Pomeranian, or that it can swallow lying around the ground. Be sure to make its pen free of such items, and clean it out regularly.

Deceptively aggressive

A Pomeranian is more aggressive than its small stature will lead you to believe. Their aggression can sometimes get them into trouble with other dogs, so, you can’t leave them alone outside.

They need to socialize, yes, but be sure to keep an eye on them for their good. Once they start getting aggressive, return them home and the Pomeranian is sure to cool off.

Conclusion: Are Pomeranians good for first-time owners ?

Pomeranians are a great dog choice for a first-time owner. They are caring, small, and very social, wanting to spend all their time with you. Pomeranians require more care than an average dog as they are fragile, but it is nothing overwhelming.

If you plan to get your first dog, you can’t go wrong with a Pomeranian.

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