Blue Merle Pomeranian Price (How Much Does Merle Pomeranian Cost)

Blue Merle Pomeranians can cost somewhere between $2,000 to $6,000 for a puppy. With the average cost of a Pomeranian ranging between $800 and $2,000 for a regular Pomeranian puppy, it is safe to say the Merle Pomeranians are one of the most expensive breeds.

The price of the puppy may vary depending on several factors, such as the health of the puppy and the breeder’s reputation.

The Merle Pomeranian breed hasn’t existed long but is already one of the most sought-after Pomeranian breeds today. The high demand is perhaps one of the reasons why they are among the most expensive Pomeranian breeds.

Important fact: Merle Pomeranians are illegal in some countries, which only serves to increase the price.

They are notably not accepted by Australia’s ANKC, but they are legal in countries like the USA. In countries where they are legal, they don’t cost too much over the average price of a Pomeranian.

Are Blue Merle Pomeranians Rare?

Blue merle Pomeranians are one of the rarest Pomeranian breeds, possibly due to how new they are. A merle Pomeranian on its own is a rare classification, and when the colour blue is added, it is more so.

Additionally, the unpredictability of crossing breeds makes it difficult to get a blue merle Pomeranian intentionally.

The breeding of a merle Pomeranian is technical, and more so with a blue merle.

Each merle Pomeranian is unique, and its colour pattern may never be seen on another Pomeranian, making each one special.

It is best to leave the breeding to an expert, especially since merle Pomeranians are easily susceptible to certain diseases.

Important fact: Blue merle Pomeranians are becoming more popular with their demand rising to the level of other Pomeranians.

The practices involved in inbreeding one and the low chances of success still make them expensive, but they are more available than ever. The puppies are more expensive than the adults, but their cute appearance makes up for the cost.

Factors That Make Blue Merle Pomeranians Expensive

Each blue merle Pomeranian is unique, which usually means they rarely cost the same.

Blue merle Pomeranians can sometimes be significantly more expensive than other Pomeranian breeds or other blue merles. A few factors make the blue merle Pomeranian more expensive, and when coupled, the price of one can be astronomical.

They Are Rare

Blue merle Pomeranians are rare, not just amongst regular Pomeranians but amongst merles.

Breeding doesn’t always yield favourable results, and where merles are produced.

They may not be blue.

Once all the factors align and a blue merle results, the price is hiked. In all fairness, it isn’t too hard to find a blue merle if you search hard enough; the dogs are uncommon.

Any breeder who successfully breeds a blue merle must have put in hours and hard work, all of which they would like to be rewarded.

Each breeder’s price will differ based on effort and what they believe it is worth.

Blue Eyed Mutation

Blue merle Pomeranians sometimes have blue eyes, a mutation highly sought after even amongst humans.

A dog with blue eyes is instantly cuter, especially when it is a puppy. Blue merle Pomeranians have blue eyes, which can vary based on mutation.

Some blue merle Pomeranians have one blue eye, with the second being a different colour, only making them more attractive.

Some may not have blue eyes, but they still retain their cuteness, while the price will likely fall. A blue merle pomeranian with two blue eyes will be more expensive than others.

Their coat colours

Coat colours are unique to each merle, and the same goes for blue merle Pomeranians.

The one thing that connects each blue merle pomeranian’s coat is that they are multicoloured. Each merle is defined by its multicoloured coats, and so are merle Pomeranians.

The combination of colours varies, as does the pattern in which they appear, giving rise to each Pomeranian’s uniqueness. The more appealing or unique the colours of a Pomeranian’s fur, the more expensive it will be.

Some colours are harder to get when breeding Pomeranians, making them more valuable and raising the value of any Pomeranian that has them.

The demand for them

Blue merle Pomeranians may be relatively new in the world of Pomeranians, but there is already a pressing demand for them.

The demand for them is constantly rising, faster even than breeders can provide them.

While their numbers are rising, the demand has led to a greater need, which has hiked their price. They are usually snapped up where they are available, regardless of how expensive.

Breeders tend to take advantage of the demand, hiking the price for blue merle Pomeranians, especially when they are puppies.


Pomeranians are generally susceptible to certain diseases and health risks, and blue merle Pomeranians are no exception.

They are not particularly feeble or born with genetic disorders but tend to require special care and precautions.

Vaccinations for a blue merle Pomeranian must start early or risk the puppy falling ill. The vaccinations aren’t cheap, and most breeders tend to account for this when setting a price for a blue merle Pomeranian.

The more medical treatments and vaccinations a blue merle Pomeranian has received, the more expensive it will be.

What To Consider Before Buying A Merle Pomeranian

Desirable, expensive and cuddly, a blue merle Pomeranian is a popular pet choice, but is it worth it?

Before you buy a blue Pomeranian, there are several things you need to consider. The right considerations will help you make the right purchase both for a pet and as a blue merle Pomeranian. 


When buying a blue merle Pomeranian, the most important thing to consider is the parents crossed to yield it.

Never buy a Pomeranian that was a result of crossing two merles together.

Breeding two merles is strictly forbidden as it results in genetically weakened offspring.

Any offspring from two merles are genetically predisposed to blindness and deafness, both of which will make the Pomeranian vulnerable. Pomeranians generally require a lot of care, even more so when disabled.

It doesn’t matter whether the merle parents are carriers of the merle gene or merle themselves; the disability remains.

The merle gene is akin to the sickle cell in humans, with at least a 25% chance of offspring being blind or deaf.

Not All Traits Are Visible

A Pomeranian can carry the merle gene without necessarily being merle.

The merle gene is passed in fractions, so long as at least one parent is merle or a carrier of the gene. If you have plans of mating Pomeranians, determine if they are merle or carriers.

The merle gene will pass on to the offspring, and the results are not favourable when two merles are mated. It is possible to breed two Pomeranians without the physical merle traits and still yield a genetically compromised offspring.

With a fraction of the merle gene, there is still a possibility of at least one of the resultant offspring being merle.

Possible Illnesses

Pomeranians are generally susceptible to certain illnesses; the same applies to blue merles. Illnesses are more common with Pomeranians having two merle parents, as opposed to those having only one.

Having only one merle parent offers no guarantee of a healthy offspring, but the consensus seems to be that it is a safer practice.

There is less chance of diseases with one parent, even diseases with which regular Pomeranians don’t normally have problems. While no path guarantees a safe and healthy blue Pomeranian, the best practice is mixed breeding.

Breeder’s Reputation

The breeder’s reputation may not carry much significance, but it is still relevant and will affect both the breeding outcome and the price of the Pomeranian.

A reputable breeder will likely breed blue Pomeranians in the right way, avoiding any genetic predispositions or shortcomings.

They will also see to it that each puppy is vaccinated and receives any necessary medical attention.

Buying from a reputable breeder doesn’t mean the Pomeranian will be healthier than others, but it will likely be better cared for. You will buy quality, but it usually comes at an increased cost.

Is Merle Acceptable In Pomeranians?

Merle Pomeranians are generally accepted, but their acceptance varies from one location to the next or by associations.

Merles are accepted in America and by the American Pomeranian Club, whereas in Australia and by the Australian National Kennel Council, they are not accepted. It doesn’t mean you cannot own one in these locations; it just makes them rare and expensive when found.

Merle Pomeranians are a recent emergence and have not been fully accepted everywhere.

With rising demands and laws constantly changing, that may soon change and see these cute pets accepted everywhere. With merle being a dominant gene, it won’t be long before there are too many to be ignored, and they are acceptable.

Important fact: Not all dog breeders are sold on the idea of Merle Pomeranians, especially due to their rather sudden emergence.

With merle being dominant, the emergence is expected to continue, and with some health concerns, not everyone likes the idea.

Do Merle Pomeranians Have Blue Eyes?

Merle Pomeranians don’t necessarily have blue eyes, though it is more common amongst them. Blue eyes are a rare mutation that is highly sought after, and the chances of it occurring are high in a Merle.

There is, however, no need for one to have blue eyes, nor is it a requirement to be classified, Merle.

Blue Merle Pomeranians do not get their name from eye colour; rather, it comes from the presence of blue fur.

While a Blue Merle Pomeranian can have blue eyes, it doesn’t qualify as one. Blue eyes are more common amongst Merles but are still relatively rare.

The chances of having a blue-eyed Pomeranian are low, which tends to cause a rise in the price of a Pomeranian puppy.

Last Words: Blue Merle Pomeranian Price

Blue Merle Pomeranians are among the most expensive Pomeranian breeds and sometimes cost as much as three times the price of a regular Pomeranian.

While they are both rare and expensive, they are usually subject to similar health challenges to regular Pomeranians.

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