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How to stop Pomeranian from barking when left alone

July 13, 2022

Pomeranians are attention seekers and will voice their discomfort when left alone. 

Your pomeranian will bark loudly when you go to work or step out of the room. You can easily solve the problem at home, but what happens when you are off work?

If you have neighbors, they are sure to voice concerns about it.

You can stop your Pomeranian from barking when left alone with a few proven steps.

 Here’s how to stop a Pomeranian from barking when left alone:

Ignore The Bark

Barking is a way of drawing your attention especially when you leave a Pomeranian alone. While your dog is still a puppy, you can gradually train it not to bark when left alone.

 Each time you leave the room, or when you put down the Pomeranian for bed, it will start to bark. Ignore the barking to indicate your refusal to give it attention.

The process is long, so you can expect more complaints from your neighbors, especially in the early days.

Reward Silence

Each time your Pomeranian is silent in your absence, you can give it a treat, your attention. Once your Pomeranian believes that silence is the way to get your attention, it won’t bark when left alone.

This method is also used to reinforce positive behaviors in dogs. Where you don’t have a treat, you can use loud noises or something else your dog doesn’t like.

They get to understand that barking will bring about that action and desist from it.

Provide Them With Toys

Your pomeranian could be barking because it feels boring. Pomeranians are companion animals and love to have someone around them. When left alone, they tend to be lonely and may end up destroying things.

Get your Pomeranian some toys to keep them busy in your absence. In keeping with this theme, you can get a playmate for your dog. When both dogs have each other for company, they are less likely to bark when left alone.

Anti-Barking Devices

Anti-barking devices are designed to stop your dog from barking. Opt for a non-collar barking device for Pomeranians. There is a slight chance that the device won’t have the desired effect.

Anti-barking devices irritate gods when they bark, which in some cases, makes the dog bark more.

Train Then To Be Silent

You can train your dog to do anything and that includes ‘not barking’ when left alone.

There are many methods you can employ to this effect. Using treats to reinforce positive behavior is one of the most used strategies here. If all else fails, you can take the dog to a professional trainer and let someone else handle it.


When you are home, ensure your Pomeranian gets a lot of exercise. The more exercise your Pomeranian gets, the more rest it will need. When you leave the dog alone, it will likely drift off to sleep.

Seeing as pomeranian are tiny dogs, tiring them out with exercise shouldn’t be too difficult.

Address Separation Anxiety

Most Pomeranians may suffer from separation anxiety causing them to bark when left alone.

While there are many ways to keep your dog from barking when left alone, they are temporary fixes.

No solution is as important as addressing the problem. Once you can solve the separation anxiety problem, your dog will no longer bark when left alone.

Do Pomeranians Bark Loudly?

Yes, a pomeranian can be quite loud when barking. Don’t let the small size fool you, especially if you are looking for a quiet dog. A pomeranian may not be as loud as a typical guard dog, but they are still really loud.

If you plan to get a new one, you should find out your area policy on pets, and loud noises.

Like most other dogs, Pomeranians aren’t loud when they are young. The older they get. The louder their bark. With the right training, they won’t bark at all, or will only bark when there is a need.

Fun fact: Your dog’s bark is only as loud as its reason for barking. Pomeranians have different possible reasons to bark, and each has a different feel. A pomeranian is often loudest when marking its territory or in the face of a threat.

The most frequent reason why Pomeranian bark is when it is left alone. Luckily, this bark isn’t too loud but it can be annoying, especially when it is repeated.

How Frequently Do Pomeranians Bark?

Pomeranians rarely bark especially when there are no apparent problems. The only time a Pomeranian bark is when they are trying to get your attention.

There may be different possible causes, but the barking may continue till you show up. In the absence of anything else, your pomeranian will be calm especially when you are close by.

If you aren’t going to be home a lot, especially when the pomeranian is younger, then you can expect frequent barking. Some people hire a dog sitter or dog walker to take their Pomeranians out during the day.

You can also opt for training, so your dog can stay home alone, protecting the house.

Fun fact: Loud sudden sounds are common triggers and notable reasons for a pomeranian’s bark. This is the reason why many people avoid anti-bark collars in training Pomeranians.

The noise from the device may end up worsening the situation, causing your dog to bark continuously.

Are Pomeranian barks aggressive?

No, Pomeranians do not bark aggressively. A pomeranian is never aggressive unless in response to specific stimuli. The only time you can expect to see a pomeranian bark aggressively is in the face of danger.

If there is a new dog in the vicinity of a pressing danger, then your dog will get aggressive.

Aggressive behavior brings aggressive barking. Once the threat is neutralized, your dog will calm down.

Dog behavior isn’t fixed, and your Pomeranian may be different. Some Pomeranians can be naturally aggressive, something mostly common with males.

Aggressive Pomeranians however are rare, so you probably won’t have this problem.

Are Pomeranians naturally Clingy?

Yes, Pomeranians are very clingy and tend to voice their displeasure when left alone. Most Pomeranians suffer from separation anxiety especially once they are bonded to a person.

hey will follow you into every room and even sleep on the bed with you if you allow it.

Luckily, separation anxiety can be treated with a little difficulty.

A pomeranian is mostly clingy when it is younger. It doesn’t matter whether it has everything it needs, it will still want you around. Odds are that the dog has only recently been separated from its mother, so it still needs guidance.

With time and a little effort on your part, the dog can become more independent.

Fun fact: Pomeranians are companion dogs and require companionship. While you may want to treat separation anxiety, you should still give the dog some attention. Pomeranians never tire of attention, so you can decide when it is enough.

If you get tired of meeting this need, you can get another dog to keep the Pomeranian happy, or hire a sitter.

Reasons why Pomeranians bark when left alone

There are a lot of possible reasons why your pomeranian might bark when left alone. Pomeranians are usually gentle dogs and prefer companionship to aggression. If your pomeranian barks, there is usually a good reason.

Here are some of the possible reasons:


Pomeranians like attention and once they don’t get it, they tend to be fussy. The pomeranian will follow you around and appear clingy, as their world revolves around you.

When your Pomeranian is tightly bonded to you, then it will bark in your absence. You can solve this by giving it something to do in your absence.


They are small, so, it’s easy to realize that Pomeranians eat a lot. Unlike large dogs that you can feed one large meal, Pomeranians require multiple meals.

You will need to feed a Pomeranian about 3 times at least but in moderation. Small meals, spread out through the clock.

Where you are gone for long hours, you can fill their bowl and let them eat whenever they wish.


While they are companions, they are still dogs and would do anything to protect you. When your pomeranian feels you are being threatened, expect it to come to your defense.

You will usually be around for this, but it can also happen in your absence. Should your pomeranian notice something strange around your home, then it will bark.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is common in Pomeranians and is the number one reason why they bark. 

You will notice that each time you leave the room, the dog will bark. Their bark, in this case, is merely a call for attention and will end once you return.  You can treat separation anxiety as opposed to always taking your dog everywhere with you.

How to stop Pomeranian from barking when left alone Conclusion

Pomeranians are a cute breed but can be a nightmare to please, especially in regard to attention. You can leave for work without your dog barking and howling, much to your neighbor’s displeasure. 

You should look to training methods to keep your Pomeranian from barking when left alone.

Once this menace is dealt with, you can go on with a well-behaved companion dog.

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