Dogo Argentino And Rottweiler mIX

Dogo Argentino And Rottweiler Mix: Everything You Need to Know

Dog mixes are a massive hit with most dog lovers and tend to introduce us to new breeds. Dogo Argentinos and Rottweilers are two of the most popular guard dogs, each with desirable traits. A mix between both breeds will look to create the ideal pet, one with traits of Dogo Argentinos and Rottweilers.  

Is A Dogo Argentino And Rottweiler Mix Ideal For You?

A Dogo Argentino and Rottweiler mix is ideal only for experienced dog owners. Individually, both the Dogo Argentino and Rottweiler arent suitable for first-timers. While the mixing of both dogs yields one that is seemingly better than the parents, caring for them isn’t reduced. Anyone that isn’t already accustomed to dealing with difficult dogs, should not be seeking a Dogo Argentino and Rottweiler mix. 

Ideally, only those who have cared for either a Dogo Argentino or a Rottweiler or both can handle a mix. The mix is its own breed and is arguably more demanding, but experience with either breed comes in handy. The greater your experience handling difficult dog breeds, the more suited you are to handling a Dogo Argentino and Rottweiler mix. 

A Dogo Argentino and Rottweiler mix needs a lot of room to roam. Those who live in apartments or other small areas can’t keep such a dog successfully.  They are also rather expensive to care for, especially if you are used to low-cost dogs.    

What Does A Of A Dogo Argentino And Rottweiler Mix Look Like?

The one thing you can expect from a Dogo Argentino and Rottweiler mix in multiple colours. Many of these mix dogs have a two-toned look, as each coat layer can have a different colour. Their coat is longer than that of the Dogo Argentino but shorter than the Rottweiler making it a true hybrid of both breeds. 

A Dogo Rottie, as these hybrids are known are largely influenced by the genetics of the parents. When both parents are purebred, the characteristics of each tend to be pronounced in the offspring.

If on the other hand, the Dogo Argentino or the Rottweiler is not purebred, the appearance of the hybrid can vary. The genetics available will determine the final appearance, making it very difficult to predict the final appearance of Dogo Rottie.

As both parents are typically muscular breeds, the hybrid is a muscular breed as well. With weights up to 59 kg, it’s fair to say that they are physically impressive specimens. At first glance alone, the chests can prove intimidating due to their width. 

Benefits Of A Dogo Argentino And Rottweiler Mix


The Dogo Rottie is an asset because they are very easy to train. Where one might encounter problems with a Rottweiler, these hybrids are problem-free.

They are a highly intelligent breed that can pick up cues and receive instructions with ease. The Dogo Rottie also displays a willingness to learn, a trait that isn’t too common among dogs.  

Both the Dogo Argentino and Rottweiler are highly intelligent dogs, a trait their hybrid offspring possess. Like most large dogs, you’ll need to socialize early to help make their training easier. Once they are sociable, they are more likely to be receptive to instructions, making their training easier.


The Dogo Rottie is a very protective breed, just like its parents. The most important trait a guard dog can have is to be protective, and there are few breeds more protective than the Dogo Rottie. It also helps that they tend to bond with their owners and families, proving to be very loyal pets. 

They may need some training to be the best possible protectors luckily, they are easy to train. Outside the typical protective duties, they also serve as companions.

They may not look like the typical companion dog, but they are very adept and detect when something is wrong. Their protection includes physical and emotional, with their appearance being enough to protect you in some instances. 

Stunning Appearance

Aesthetics isn’t always something people look for when it comes to dogs, especially in a guard. Regardless, the Dogo Rottie is one of the most stunning dogs out there. From their physically imposing stature to the unique mixture of colours, they are sure to be a hit with most dog lovers. 

If being the envy of all dog lovers is the goal, it doesn’t get better than the Dogo Rottie. If on the other hand, you simply want a dog that is a sight to behold, then the Dogo Rottie still serves in that capacity. As they are excellent at their guard dog duties, their appearance is secondary, but they still excel in that capacity. 


The first thing people tend to notice about Dogo Rottie is that they are large dogs. When it comes to protection, large dogs are often better, especially when they have the strength to match. Large Dogs can hold their own against most other animals and humans, making you feel safer. 

As large dogs, Dogo Rotties are bold enough to face any threats, there aren’t any better protectors. Their size is enough to dissuade many threats, protecting without you having to face any danger. They aren’t the biggest dogs in the world, but the Dogo Rottie is large enough to provide the ideal protection. 

Cons Of A Dogo Argentino And Rottweiler Mix

Need Experience

As a first-time owner, a Dogo Rottie may be too much for you to handle. Even among dog seasoned dog lovers, it still requires some knowledge to cater for one. While the knowledge isn’t too difficult to come about, there still needs to be some effort on your part.

The Dogo Argentino and Rottweiler are demanding dogs, and the hybrid is more so. 

Without the proper handling, you’ll find the Dogo Rottie can be headstrong and troublesome. They need to be socialized early to ensure better relationships, both with other animals and with people. You also need to be firm enough, to establish a chain of command. 


The biggest challenge with hybrid dogs is that they are generally more expensive than the originals. The more expensive the dogs involved in the mixture are, the more expensive the hybrid will be. Dogo Argentinos and Rottweilers are considerably expensive individually, and a combination of both dogs is even more so. 

The expenses don’t just end at buying the dog as a puppy or adopting them at a shelter. Maintaining a hybrid dog may prove to be more challenging especially when you need specialized products. You will also need multiple vet visits to ensure there is nothing out of the ordinary going on. 

Sometimes Aggressive

Dogo Rotties are generally considered to be a friendly breed, but that can change easily. Without proper socialisation early on, aggression becomes a part of the Dogo Rotties’ nature. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they become unstable or too difficult to live with, but they aren’t easily integrated with other animals or humans. 

When an unsocialized Dogo Rottie comes across another dog, they may view it as an invasion of territory and attack. Attacks on humans are often rarer, but still, a possibility when the dog isn’t socialised early on. Socialisation helps the dog develop a healthy relationship with other pets and teaches them how to behave around new individuals. 

Caring For A Dogo Argentino And Rottweiler Mix

A Dogo Argentino and Rottweiler mix is unique and requires a special kind of care. Caring for either breed beforehand will be useful for the hybrid, but a little different. With a little prior knowledge, it becomes a little easier. 

Grooming Requirements

Neither the Dogo Argentino nor the Rottweiler is particularly difficult to care for, especially when you know what you’re doing. Dogo Rotties, like both their parents, aren’t heavy shedders, thus haircuts are needed once in a while, mostly to improve their appearance. Apart from haircuts, they’ll need bruising or combing, mostly to maintain the coat’s health. 

Trimming their nails and baths are also needed, but not too frequently to cause any long-term problems. Frequent bathing can cause skin irritations, and deprive the skin of natural oils that help maintain its texture. Overly trimmed nails, on the other hand, puts the dog at risk of injuries whenever they walk. 

Exercise Requirements

It comes as no surprise to hear that a dog with a physique like the Dogo Rottie needs a lot of exercise. They are the perfect companion for those who run or visit the gym daily, or even as a hunting companion. Anything to do with the outdoors is a welcome activity the Dogo Rottie is sure to enjoy alongside you.

Without adequate exercise, you may find that the Dogo Rottie becomes unbearable to live with. Large dogs generally like to have room to roam, which isn’t likely to be available in a small home. Exercise provides a rare chance for them to stretch their muscles and relax their minds. 


The Dogo Rottie is a mixture of the Dogo Argentino and the Rottweiler, two of the most sought-after guard dogs.

Traditionally considered guard dogs, the Dogo Rotties also come in handy as companion dogs. If all else fails, they have a unique appearance and are sure to set you apart from most other dog owners

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