Do Puli Dogs Stink? (Read This First)

Puli dogs don’t drink unless there is some external factor at work. Though they may look hairy and are expected to smell bad by all logic, they smell nice.

Other external factors can influence whether a Puli will stink, but they naturally won’t. Concerning dogs and how they smell, Pulis is on the nice side.

The only thing you’ll need to worry about with a Puli is grooming, especially considering how hairy they get. While they don’t smell bad naturally, they still require much care, or you risk them having bad odors.

You won’t need to worry about your Puli dog stinking up your home with the proper care and grooming.

Interestingly, they shed a lot, but since they aren’t naturally stinky dogs, cleaning up is the only thing you have to worry about. They may need grooming to avoid developing a stink, but even that is a minor requirement.

If an offensive smell is the only thing stopping you from getting a Puli dog, then you can proceed to acquire it.

Why Do Puli Dogs Stink?

A puli dog will only stink when it isn’t properly cared for or something is wrong. All stories about Puli’s stinking are usually made up and stem from their hairy appearance and shedding.

If you have one that stinks, it’s probably an indication of something else, and you should look into it. Here are some of the possible reasons why a Puli dog will stink:

Poor Grooming

Poor grooming is the number one cause of a stinking Puli and is easily avoidable. Puli dogs are generally considered low maintenance and don’t require much grooming.

However, the little care they require needs to be frequent. Without frequency, you run the risk of having a stinky Puli.

It’s worth noting that Pulis coats aren’t what stinks, but what it holds onto. Their coats, in particular, are absorbent and can hold onto different materials for a long time.

The longer anything remains in the fur, the more likely it will stink. Regular coat care will greatly reduce the chances of your Puli stinking.

The Dog’s Activities

Whatever happens, the dog itself will play a key role in what happens to its fur. Puli is largely considered playful, which results in them getting into a lot of unwanted materials and dirt.

The longer they spend outside playing, the greater their chance of stinking. Of course, the final stink is dependent on where they have been.

The outdoors is filled with thick liquids, something which, for some reason, dogs find attractive. Whether for the odors, or some other reason, dogs generally will play in such areas.

Seeing as their coats are super absorbent, they are sure to retain more than just water, leading to some foul odors.


One of the most common causes of a stinky Puli is the presence of Mildew in its fur. Mildew isn’t naturally occurring, and it is usually brought about by the dog’s activities outdoors, and it keeps growing till it is addressed.

Unlike most other contaminants that find their way into the fur, mildew smells particularly bad.

The smell may already be terrible when you identify mildew in the Puli’s fur. Your best chance is to catch it early, which is where grooming comes in handy.

Luckily, grooming sometimes helps to curtail the growth and prevent your Puli from stinking in the future.


Infections are another possible cause of a stinky Puli and an even larger cause for concern. Infections can trigger several hormonal changes in a Puli’s body, causing changes in its natural odor.

Of course, most times, infections are brought about by the dos activities. Whatever the cause, solving the problem before it develops into something worse is your safest bet.

Once you notice that your puli is stinking, and you’ve ruled out other possible causes, it’s time to contact the vet. It’s better to be safe than sorry, as early detection can improve your chances of fighting off an infection. Any such infections usually affect eh ears and the skin, and they tend to be visible.

Stopping Your Puli Dog From Stinking

If you notice that your Puli already stinks, there are still a few things you can try to improve the situation. Each possible situation depends on the cause of the stink, hence identifying the cause is imperative.

However, if you can’t identify the cause of the stink, you can always try some steps and hope for the best. Some possible solutions to a stinking Puli include:


Bathing is the most obvious solution to a stinking Puli, but only when you haven’t bathed it for a while. Excessive bathing has a few possible side effects, including dry skin and infections.

Once you’ve bathed the dog, the stink should cease, assuming the cause has something to do with the fur.

You may be better served cleaning your dog’s sleeping area and furniture alongside bathing it. If it takes a bath and returns to its usual areas, it will likely pick up the stench again.

As overbathing is a problem, you shouldn’t try it at short intervals. If the stench persists, then you can try one of the other solutions. 

A Vinegar Rinse

Where bathing isn’t possible, a vinegar rinse is a perfect substitute. Vinegar has cleaning properties, which makes it ideal for removing stubborn substances from surfaces. A vinegar bath is ideal for cases where mildew causes stench.

Sometimes, you may find that a bath isn’t sufficient unless there is a bit of vinegar. It isn’t something you should always try, but you can add vinegar to your dog’s bath and get impressive results. 

While it is an effective cleaning agent, it can also be harmful, especially when used in large quantities. Be sure to seek the correct recommendations for a vinegar bath, usually 2 cups in 4 gallons of water.

Treat Any Possible Infections

Infections tend to leave a physical mark, making them easier to identify and combat. Treating an infection will involve medicines and possible solutions to be applied to the affected area.

Each infection is different, and the treatment for one may only aggravate another. Before any treatment, the possible infection must be identified, hence the need for a vet.

Unlike other possible solutions that may not work, treating an infection is direct. So long as you’re using the right treatment in the right dosage, the infection should be eliminated. Once the infection is addressed, your Puli will smell better.

Dry Shampoo

If your Puli dog is stinking, then a possible solution is to rub its fur with dry shampoo. The only problem with this solution is that it is temporary and doesn’t address the main problem.

It’s like using deodorants on a human body without taking a shower first. The Puli will smell better, scented even, but the stink and its cause will remain and resurface after a while.

Unfortunately, this method must be used sparingly, as it may cause side effects, including clogging hair follicles. Most dog owners don’t like or use this method often, but it is handy when looking for a quick fix.

How Often Should You Bathe A Puli?

Pulis should be bathed once in two months, an average of six times yearly, so long as they don’t stink. A Puli’s activities will ultimately determine how many times it is bathed in a year, but it shouldn’t be bathed more than once a month.

After bathing the Puli, you can take extra care to ensure it doesn’t need another shortly after.

While Pulis doesn’t normally stink, they can get so bad that they become difficult to live with. A bath may be your best option if such a scenario occurs, even if you last bathed it a few days ago. However, you need to be careful lest you over bathe your dog, creating more problems than you solve.

Fun Fact: As important as bathing is, it isn’t the most important thing when grooming your Puli. Once you’re done bathing it, the next step is drying, preventing the fur from mating, or picking up mildew.

When the process is complete, you will have a puli smelling the way it should. Of course, the dog will immediately look to get some of its old stinks back for mating purposes.

Does Shaving A Puli Stop It From Stinking?

Shaving your Puli’s fur can stop it from stinking, but only if it is the cause. Pulis doesn’t stink like most other dogs, so there isn’t much need to eliminate stinks.

However, in theory, it shouldn’t still stink if the fur is the cause of the problem. Fortunately, you don’t need to resort to shaving the fur off, especially when bathing can have the same effect.

A Puli’s hai will only stink when something is caught in its fur. Unfortunately, as their fur grows long, it tends to pick up a lot while playing outside.

The longer any particles stay in the fur, the worse the stink. One possible solution is to brush the dog after each session outside to remove any unwanted particles.

You can also trim its fur to prevent it from growing out of control. Standard practice is to keep it neat, preventing it from stinking. Shaving it off is acceptable if you don’t want to worry too much about grooming. However, it may interfere with the dog’s natural defense mechanisms.


Pulis don’t stink and are somewhat pleasant smelling for a dog. That isn’t to say that a Puli cant stink, especially under certain circumstances. If you ever find that your Puli stinks, a few home remedies can solve the problem promptly.

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