Best Dry Dog Food For Australian Shepherd

Best Dry Dog Food For Australian Shepherd

Selecting the best dry dog food for Australian Shepherds will enhance their overall quality of life. Opting for the appropriate dry dog food for your Australian Shepherds could be the most crucial decision for their well-being.

While the numerous choices might seem overwhelming, we’ve examined our favored selections to simplify your decision-making process. 

Best Dry Food For Australian Shepherd Puppies

Young Australian Shepherd dogs have specific requirements, mainly after they are no longer dependent on their mother’s care post-weaning.

Their diet becomes crucial for replenishing lost nutrients and transitioning them from a liquid diet. We have chosen our favorite selections among the many suitable dry dog food options designed for Australian Shepherd puppies.

 Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo, Life Protection Formula, is an excellent option among kibbles suitable for Australian Shepherds and other industrious breeds. It offers a well-balanced combination of components, such as lean protein, to promote muscle growth and real fruits and vegetables for natural fiber and vitamins.

The inclusion of glucosamine assists in maintaining your Australian Shepherd’s joint health, while the healthy fats contribute to preserving her attractive skin and coat.


  • Has real meat as an essential ingredient
  • Well-proportioned assortment of probiotics for aiding digestion
  • Enriched with antioxidants to enhance the immune system of Australian Shepherds


  • A dependable and versatile choice for most puppies, featuring high-quality ingredients
  • A diverse range of recipes is available, including various protein options


  • Some pups might get tired of it easily 

Main Ingredients: Deboned chicken, barley, oatmeal, pea protein, and chicken fat.

Nutro Ultra Puppy Food

Begin your Australian Shepherd puppy’s journey with Nutro Ultra Puppy to ensure a strong start. This nutritious formula features a trio of proteins that promote muscle growth. It also includes a blend of beneficial fats that aid in developing your furry friend’s eyes and brain while nurturing their skin and coat.


  • It contains Real chicken 
  • Includes grains for sustained energy and satisfaction
  • Free from corn, soy, wheat, and synthetic dyes


  • Rich in DHA, supporting brain and eye maturation in young dogs
  • Most puppies find the flavour appealing
  • Kibble size is suitable for puppies


  • It might not be the best choice if you’re seeking a budget-friendly option

Main Ingredients: Chicken, chicken liver, chicken broth, and brown rice. 

Best Dry Dog Food For Adult Australian Shepherds

Fully grown Adult Australian Shepherds are now more robust, yet this doesn’t negate their need for specific dietary requirements. The optimal food regimen should furnish your canine companion with high-quality nourishment, aiding in their overall well-being.

We’ve curated a list of our top choices for premium dry dog food suitable for adult Australian Shepherds

Diamond Naturals Dry Dog Food

This is an economical adult Australian dog food option featuring high-quality protein recipes. Provide your Australian Dog with nutritious meals without overspending using Diamond Naturals.

This premium kibble contains essential nutrients to sustain your pup’s active day, whether working or playing. It includes key elements like protein for fostering lean muscles and beneficial probiotics for digestive well-being.    


  • Includes real fruits and vegetables to supply natural vitamins and fiber
  • Contains omega-3 fatty acids
  • Crafted without grains for those seeking a grain-free formula


  • Economically affordable 
  • It contains probiotics that contribute to enhancing your Dog’s digestion naturally.
  • A diverse range of recipes available


  • It may not be suitable for Aussies with allergies

Main Ingredients: Lamb meal, Ground white rice, grain sorghum, Vitamin D3 supplement.

Canidae Dry Dog Food

Canidae offers a pate-style wet food choice suitable for all stages of your canine’s life. This option can be served alone or added to your Australian Shepherd’s meal for a meaty treat.

The recipe includes real meat as the primary ingredient and provides energy for your Dog’s active day on the farm, including brown rice and pearled barley. 


  • It contains real meat as an essential ingredient
  • Free from corn, soy, and wheat.
  • It is developed by veterinarians to meet AAFCO standards for all life stages.


  • The pate texture and flavor are well-suited for most dogs.
  • Suitable for households with multiple dogs due to its all-life stages formula.
  • The inclusion of grains helps keep your pup feeling full.


Main Ingredients: Chicken, chicken liver, chicken broth, and brown rice. 

Best Dry Dog Food For Senior Australian Shepherds

Senior Australian Shepherds experience a revived vulnerability and require extensive support to maintain their well-being. A uniquely developed nutritional product aims to address typical deficiencies in older Australian Shepherds, promoting their health and enhancing their overall quality of life. We examine top choices of dry dog food tailored for senior Australian Shepherds. 

Open Farm Freeze Dried Raw Dry Dog Food

Open Farm offers freeze-dried raw pet food consisting of responsibly-sourced meat, nutrient-rich organ meat, and natural vegetables.

This meat-focused diet can serve as an occasional tasty addition or a complete meal for your Australian Shepherd. It gives your Dog the energy for a vibrant senior life while maintaining its lovable personality. 


  • It contains humanely-harvested meat as an essential ingredient
  • The food is easily consumable.
  • Each freeze-dried piece is sized like kibble for convenient eating.


  • A diverse selection of protein choices.
  • Affordably priced.
  • A valuable protein source.


  • Not suitable for Australian Shepherds with allergies. 

Main Ingredients: Chicken livers, chicken with ground bone, vitamin E supplement and Folic acid.

Nulo Freestyle Senior Dry Dog Food

Assist your aging Australian Shepherd’s body with Nulo Freestyle Senior. This flavorful dry dog food includes lean proteins to support muscle health and glucosamine and chondroitin for promoting joint function.

The addition of probiotics also contributes to maintaining a healthy gut for your senior Dog. Nulo Freestyle Senior Dry Dog Food is ideal for older Australian Shepherds.


  • Crafted from real fish
  • Excludes chicken and egg components
  • Enriched with fruits and vegetables to provide natural antioxidants


  • A valuable source of joint-nurturing glucosamine, chondroitin, and essential fatty acids
  • Highly preferred in terms of taste
  • Excellent for dogs with chicken or grain sensitivities
  • Manufactured in the United States using both local and globally-sourced ingredients


  • The grain-free formulation might not suit every Dog
  • The combination of proteins could pose problems for Australian Shepherds with dietary sensitivities.

Main Ingredients: Deboned Trout, turkey meal, sweet potato, vitamin D3 supplement, and chicken fat. 

Best Dry Dog Food For Australian Shepherds With Sensitive Skins


As with other breeds of dogs, some Australian Shepherds experience skin problems that standard dry foods cannot address. These dogs require a customized diet that considers their sensitivities, and we examine our preferred choices. 

Blue Buffalo True Solutions Perfect Skin & Coat Dry Dog Food

Maintain the optimal condition of your Australian Shepherd’s fur and skin with Blue Buffalo True Solutions Perfect Skin & Coat. This dry dog food contains abundant essential fatty acids derived from premium salmon while excluding common allergens such as corn, soy, wheat, dairy, and eggs.

Wholesome grains provide your canine companion with sustained energy and vital nutrients, and a blend of probiotics ensures a healthy digestive system. 


  • Real salmon is the #1 ingredient
  • Developed with input from animal nutrition experts.
  • It is enriched with LifeSource Bits, delivering immune-supporting Vitamin C and Vitamin E.
  • It is produced in the United States using domestic and international ingredients.


  • Tailored formula with ample Omega fatty acids for addressing dog skin and coat issues.
  • Probiotics contribute to maintaining a well-functioning gut.


  • It is quite expensive 
  • Some dogs might not like the taste of its life source bits

Main Ingredients: Salmon meal, brown rice, barley, peas, fish oil, and folic acid. 

Nom Nom Dry Dog Food

The Nom Nom recipe delivers fresh dog food straight to your door with the nutrients your Shepherd needs to look and feel her best. You can customize your Shepherd’s mealtime with extra fatty acids for skin support or fewer calories to keep her trim.


  • All recipes developed by veterinary nutritionists to meet the AAFCO standard for all life stages 
  • Pre-portioned to meet your Dog’s specific needs 
  • Made in the USA 


  • Specifically designed for dogs with skin allergies 
  • Made with the highest-quality ingredients 
  • It is easily digestible 
  • It is ideal for improving sight and skin health


  • Must be kept refrigerated always
  • Expensive

Main Ingredients: Ground turkey, brown rice, eggs, carrot, spinach, vitamin B12 supplement, and Fish oil.

What Nutrients Should Be In Foods for My Australian Shepherd?

To ensure your Aussie has the best nutritional needs met, start with premium puppy food or adult dog food. Aussies have more energy than many large breeds, even if they might be classified as large breeds if they mature at more than 50 pounds.

The calorie density of large-breed dog food may need to be improved. Consider using an energetic or working breed food if your Aussie is active. These foods will have higher protein concentrations to sustain lean muscle mass and higher fat and calorie counts to maintain energy levels.

Here are some other qualities to look for in Australian Shepherd dog food:

A high-quality source of animal protein

Strong muscles are constructed from proteins. It should come from high-quality animal sources to maximize digestibility and supply the vital amino acids your dog needs.

Moderately high-fat content

Dogs get their concentrated energy from fat in the form of calories. Aussies may demand a more extensive fat content than usual because of their high energy level.  

Natural Ingredients

The most nutrient-dense and easily digested nutrients for your best dry dog food for Australian shepherd are whole foods. Hence, stay away from dog diets that contain by-products, fillers, and artificial additives. The better, the fewer ingredients the list has. 

Balanced Nutrition

The AAFCO statement of nutritional quality, which attests that the recipe has been developed to meet your Dog’s basic dietary needs, should be present on the food you choose. 

Is it safe for my Dog to eat corn?

A good supply of fiber, which improves gut health and motility, can also be found in carbohydrates. In truth, maize is present in a wide range of dog diets; producers like it since it is affordable.

Many veterinary nutritionists concur that feeding maize to dogs is not harmful and can even be a component of the best dry dog food for Australian shepherds.

Corn may include several vitamins and minerals depending on the variety of corn, which is one of the most consumed cereal grains worldwide. 

It provides nutritional advantages and serves as more than just a filler in dog diets. It is a good source of linoleic acid, antioxidants, carbs, and protein.

Despite their unfavorable reputation, some carbohydrates, like corn, also include vital nutrients, including protein, fat, fiber, and vitamins. However, before giving it to your Dog, ensure he is not allergic to corn.  

Can I Give My Dog A Raw Egg Every Day?

Eggs can be a pleasant and beneficial addition to your Dog’s diet. The entire egg—including the eggshell—can provide incredible nutritional benefits for dogs. First, dogs always find “human” food quite enticing.

They constantly smell whatever it is you’re consuming. But their canine instincts are entirely correct regarding the health advantages of eggs. 

As scrambled eggs are considerably more straightforward for your Dog to stomach and can give them immediate access to the protein they require to maintain lean muscle and energy, we advise cooking them.

But once more, make them explicit. Always remember that eggs are a cheap, quick, and whole food source that is easily digestible.


Elevate your Aussie’s vitality with a nourishing diet. While they are a popular breed known for energetic personalities, they need a proper diet to thrive. Remember that your Aussie’s well-being hinges on the best dry dog food for Australian shepherds– the cornerstone of their care. 

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