Bully Kutta Vs Dogo Argentino: Similarities & Major Differences

The Bully Kutta and Dogo Argentino are two of the most popular guard dog out there. They are often mistaken for one another as they tend to look somewhat alike. It isn’t always easy to tell them apart especially when it’s your first time with both breeds.

Luckily, differentiating them isn’t too difficult especially when you know what you’re looking for.’

Both breeds are not suited to first-time owners and are more demanding than regular dogs. Understanding both dogs helps give you a sense of what they need, and how they’ll behave. Without this information, you run the risk of getting frustrated with either breed. 

If you’re looking for a new guard dog, you’ll need all the facts before committing. We’ll take a look at both breeds, even recommending which would suit you better, all to make your choice easier.

Differences between Bully Kutta And Dogo Argentino


The most notable difference between a Dogo Argentino and a Bully Kutta is in appearance. The Dogo Argentino comes in only one colour, white. On the other hand, the Bully Kutta comes in several colours including white.

A further distinction between both Dogs is in the presence of multiple colours on the Bully Kutta while Dogo Argentinos are all white.

Dogo Argentinos may have a speck of black on their face or their ears. Bully Kutta’s on the other hand have a larger presence of other colours, adding to the main colour. The Colours aren’t limited to one area of their body, rather they are spread out creating a dalmatian-like effect.


Size isn’t always obvious when they are both puppies, but as they get older, the distinction becomes obvious. Both Dogs are considered to be large dogs, but the Bully Kutta is significantly larger.

Both in terms of height and weight, the Bully Kutta is larger and it ranges from a slight difference to a significant one.

On average, an adult Bully Kutta grows to 71cm-102cm and weighs between 68kg-91kg. On the other hand, a Dogo Argentino grows between 61cm-76cm and weighs between 34kg and 50 kg. A bully Kutta can weigh up to two times that of a Dogo Argentino, meaning they tend to eat more.


The Dogo Argentino is the nicer breed and tends to be more approachable, and house-suited. Dogo Argentinos are friendly both to their owners and strangers, despite having the required aggression to take on intruders.

The Bully Kutta on the other hand is notably poor both to strangers and their owners. The Bully Kutta is one of those dog breeds that have protective instincts but don’t have the love to match.

In the interest of public safety, the best option is to leave the Bully Kutta in chains or perhaps in a kennel. When left to roam freely, they tend to attack other dogs, if there are any around. They also attack humans, though such cases are rarer, as they choose to harass humans by barking.

Aggression Levels

The Bully Kutta is one of the most aggressive dog breeds out there and they are regularly restless. It isn’t much you can do to reduce their aggression with locking them up seemingly the best solution. They are a very strong breed, so you’ll need strong chains or a kennel or risk them getting loose. 

Dogo Argentinos are low-aggression dogs, but only when they are comfortable. They don’t appreciate being cooped up all day, and as long as you meet their exercise needs, they will be fine.

Without proper exercise, they get aggressive and become unbearable to have at home. They also have the required aggression to deal with other dogs and intruders, if they are ever in such a situation. 

Similarities between Bully Kutta And Dogo Argentino

Life Span

Both Dogs live long enough to endear themselves to a family, a requirement for guard dogs. In most cases, you can expect to have either dog around for up to a decade especially when they receive the proper care. Dogo Argentinos tend to live longer, with some of them reaching 12 years

As Bully Kutta are the larger breed, they tend to die a bit sooner, a problem commonly associated with their size. They also tend to suffer from Arthritis, which isn’t fatal but tends to limit their quality of life. Both Breeds are at high risk for Hip Dysplasia which can cause them to die sooner than anticipated.

Maintenance Requirements

Both dog breeds are relatively low maintenance, especially concerning grooming. While they aren’t Hypoallergenic dogs, they are low shedders and don’t require too much effort to clean up after them.

The main thing you’ll have to worry about in terms of maintenance is exercise, which both dogs require a lot of.

Large dogs in particular need a lot of exercise with Dogo Argentinos getting notably aggressive when they don’t get enough. You’ll need to establish a daily routine that involves walks, and obstacle courses and possibly includes some socialization.

While it may not mean too much with the Bully Kutta, it’s better than having them free of pent-up energy.


The one trait you want in a guard dog is protective instincts, which both breeds possess a lot of. They can sense danger if it is ever present and come to your aid with haste, protecting you from larger threats.

They are also very watchful, a characteristic which makes them excellent guards, though other characteristics may still come into play.

Hunting is another trait that both the Bully Kutta and the Dogo Argentino excel at, in no small part due to their size. They are great hunters and effective at catching their prey, making them great hunting buddies.

Either breed is a great choice for a guard dog, or a hunting partner, especially when it comes to big game hunting.

Bully Kutta Vs Dogo Argentino: Better Guard Dog?

The Dogo Argentino is the better guard dog, though it isn’t the stronger or more powerful breed. Bully Kutta’s are aggressive, not friendly and tend to bark often, and loudly, making them the worse choice. They may be good for scaring off invaders and keeping other dogs away, but there are better dogs suited to this task.

Dogo Argentinos are easy to train, and take instructions properly, making them the ideal guard dog here. What they lack in instinct, they make up for in discipline and loyalty, which come in handy if you are ever under attack.

With the right training, you can issue the necessary commands to see your Dogo Argentino overcome an intruder.

Fun Fact: The Bully Kutta doesn’t always attack people, but they still have incidents where they have done so. Dogo Argentinos have a similar problem, but only when they are untrained or unsocialized. It is rarer for a Dogo Argentino to attack a human than it is for a Bully Kutta.

Best Use Of The Bully Kutta

The Bully Kutta is an excellent choice for big-game hunting. They are great when put to work and tend to actively root out whatever prey they are hunting. While they are intelligent dogs, they can also be a bit stubborn, making them difficult to control on a hunt.

Their use in big game hunting is the perfect way to keep them occupied and wear them down a bit.

Unlike most other big-game hunters, the Bully Kutta don’t make great shepherds. While they are great protectors, they have a low tolerance for other animals and may end up attacking the flock they are meant to protect. Instead, they should only accompany a human on a hunt for some of the more dangerous prey in the region.

Interestingly, the Bully Kutta Behaviour all comes down to training and the environment. If you can train one properly, and they have enough room to run free, they are less likely to be a handful.

Best Use Of The Dogo Argentino

The Dogo Argentino is the better guard dog, true, but that doesn’t mean that is what it is best used for. To get the best out of a Dogo Argentino, they should be used for big-game hunting. They are loyal, fierce and friendly, which also makes them a great choice to protect a flock.

They are also considered one of the smartest dog breeds, making it easier to train them.

As Guard dogs, you’ll need to give them plenty of exercise daily, to keep them from getting aggressive. Once such needs are met, the Dogo Argentino will be an excellent guard choice.

They are also considered one of the top five guard dogs in the world. Thanks to their loyalty and fierceness, they are deployed in law enforcement and even make excellent service dogs.

The Dogo Argentino’s affinity for big-game hunting is part of the reason they are such popular guard dogs. People tend to feel safer knowing a dog as fearless as this is with them, or looking out for them.

Luckily, they can make do with staying in a home despite their love for the outdoors, so long as they exercise outside frequently.

Conclusion: Bully Kutta Vs Dogo Argentino

The Bully Katta and Dogo Argentino are both excellent guard dog choices, though none of them is suitable for newbies. They aren’t difficult to handle for an expert but will prove a handful to someone with no experience.

If you had to choose between one of these breeds to guard you, the Dogo Argentino is the better option.

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